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  1. The juice is the sugar that gets fermented. At a farmers market a guy had a machine that sqeezed the cane and then I drank it. Can't say that I really liked it very well since it was too sweet for me. The guys that owned the mill were putting in additional equipment to make cane sugar so that they could do whatever was the most profitable---fuel or sugar.

  2. Go to Google Maps and take a look at the plant from the satellite view----- a zillion trucks waiting to unload. The big ball is used to store the coal but coal is not the way to go anymore. Goldfield Iowa and Heron Lake MN converted/or converting to natural gas. When I invested in Goldfield, I thought coal was the way to go. Glad I sold my shares there and glad I'm in Siouxland Ethanol that is using some landfill gas from  next door---doesn't get better than that.


    The additions in Columbus make the plant unique as it has both a wet and dry mill. The trend for most facilities is to move away from wet mills when making fuel ethanol because it is less cost effective than dry mills, Dewald said.

    The wet mill and dry mill are different processes, but combined produce more than 1 million gallons of ethanol per day.



    Processing started at the dry mill in late 2009. The capacity of the dry mill is about 300 million gallons of ethanol per year.


  4. Something else comes to mind about crude. I met a guy that sells lubricating oil to the tankers hauling oil from Nigeria back to Philadelphia PA. He told me a good tanker captain steals a little of the cargo to use as fuel for the engines but if he gets greedy and there are a lot of propane type molecules in the crude, the engine goes BOOM. I found that pretty interesting. This guy also hated ethanol.

  5. I'm at Okracoke NC for Christmas. Because my sister's Jeep has a computer problem she rented a Budget  GMC Yukon that is flex at Hayes VA where she lives and where Phillips Petroleum has an E85 pump. They have you return vehicles empty so I said lets fill at the E85 pump. My sister said the lady at the rental place said do not use E85-----makes me mad just thinking about it. I guess that is why we need mandates----to compensate for STUPID people. I think I'll have a talk with them when we return it. >:(

  6. I filled the tank of the Focus and a 6 gallon jug there today---$2.849. The only problem was the E85 prices shows the Speedway just south of I-64 and the sign pointed north. I asked someone where it was and it was 1 mile north of the interchange.There is so much traffic out here that if you make a wrong turn it takes forever waiting at traffic lights to correct any mistakes. By the way, I paid about twenty cents more for E85 than regular in St. Louis yesterday but I did it anyway. >:(

  7. Orange City is 20 miles west of me and actually hasn't had E85 for years. Sioux Center is 10 miles northwest of OC and has E85. I filled there a couple of months ago and can't even remember if it's a blender but i think so. Kind of interesting about Hartley which is 15 miles NE of me----Dino's put in a blender a few years ago since Valero has the ethanol plant in town but won't at the store they have here in Paullina. I've hounded the guy for years and Little Sioux Ethanol plant will even give him $15,000 but no joy. Evidently the Cenex cardtol in Hartley finally decided to get with the program.

  8. Phil, I don't bother with the glass jar---I just shake the red plastic jug before filling every time and I can guarantee the Stihl chain saw gets mixed when I pick it up and check the see through fuel level window and pull on it a few times before it starts. I just used it a couple of weeks ago and the E10/oil in it is well over a year old. I know that's not good but I want to push to see how bad I can treat it and have it still do the job. :) I hear people say E10 won't last 2 weeks and I know that's total BS.

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