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  1. I've used 55 gal drums that I got methanol in for making biodiesel. The red plastic jugs work fine for me also.
  2. 1outlaw, can the average Joe buy that corrosion inhibitor in small quantities? Will it do any good in 190 proof ethanol if a person had a home still and no molecular sieve?
  3. From what I read, the Dead Zone is caused when the algae die. The decay uses up the oxygen in the water.
  4. I talked to my cousin that has some hog buildings today about spreading manure on top of frozen ground. It is legal if the ground is fairly flat and not too close to homes etc. Maybe someone can rig up something to cruise the Gulf of Mexico harvesting algae to make biodiesel before they die and cause the Dead Zone.
  5. What's creating the trace amounts of acid? Sulfuric or ? and how far below 7 is the ph?
  6. Pretty good article. I have winter wheat planted right now that I hope makes it through the winter. If it doesn't then I'll put corn on those acres. Winter wheat is very rare around here.
  7. I'm going to do some checking. Iowa does have manure management plans with teeth. You have to soil test in grids and put on so many gallons of analyzed (for N and P) manure and no commercial fertilizer.
  8. I see something going on around here, right now, that I wonder about. We have an ice layer covered by a little snow and I see hog manure being applied broadcast on top. Looks like being between a rock and a hard place---the hog building pit is full and what do you do with it. If anything could end up in the Gulf, that could.
  9. A lot of the problem is over fertilization of lawns and golf courses. Clear Lake, Iowa( of Buddy Holley fame)banned phosphate from lawn fertilizer because their lake was being polluted from the stuff. I can't remember for sure but probably at least 10 years ago.
  10. Look at the Split Second website. I have their ARM1 mixture meter on my Toyota 22RE and have a ARC2 that I have yet to hook up but it allows adjusting high,low, mid, and boost settings. Since I bought my stuff several years ago they have a PSC1 programmable signal calibrator also. P.S. I think something on their site would allow 1outlaw to run E85 in his Saab without tampering with the ECU. http://www.splitsec.com/index.html
  11. Thanks 1outlaw, I take it this solves the problem some people might have with the single hose setup----getting a little bit of whatever fuel the previous customer pumped since it might have been a different blend.
  12. e85tsi, Try writing some letters to the editor in the local papers. Maybe if people see some good press it'll sway a few.
  13. I went to a conference this afternoon that had some ethanol leaders speaking---Dave Vander Griend( ICM ethanol plant designer), Ron Lamberty,(ACE) and Iowa Sec of Agriculture, Bill Northey. The word blender pump was mentioned numerous times. Lamberty gave a good talk about that test just done with the mid percentage blends. Afterwards I made a beeline for Ron Lamberty to give him 1outlaws contact info and he already knows you---not one mention of what you're doing in his speech. > I talked to Congressman King's field man and he said he would contact you and thought he may have heard you on WCCO in Minneapolis. I gave him your contact info on the Renew website.
  14. I found the Ford part number for the Siemens dielectric constant sensor used in the gas line of the older FFV's. When I went to biodiesel school they said the same sensor could be used to sense biodiesel %. The number is YL5A-9C044-AA.
  15. Hopefully you can help spur things along.
  16. 1outlaw, Congressman Steve King. http://www.house.gov/steveking/
  17. Thanks for the info. Also, our Representative to Washington is finally talking about blender pumps to get 20 and 30% going.
  18. A guy that is generally against ethanol and aircraft surprised me with this post today on an airplane forum I like. Is he right or pulling my leg? He's up at Crookston MN. Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention earlier: Yesterday I filled my vehicle (which is a flex fuel vehicle) up with E-85 at a local station. The pump for the E-85 is on the same island as the one for gasoline. I couldn't help but notice that the HOSE on the E-85 pump was a different color, and had a different number on it than the hose for the auto gas (which here has 10% etoh). Also, the alcohol hose was REALLY stiff as a goat in the -10 degree temps. I picked up the gasoline nozzle, and that hose was much more flexible, so it is apparent that the gas stations are using very different compounds of rubber for the high alcohol content fuel.
  19. 1outlaw wrote Sorry, I thought everybody knew what VeraSun was----I look at it 50 zillion times a day on the Scottrade website. Evidently nobody read my marketwatch post awhile back about VSE. ;D
  20. Verasun has ads on TV promoting their VE85 fuel. Hotrod, you might keep your eyes on VSE and buy some if it dips again. Hopefully this is not the beginning of the end and that the merger gives VSE enough power to stand up to the oil companies.
  21. By Steve Gelsi NEW YORK (Dow Jones) -- VeraSun Energy Corp. said Thursday it'll pay about $700 million in stock to buy rival US BioEnergy in a deal that unites two of the largest pure-play ethanol makers in the U.S. in the face of tougher economic conditions for sectors of the biofuel market. US BioEnergy Corp. (USBE) will become part of VeraSun (VSE) less than a year after its initial public offering on Dec. 15 of last year. The deal unanimously approved by each company's board. Shares of US BioEnergy rose 4.9% to finish at $8.42. VeraSun advanced 3.1% to $10.97. The combined companies are targeting ethanol capacity of 1.6 billion galls a year by the end of 2008 - enough to unseat Archer Daniels Midland's (ADM) current capacity of about 1.1 billion gallons, and 1.4 billion gallons by the end of next year. "This merger is an opportunity for two leading companies in the renewable fuels industry to capitalize on synergies and provide value for shareholders," said VeraSun CEO Don Endres, who will serve as CEO of the combined company. "It also underscores the commitment of each company to execute on its growth strategy to become a large-scale, low-cost ethanol producer." Brookings, S.D.-based VeraSun will pay 0.81 shares of its stock for each share of St. Paul, Minn.-based US BioEnergy, or about $8.62 a share, a premium of 11% over its closing price on Nov. 23. The combined company will retain the VeraSun name and trade under VeraSun's existing ticker symbol. The merger is expected to add to VeraSun's earnings in the first full fiscal year of combined operations. The combined company is projected to have a market capitalization of about $1.5 billion. Upon completion of the merger, the combined company will have nine ethanol production facilities in operation and seven additional facilities under construction. The merger comes as profits have been squeezed by falling ethanol prices and rising corn prices, as debate rages over whether the corn-based fuel is economically viable. In an interview with MarketWatch Endres stressed that the ethanol business continues to be profitable with bright growth prospects as a blended additive for gasoline. "There's been misinformation like...on how ethanol relates to food verses fuel," he said. "These are issues being rates by opponents that don't want our industry to succeed. Our point is we're providing a clean, high octane component that reduces cost of fuel and improves the environment. This is a great space." The deal marks the second big acquisition this year for VeraSun, which snapped up ASAlliance Biofuels for about $725 million. ASAlliance Biofuels subsequently scrapped its $300 million IPO. After going public at $14 a share last December, US BioEnergy hit a high of $17.72 on Jan. 3 amid optimism over ethanol as an alternative fuel endorsed by President George Bush. The stock sank to a low of $6.20 a share on Oct. 24. Once a superstar in Washington, ethanol has increasingly become the alternative energy whipping boy of 2007. In past interviews with MarketWatch, US BioEnergy CEO Gordon Ommen eyed growth in the business as a blend for gasoline. Ommen said in September he continues to expect more consolidation in the ethanol business, after US Bioenergy closed on its acquisition of US Bio Marion, LLC, formerly Millennium Ethanol this year. Ommen will become chairman of the combined company. The merger will essentially make VeraSun CEO Endres king of all U.S. ethanol makers. Endres became CEO of VeraSun in 2001, according to his biography in company filings. In 1985, he founded Special Teams, Inc. and served as its president and general manager until it was sold to the American Express Company (AXP) in 1995. Endres then served for two years as president of American Express Special Teams. In 1999, he became a principal investor and board member of CoEv, Inc., which merged with Tyco International Ltd. (TYC) in 2000. Endres also co-founded and served as principal investor and chief executive officer of ExpressGold.com, Inc., an Internet payments system company, which merged with CyberSource Corp. in 2000. > Dow Jones Newswires
  22. I sure hope the merger works. A USBE is 35 miles east and a VSE is 20 north of me.
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