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  1. This is a question I hope 1outlaw can shed some light on. I keep talking up blender pumps since ethanol has dipped to the $1.50 area at plants and we have too much supposedly. I keep hearing the same answer----until UL approves them, we can't get any insurance and we're not doing that. Also, portable tanks have few rules compared to permanent installations. Why not, have a trailer with tank or a truck with E85 parked at the stations for fueling. Lots of airports have small tank trucks running around fueling airplanes where they are tied down. Seems like a way around the big underground tank installs.


  2. I have a question and some info on this topic. I believe 1outlaw told me that pentane and some other components of gasoline make up natural gasoline in varying proportions depending on time of year. Before denaturing ethanol, what were these components used for----I believe they are the more volatile(high vapor pressure) components? Also, when it comes to cellulosic ethanol, it will actually take more fertilizer since the stalks and cobs contain fertilizer and will be hauled off the field along with organic matter----not good long term. The fertilizer components could be hauled back to the field from the ethanol plant but not much organic matter. Right now the fertilizer is hauled out in the distillers to be fed and goes back to the field in the manure.


  3. No I missed that Sonex display. Three of the RV's that the Vanguard team from South Dakota fly using close to 100% ethanol were there but never saw anybody to talk to. The sign on the prop said 20 years and 1000 hours using ethanol. I think National Corn Growers is cutting back on research money so Jim Behnken(SDSU) wasn't there with an airplane using AGE-85. I was able to talk to Jack Johnson(Texas Skyways) about the AGE85 engine option he has for a plane like mine but they didn't have the ethanol engine there either. I did show  Texas Skyways and the ECI cylinder guy an aircraft sparkplug that has been running on E10 with .75% biodiesel mixed in for a while and think they were impressed how clean it was.

  4. Met Phil when I went over to the airshow at Oshkosh. I learned some more about the ethanol industry---especially found out how they are trying to improve piping so that antibiotics won't ever have to be used, titrating for sulfur content in the natural gasoline that is used for blending. Utica looks like a very progressive plant--- their new one will take the germ off up front for better corn oil( no free fatty acids) and better efficiency in the fermentation tank. Also their investment in making methane to cut down on natural gas usage is a good thing. Thanks again Phil.


  5. Just checked in with a friend of mine that keeps up with gov. programs better than me. CRP is the only thing taking the place of crops around the midwest. With corn prices higher the thought is that more farmers will go back to corn production on those marginal acres which probably isn't good in the long run. LDP(loan deficiency payments which are supposed to make up the difference between what the farmer gets paid and what the gov. sets as a target price) are non-existent right now,( just think, a year and a half ago I saw a corn bid on the DTN for a little town in central Iowa for $1.34 at harvest time) so the only gov money I'm probably going to get is the sign up money. The acres that is based on doesn't have to correlate to the acres that farmers planted this year( my base corn acres were roughly half of my total acres since I was in a 50/50 rotation and then you get paid on 80% of those acres). The new farm bill is getting kicked around now and one thing that some are wanting is a $250,000 cap on payments to a single farmer( that won't break my heart since I've never gotten anywhere near that figure in a year). I have quite a bit of CRP and the only way I'll switch out of that is if we can get switchgrass for ethanol going---that soil is too fragile to cultivate and have end up in the Gulf of Mexico.


  6. Yesterday at the close of the CBOT corn was worth $3.20 here in Paullina. A few weeks ago it hit $4.08 here. Should have sold more for $4 instead of listening to the experts predicting $5/bushel. Now for the 64 dollar question, should I be selling for this fall delivery for over $3(have heard it will be $2.75 come harvest) or hope it comes back to closer to $4. :)


  7. Want to hear another good one for E85 here in Iowa? I was just talking to a guy that was thinking of putting in an E85 pump and tank just north of me a few miles. If he did that and found he wasn't selling enough E85 the setup can't be switched to 10% or unleaded. Another good law. Like he said, even if we bumped 10% up to 15% here in the midwest, that would save transporting lots of ethanol long distance. I guess we'll be listening to some expert telling us it's too bad for the glut. He also told me they are transporting unleaded from over by Mason City because the closer terminals like Sioux City and Milford are out.


  8. Hotrod, I was just kidding about the glut the end of the year. If there is one it will be politically inspired. Also, the reason I mentioned the big oil refinery project is because it is going to be next to the big pipeline that will be bringing Canadian oil sands crude down to this country. That line is supposed to terminate east of St. Louis in Illinois when it is finished.


  9. I remember the even and odd days in Virginia also. Really believed we were about out of oil. Also remember a picture in the Richmond Times Dispatch of a guy from Detroit making ethanol from garbage for his Harley---always thought that was pretty cool. Right now there is big news over in extreme southeast South Dakota---it's called "gorilla project". The plan is to build a brand new "state of the art" oil refinery. What I find interesting is it will use 12,000,000 gallons of Missouri river water a day and then dump it back in the river. I'm reading now about the glut of ethanol coming the end of the year so I guess the two plants I'm in won't be doing too well.


  10. Seems like a chance to get cheap infrastructure---read the link about Murphy closing a bunch of stations.


    Murphy USA Closing Six Iowa Stations

    Among 47 slated for closure



    WAVERLY, Iowa -- Six Murphy USA gas stations located adjacent to Wal-Mart stores in Iowa will be closed, reported the Associated Press.




    The Murphy Oil Corp. stations are in Waverly, Independence, Marshalltown, Anamosa, Grinnell and Le Mars, Iowa, are among 47 stations to be closed.




    At the end of April, when Murphy Oil announced that its wholly owned subsidiary Murphy Oil USA Inc. had entered into an agreement with Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and subsidiaries to purchase parcels of property that the company currently leases from Wal-Mart, it said that it would close up to 47 locations and incur after-tax impairment and restoration costs of approximately $18 million in second-quarter 2007 that was not included in previously issued earnings guidance.




    A company spokesperson told AP on Tuesday that a list of stations to be closed has been developed but not released.




    Murphy USA’s retail presence currently covers 21 states primarily in the Southeast and upper Midwest.




    Under the terms of the agreement, the conveyance of the parcels will occur in multiple phases over the next year. Expansion of the Murphy USA program will continue with additional opportunities to purchase new site locations in the future.




    Claiborne P. Deming, Murphy Oil’s president and CEO, said when the deal was announced, “The purchase of these parcels reflects our commitment to sustaining the longevity of these very productive assets. We look forward to continuing our association with Wal-Mart as we expand our station base in the future while adhering to our strategy of offering high quality, competitively priced gasoline to our customers.”




    As a result of this transaction, capital expenditures for the company are expected to increase by up to approximately $315 million during the 2007/2008 period.



    El Dorado, Ark.-based Murphy Oil has more than 1,000 stations in 21 states.



  11. Dan, If the glut that some say is coming by the end of the year or so happens( this shouldn't even be possible) I think maybe some drastically reduced price, direct marketed ethanol might happen. In a fairly good sized town( ice cream capital of the world) I think Murphy Oil just quit selling at a Walmart so there is  brand new infrastructure that could be used. I think I saw where Murphy shut down quite a few here in Iowa. What do you think 1outlaw----could you twist some arms over here?



    Dan, ADM markets it all at the good plant. It is railed out to Chicago and places like that. Also I'm in the sticks, so to speak, here. There is an E85 pump at a station within sight of the ethanol plant but it is still priced 25 to 40 cents below 10%. I think that is why there isn't more enthusiasm. As much as I try, nobody wants to do what Utica is doing.


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