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  1. colchiro, I read somewhere that an oxygen sensor is supposed to dither(rich,lean,rich lean and so on) and when it doesn't then it's time to replace it. Maybe your meter takes an average of the dithering. Last summer I dumped in a bunch of summer blend so that the mix was probably over E70 and it still dithered but more towards the lean end of the meter.

  2. Yes, It has A/F numbers based on gasoline. Far left red is 17 to 1 and far right blue is 12.5 to one. The yellow ones are 14.7 and 14.6. The numbers are actually different for ethanol but it doesn't matter since you are still seeing if it is rich or lean. Here is a link to the page with the other light colors and their respective gasoline A/F numbers. Click on products and then air/fuel ratio meter and then arm1 online data spec's.


  3. colchiro,Yes that's the meter I have. It's been about five years and it still works good. As I remember there were 4 wires to hook up---power and ground and then 2 that tapped into the 2 oxygen sensor wires. I don't have a heated sensor so it takes a little bit to warm enough for the lights to dither back and forth. Going down the road at 60 mph it quickly goes back and forth never reaching the light at either end of the meter. When you take your foot off the accelerator it drops to the leanest red light and stays there when slowing down.When warmed up, at idle it slowly goes back and forth.Don't know if this makes any difference but I also have Split-Fire sparkplugs---any thoughts on them?

  4. As everybody knows there is some diesel that is being blended with 5 or 10% ethanol to clean up emissions. I'm using B20 to B50 in my VW TDI and add Power Service Diesel Kleen to prevent microbial growth in the fuel tank. I got to wondering today if the ethanol would kill any "bugs" in the fuel since we use alcohol to sterilize all kinds of other things.

  5. I know,I know, it's not totally that I'm too lazy. I figured by doing nothing, more people might blend up if they didn't think they had to modify anything. When it warms up I'll try and get motivated. The tank was down below a quarter so I dumped in 6 and1/2 gallons of winter blend today so will see how it acts on that.

  6. It occurred to me yesterday as I was driving my 1992 Toyota 4x4 with 22RE engine that in a couple of months it will be 7 years since I started burning 50/50 ethanol and unleaded. It is unmodified except for the Split Second mixture meter tapped into the oxygen sensor wires. It has 111,000 miles now with the original O2 sensor that still dithers like it's supposed to. I'm thinking the O2 sensor is still alive because of the clean exhaust.

  7. Has the phone been ringing off the wall?

    ?I can cut out about 30 cents a gallon in transportation and handling costs by buying straight ethanol direct from local producers,? said Phil Younger, alternative fuels marketing director for Renew E85, LLC in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. ?And I can offer consumers three or more blended grades with an investment in only two underground tanks.? Renew E85 operates 13 unattended consumer fueling sites in eastern Wisconsin.


    ?The new ethanol blenders are going to provide opportunities for more retailers to sell alternative fuels,? said Brian Beggs of Walt?s Petroleum Service in Schofield, Wisconsin. ?Greater availability will also make it easier and more convenient for consumers to find and use ethanol.?

  8. Blender Pumps Now Available


    Posted by Cindy Zimmerman


    GilbarcoFuel pump supplier Gilbarco has introduced the industry?s first alternative fuel blending dispensers.


    Gas PumpDesigned to blend ethanol or biodiesel with standard fuels, the new 3+1 and 3+0 blenders have Weights & Measures approvals. The alternative fuel blenders are part of the Gilbarco? Encore? S product line, which includes the industry?s most comprehensive selection of dispensers for alternative fuels.


    The Ethanol Promotion and Information Council has been working with Gilbarco for several weeks to debut their first set of dispensers of this kind at a Colwich, KS station as part of the recently announced Kansas Flex-Fuel Pilot Program for higher blends of ethanol. The new dispenser will offer regular unleaded, E10, E20, E30 and E85. All ethanol blends above 10 percent ethanol are for flex-fuel vehicles only at this time. Dispensers are clearly labeled to signify which products are to be used in which vehicles, and carry the ?e? brand on all ethanol blends.


  9. After reading 1outlaw's post a couple of things came to mind. My neighbors are pipeline construction inspectors. They worked on a section that was headed for New England from Canada a couple of years ago. I'm pretty sure that's what they told me. When you mentioned Wyoming, I went out there about a year ago to look at an airplane kit at Douglas. I had to call the guy from a propane distributor so asked how much propane was. I figured it would be dirt cheap compared to Iowa's price of $1.30 at the time. They said $1.90 cause we're trucking it up from Kansas. They  were just a few miles from the refinery at Casper.

  10. That pipeline is supposed to start in the county that I live. VeraSun has a 110 Mil gallon plant just about ready to go and I think that will be where the pipe would start. I find all this interesting as I have some VeraSun stock that I should have dumped on Dec. 21st as it has really tanked again. If you look at their stock price and corn prices etc. you'd  think VeraSun is about down the tube but if someone is talking pipeline that couldn't be done for years, you wonder what somebody knows that nobody else does.

  11. Dan, As an ethanol plant investor, I'm hoping the price the plant gets can go up. Right now on the Chicago Board of Trade the price is $2.10 for March and goes down to $2.04 a couple of years out. Corn is $5.04 currently and goes to $5.20 per bushel in July. The plants I'm in have been operating profitably because they had some good hedges on corn but that opportunity is running out since corn has been high for so long. Pretty soon it will be $2 ethanol at the plant and $5 corn and that won't be pretty. I agree that middle men that are getting $2 ethanol don't need to jack the price up.

  12. The way I understand things is that it is not what is being produced and exported today but what is in the ground and it's potential. When we went into Iraq to "help", the French weren't particularly happy because they were getting along with Sadam and were working on trading in euros. Neither of those things was helping the USA. I think the same is going on with Iran and what it boils down to is, he who controls the most oil in the Middle East through puppets or whatever will be the best off if it can be afforded.

  13. This talk of corn oil brings back memories of when I contracted to raise high oil corn for a local elevator about 10 years ago. The price was locked in before it was planted and what looked like a little premium turned into a big premium that year when regular corn prices fell. Anyway,  with corn oil prices like they are, it looks like ethanol plants could maybe promote raising high oil corn instead of regular if they set up to process like 1outlaw's Jefferson WI plant. High oil has 7.25% oil(3.52 lb) vs. 4%(1.9 lb) of normal corn and as I remember about a 5% yield hit.

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