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  1. Greengenes, A few years ago I filled up on Bannister Rd( south side of Kansas City) and paid about the same for E85 as regular unleaded. I kinda complained and the clerk pointed down the street to a government institution and said " they have to fill up here" indicating he didn't care. I called Phil at NEVC and he said he couldn't tell anyone how to price E85.
  2. Just saw on Nightly News that oil hits new all time high of $86. Next they go to Grafton ND where the ethanol plant just shut down because we have TOO MUCH ETHANOL. My blood pressure is about to go off the scale. Wish I knew what is really going on. Marty
  3. This ethanol plant is starting to drum up money if anyone is interested. It will take more than just Iowa money. Don't know if the ethanol industry is over or not but here is an opportunity to invest a minimum of $10,000.
  4. Keep your eyes on VSE---it's tanking again today. Isn't it interesting how a stock can fluctuate a couple of dollars a share in a couple of weeks when nothing really changed in the business. Marty
  5. Dan, Not sure if I know how to report right, but Galva IA was $1.989 a few days ago. I posted this two days ago when I clicked on Iowa on the forum but just tried the link you just showed using Iowa instead of WI and Galva didn't show up. Marty
  6. Galva was 1.989 for E85. I think the 10% was 65 cents more and straight regular 5 or 10 cents more than 10%. I stopped yesterday to put in B20 in my VW TDI that I spike up to B50 using my homemade biodiesel. This cardtrol is just across the road from the Quad Counties Ethanol plant along hwy 20 about 40 miles east of Sioux City.
  7. This article from domestic fuel website. Blender Pumps for Minnesota Posted by Cindy Zimmerman Border States CoopBorder States Cooperative has opened Minnesota?s first ethanol ?blender pumps? in Ortonville, near the South Dakota border. The blender pumps allow motorists to choose several different blends of ethanol from the legally mandated 10 percent up to 85 percent. Border States Cooperative officials say they put the blender pumps in last year for E85 but were unable to use them to their full capability until the state?s rules changed. Border States Cooperative put the pumps into operation last week and held grand opening ceremonies on Tuesday. The blender pumps are already being used in South Dako
  8. Bow, Just reread the August 07 Plane and Pilot. Poe says he uses anywhere from a 100% to 50% at the airshows depending on how much 100LL avgas is in the tanks when ferrying between shows. He says he'll ferry using ethanol if it is available but it generally isn't. Didn't say in the article but I think he probably gets 55 gal. barrels of E98 shipped to the shows. Marty
  9. Just found out about him in the Plane and Pilot magazine I subscribe to a couple of months ago. Fagan is a warbird enthusiast and has a P-51 as well as two or three more. The Vanguard flying team based at Tea, South Dakota had a sign on their RV3's ---1000 hrs over a 20 year period of time running mostly ethanol. I've seen them numerous times--once at the ground breaking for Little Sioux Corn Processors ethanol that Fagan built.
  10. Here in Iowa tax is 38 cents for Federal and State on a gallon of unleaded. Then knock a nickel off for the 10% ethanol gal.
  11. I'm pretty sure that the tariff can be bypassed easily. I think 7% of U.S. capacity can be imported duty free directly from Brazil and the rest can be dewatered in Central America and qualify as duty free. When I hear the directors on the LLC's I'm in complaining, I'm going to tell them about how they have down nothing to promote blender pumps and at least 20% here in the midwest. Marty
  12. Another thought came to mind last night when thinking about the Albany E85----could it be some imported Brazilian ethanol brought into New York harbor?
  13. Correct me if I'm wrong but does it really matter to Verasun what the stock is worth? They issued X amount of stock at $24 per share to finance their continued expansion in the ethanol industry. They got the money and now the people holding the stock have decided what it is worth by running it up and down. I still feel if VSE goes down the tube then the industry as a whole has big problems ahead and a smaller LLC I am thinking of investing in would be a bigger mistake. Marty
  14. Just Chuck, That's my theory also. Marty
  15. Don't know if anyone is interested in buying any stock but you might keep an eye on VSE,GPRE, and USBE. I bought Verasun from $11 to $15 thinking it was a good deal compared to the IPO a little over a year ago of $24 per share. Today it's in the $9's. :'( Marty
  16. Maybe somebody is getting it in on a rail car and blending it out there. You never know? I've been thinking if I ever move back to Virginia where I was raised, maybe I could set up some E85 only refueling outlets in the more populated areas. Then get the ethanol plants I'm in to send me a few rail cars every now and then at wholesale and sell it at Utica's prices-----do you think I'd be sabotaged? Marty
  17. I saw some alcool (straight ethanol)powered tractors in Brazil when I was there in 2001. Marty
  18. Answer to Greengenes---- corrupt corporations. Marty
  19. 1outlaw, I'll see if I can find out what form of ethanol it was. They have to use 200proof when making their 25% ethanol fuel and the 190 proof when running it straight in the cars, am I correct? Anyway I always thought it was 200 proof for the planes. You are correct that the vent is open and pointed into the wind to create a little pressure. Read somewhere that the guy selling auto fuel STC's for planes that hates ethanol said a fish spotter said after several hours of flying with some illegal 10 % fuel in his tanks thought that he picked up so much moisture from the air that the engine was running poorly. This makes no sense to me as I don't think there is that much exchange of air other than that replacing fuel as it is being depleted from the tank. Any thoughts on that? Marty
  20. I agree with Dan. The Boston Tea Party keeps coming to mind and I don't think many people would take part today. Thank goodness some folks(Utica) are willing to push the envelope. ;D Marty
  21. This from Supercub.org forum I like also. For those that don't know airplane terminology--- TSIO=turbo,supercharged,fuel injected,opposed cylinders and IO= injected opposed. 59 180 = 1959 year model Cessna 180---that's four years newer than mine. ag-pilot Supercub.org Supporter II Supercub.org Supporter II Joined: 25 Feb 2004 Posts: 461 Location: Mt. PostPosted: Wed Sep 19, 2007 12:35 pm Post subject: fuel Reply with quote Marty, Yes most of the guys flying the cessna/IO520s or pawnee/IO540s are starting on AV100 then running all day on pure cane ethanol. The guy I was with has 8 Cessna 188s, with everything from a Husky with a TSIO520 to a AG-Pickup with a IO470 he runs them all on ethanol unless he is flying over the jungle alot. He also seeded grass on several million acres of newly cleared land for cattle grazing with a 59 180 with a hopper in the back. He claimed that they were still having a few water in the ethanol problems so did not fly over big expanses of rain forest unless they had at least a av/ethanol blend. Dave
  22. Just talked to the manager of one place I buy crop inputs from that also has the gas station I've been promoting blender pumps. Told him about 1outlaw's piping and leak detection info. They already have the leak det. device and he said he was just talking to a board member of a very successful ethanol plant I'm in and they have decided that the state of Iowa,largest producer of ethanol, wants to shoot it's self in the foot with unreasonable E85 dispensing requirements. Iowa just can't do things like the surrounding states.I wish I new somebody stronger than the petroleum lobby. Marty
  23. rusty70f100 wrote I also think running some form of additionally heated intake air might be a good idea. Aircraft with carbs do have a carb heat box which delivers either filtered outside air or air that has flowed past the exhaust system warming it. When ice builds up and chokes the engine you add carb heat but sometimes people haven't noticed soon enough and there isn't enough heat in the exhaust to melt the ice and you have a big problem. I think like you about the ethanol in the fuel and feel carb heat shouldn't ever be needed.
  24. I'm having a debate on an aircraft forum about carb icing. Straight gasoline and the right atmospheric conditions will cause icing in an updraft carb like airplanes use. I say that 10% or more ethanol fuel shouldn't have the icing problem since antifreeze is basically in the mix as it goes through the carb. What do you think? Marty
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