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  1. DragonWhip, You do a good job of putting into words what I think also. Another thought, I had a guy fly through here a few days ago that was returning to California in a new to him airplane. He's not really on the ethanol bandwagon because of gov. mandates. He is a contractor and small hay producer on the side. He  was telling me about the $160 a ton hay he was selling to the alpaca people. I asked what alpacas were good for and he said the wool but mostly they're pets. It got me to thinking----how many acres are used to feed useless animals in this country, dogs,cats, horses,etc.?

  2. Still no new injectors installed. I dumped some winter blend in when the tank was below a quarter full of 50/50 and it still runs fine. I don't drive like I'm at the drag strip and I'm thinking this 22RE can handle pretty high percentages without modification. I have one of these also and when first installed it didn't work right since the voltage was based on 5 volts. I sent it back and they set it up for 10 volts but I haven't messed with it since--- should try it again I guess.


  3. I agree with a lot of the last two posts. If we had a 10 to 15% short crop because of weather and biofuels weren't in the picture I don't think prices would have done what they have. Also, just got done reading an article by a commodities broker that has an office 20 miles away. He also lined up investors and they have a big farm down in Brazil. He also supported the war in Iraq at first but now realizes it will go down as one of the biggest blunders in history. Anyway, in his column today, he says the only difference between Republicans and Democrats today is----" Democrats pay for their spending with higher taxes and Rep. borrow it and pay themselves interest, borrowing that too". Let the grand kids worry about the tab.

  4. 1outlaw wrote

    Years ago a buddy and I were asked to flag a field

    My dad used to be a cropduster with an airplane( he had no use for helicopters). When I was a little kid I used to mix Toxaphene and DDT for him. No more flagging today---GPS SatLoc lightbar. Even marks where the spray ran out so you can come back to the right spot.

  5. Kinda interesting. Last night on the national news they said wheat was skyrocketing because everybody was planting corn so the grocery bill was going to be more. So according to the info, if you plant more corn that's bad and if you plant less corn that's also bad. Just think, there might be an ethanol plant or two that hedged some cheap $4 corn and if it goes to $6 or $7, that could be profitable.

  6. Max Shauck from Baylor Univ. has been testing and promoting ethanol since the 1970's when he grew concerned about avgas availability for his Pitts Special(aerobatic plane). He even flew a plane across the Atlantic on ethanol to prove a point. In the most recent issue(May 2008) it talks about how about 1000 planes(mostly agricultural spray) have racked up 800,000 hours of flight in Brazil. Depending on compression ratio they are losing 10 to 20% range on fuel that costs about 25% of avgas. Up here that would be roughly 50%.

  7. I think your idea of using straight 87 unleaded in your test is OK. A couple of years ago when I took my flex fuel Taurus to Louisiana I filled some jugs with E85 to add when I got down to 0% ethanol territory. 20 to 25% was the best I could do to make sure I had some ethanol in the tank the whole trip. I still got close to 30 mpg which was comparable to other trips when I didn't have any ethanol in the tank. I kept thinking that they had better gasoline down south compared to up here in Iowa and that up here the ethanol might get blamed for the poorer mileage.

  8. It's at the junction of 21 and 49 about 20? miles west of Oshkosh. It was funny, I filled on my way to the airshow and 2 days later when heading home. 1outlaw was there checking the pumps both times. Couldn't have made an appointment any better. I've got another pic of the spread being $1.10 a gallon in 2006 but I'll have to find it first.

  9. This is what we're up against. This guy on a aviation forum has a vintage Cessna and worked in the auto industry years ago. Most people would consider him an "expert" but I don't.

    Just for the record, it isn't just rubber parts. As said above, most parts aren't rubber anymore. They're called 'elastomers', which is today's term for 'rubber like' parts that are synthetic, that is, plastic, with plasticizers to make them flexible. Problem is, some of the synthetics don't like water. Alcohol in fuel also attracts water, and will dissolve some plastics. Polyester is a good example.

    Before I retired, I worked with the company that developed the ORVR system for cars (On Board Vapor Recovery). We found that we had to be real careful of what materials we used due to the use of 10% alcohol in most auto fuels. It was the water that was the problem. Remember, water is the nearest to the 'universal solvent'!

    Another item is aluminum. In my 170, the fuel lines are aluminum, and they don't like water or alcohol. Aluminum will corrode really fast with either one. I'd hate to be out in the wilderness and find my fuel lines were full of pinholes due to corrosion.

    Point is - just be careful what you put in your fuel tanks. I want pure gasoline. I hate to pay for 100LL (wish I could buy 80/87 my 170 was designed for) but I don't even want to think of the alternative!

    Just IMHO!



  10. Here is a tidbit on DTN. I'll post the whole link for those that wantto read more.


    Here's a thought for ethanol bashers: a Merrill Lynch strategist says oil and gasoline prices would be about 15 percent higher if biofuel production was not increasing.


    That's according to Patrick Barta, writing in the Wall Street Journal this morning. Biofuel production, more than petroleum-based fuels, is increasing to meet rising demand, Barta said.


    The Merrill Lynch study estimates U.S. gasoline prices would be more than $3.70 a gallon, compared to the present average near $3.25.


    Barta's conclusion is "the world will have to get used to relying on biofuels -- or find yet another alternative,



  11. 10utlaw wrote

    You mean they avoided a couple of million loss in that period dont you?


    I was told extra $2 million profit. This was the coal fired plant that reported a 40% profit for the year and 20% was made the quarter of Oct,Nov,Dec. The other natural gas plant did way better than that but I'm told that kind of profit is over since they ran out of corn that was hedged back in August of 2006 when people around here were cleaning out the bin for a $1.85 a bushel. :'(

  12. 1outlaw wrote

    There is precious little ethanol storage storage


    Just found out that having storage available saved the day for two of the plants I'm in. One was able to store a bunch of Oct. and Nov. production until Dec. when prices recovered some making a couple of million $'s. The other that just expanded production has storage to load a 100 car train for a good freight rate. Without the new tanks a shutdown would have resulted when the train didn't show on time.

  13. I still think ethanol could solve the 100 octane needs of some aircraft engines but in talking with the EAA guy moisture in the fuel that won't separate until phase separation is going to kill it's use. We need something that can make sure that the ethanol/gasoline blend is not just about to the saturated stage as it goes into the aircraft fuel tank, it needs to be idiot proof, we need something to fix problems like people leaving caps open to rain and humidity on fuel storage tanks. Maybe it's an impossible task.

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