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  1. Just dogpiled molecular sieves and found this---kinda interesting.


    Vaperma Siftek? hollow-fiber polymeric membrane enables the dewatering of a 40:60 ethanol to water vapor mixture into a 99+% w/w fuel-grade ethanol product. There is no need to rectify the ethanol/water blend after evaporation. By replacing the rectifier and the molecular sieve used in a conventional ethanol plant, energy savings as high as 40 % are possible with the innovative membrane permeation process developed by Vaperma. This is equivalent to a cost reduction of 6.4 ?/Gal (1,7?/L).


    Vaperma has teamed up with Canada's largest producer of ethanol, Greenfield Ethanol (GFE- previously Commercial Alcohols Inc.), to prove its Siftek? membrane technology prior to its industrial scale commercialization, projected for 2008.


    In addition, Vaperma has teamed up with Dedini, the largest ethanol equipment provider in Brazil, to promote its technology.

  2. Greengenes wrote

    The GATS jar is just a sample jar that allows you to strain the water out of a fuel

    OK, My friend with a Mooney just showed me his the other day. I have a mister funnel with a standpipe with a teflon coated mesh screen that repells water into a little sump. I dump the sump into a jar and collect it and eventually dump it into the tank. I tried dewatering biodiesel with that funnel but that didn't work. In fact it wouldn't even hold water with any trace of biodiesel on the mesh---when dry it will.

  3. Greengenes, Not sure what the GAATS jar is but I know a molecular sieve has zeolite that attracts water into it's 3 angstrom pores. Ethanol won't fit but not sure about gasoline. I have read where 190 proof can be dehydrated in a five gallon bucket filled with ethanol and some zeolite in a little time. When saturated the zeolite can be baked to expell the water and used again and again. At ethanol plants it's more complex but that is basically what happens. Just wondering about if gasoline is in the mix what happens. If the fuel could be dehydrated as it goes in the tank then phase separation shouldn't be a problem.

  4. AOPA(Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association)just had another article on how the lead in aviation has to go pretty soon and ethanol won't work to make a high octane fuel. I already know it can work but after traveling around and seeing some of the employees at some oil distributors and their great interest in doing a good job I got to wondering about this. Moisture contamination is the main concern everybody has so can blended ethanol/gasoline be run through a small molecular sieve to remove moisture just before it goes into the fuel tank of an airplane. If the answer is yes, maybe I just came up with a get rich quick invention. ;)

  5. colchiro wrote

    Don't you have to post the % and/or octane on the pump


    Evidently not. I read on Domestic Fuel website awhile back about the Missouri 10% mandate kicking in. They were talking to a guy pumping fuel from the 87 oct. pump and asked why he wasn't using the 89 oct. 10%. He said he wouldn't put that crap in. They went on to say, little did he know that for the last couple of months he'd been pumping 10% out of the 87 nozzle since the store owners had quietly switched months before the mandate because ethanol was so much cheaper and profitable for them.

  6. In the town I live super unleaded(10% ethanol) is 10 cents a gallon less. Yesterday I was talking to the manager of a farm supply place that I  do business with. He also has a convenience store in the next town that sells unleaded and super unleaded for the same price. For years I've chewed on him about this and his response is that the unleaded price sign is at the top of the list so people would notice that first and drive by. The other two stations across the street have the same strategy. Anyway, yesterday when talking to him I told him he was missing out on a dime from the hard headed unleaded users. He said they were going to make changes and either take the regular unleaded sign down and post only the cheaper 10% price and have a 10 cent spread or that it is legal to put 10% in the unleaded 87 octane tank so no matter what you think you're buying you're getting 10%. After thinking about this I came up with an even better idea---- have 10% in both tanks and charge 10 cents more for the one that says 87 octane. :-X ;D

  7. Greengenes wrote

    I dont know why, but a picture of a floatplane tied to ANYTHING gives me


    this warm , tingley feeling inside...


    I agree---being down there was waaaay better than Disneyland for me. This 185 just had a IO 550 installed and talk about a rocket off the water. I kept thinking if we increased the fuel flow a little, ethanol would be the way to go--- hopefully someday.

  8. Next to where the plane is hangared there was a place doing something to steel casing pipe. The pipe looked to be about 40 feet long and 10 inches in diameter. One after another kept going into the building. I kept thinking it took a lot of heat to make that at the steel mill. The cement wall they're building around the city is mind boggling also.

  9. If anybody thinks it doesn't take a fair amount of energy to produce oil and gas, I'll tell them they're crazy. I was just down to Houma and New Orleans to do some floatplane flying. My friend down there is a salesman that sells chemicals to separate the oil and water that is pumped up. The water is pumped back down. He has to tweak things once in awhile so flies out to the rigs. Saw lots of boats, rigs, and other infrastructure. This is a picture of the plane I got to fly a little about 30 miles south of New Orleans.



  10. DragonWhip wrote

    Did you all know about these side products on the food vs fuel debate or seen it on the national news.


    Didn't know about that aspect of ADM. Interesting to know and sounds good. Even though Ron Paul stands for the principles that the country was founded on, I have to accept it isn't going to happen. So, it seems Illinois, ADM, and Obama might be best for ethanol IMHO.

  11. rusty wrote

    I am against subsidies in all forms, be they unconstitutional foreign wars, direct oil subsidies, or yes, even ethanol subsidies.


    Rusty, I did go to the caucus and voted for Ron Paul. The reason I made the post was because from what I understand McCain says biofuels need to stand on their own two feet and we also need to continue our Middle East presence(has nothing to do with oil I'm sure).

  12. It is frustrating, these people seem to think that if ethanol goes away then the price of gas will come down. Here's another good one a friend read in the local paper. The local bakery will have to raise prices since a 50 lb. bag of flour has increased from $8 to $28. So a bushel of wheat is 60 lb. and has gone up maybe $10. At most you could add $10 to the old $8 price so what caused the additional $10 on top of that? Also, I don't think I'm the only one that sold his crop at a lot lower prices than now so there should be some cheaper commodities to use. We live in a very gullible society.

  13. Euro isn't 2 to 1 yet but it is 1.51. It does make for a good deal for Europe to buy stuff. I'm in Minnesota Soybean Processors which has been doing terrible. They got rid of their old management and now are now using Bunge for marketing expertise. Through this deal they will now be able to better export soy oil that is now 70 cents a lb. Over $5 a gallon soy oil doesn't work too good for domestic biodiesel. I think I heard Saddam was going to start selling oil based on Euro's and that was the real reason he had to go. 1outlaw, hopefully your people didn't forward contract too much corn oil as I see it's over 80 cents a pound now. I just read on DTN where an "expert" said if we have a drought we could see $8 corn this summer. Will be interesting.

  14. I found this on the Split Second website.


    [i installed your ARM1 but all is does is sweep back and fourth, what gives?

    When your fuel is properly adjusted and your ECU is operating in closed-loop mode, the display on the ARM1 will sweep back and forth (dither). This will normally occur at idle, light cruise (constant speed) and during moderate acceleration. At wide open throttle the ECU typically goes open-loop and the ARM1 will display the fuel mixture.


    The dither pattern can be used to adjust the fuel mixture. When too far off, the display will not dither at all. It will stick on the lean or rich side. When close, it will favor one side or the other. When properly set, the dither will be smooth and balanced. /quote]

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