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  1. DW, Interesting article. My dad was kind of a survivalist so I can relate. I'm wondering if things really go haywire, will stuff like the satellite phone work and will you be able to get pellets? After being used to the sweet lifestyle we've become accustomed to, would you be able to cope with one of just survival? I used to spend the summer on the farm here in Iowa with my cousins and loved it. One summer when I went back home to Virginia, I worked for our neighbor who farmed and also had some nice equipment but didn't use it the same as my cousins. For instance, he had a portable grinder/mixer that never left the feed shed. We'd grind the feed and then instead of going to the feeder, we'd put  it in burlap bags on a flat rack and then go to the feeder. After a month of doing everything the hard way, and never going to town once, I thought that if the rest of my life was going to be like this, I'd rather check out early. I was 16 at the time. This guy's wife was an excellent cook so food was not an issue.

  2. This happened at the state level of gov. My Dad had a friend in Neb. that was a farm implement dealer and state representative. When elected he was going to clean up some corrupt aspects of a big electric utility or so he thought. I always remember him telling my Dad how one of his fellow rep's pulled him aside and told him to back off because "you can't swim with cement overshoes".


    None of these candidates are leaders, they're just followers following the oil companies' lobby money around.

  3. If you were an ethanol plant that had your years supply of corn hedged for $4 per bushel and it's now worth $6, would you shut down and take your profits on paper or keep producing using $4 corn and something over $2 ethanol? The paper profit would be the same as 71 cents a gallon. Just think with more corn not being used maybe the speculators that are running prices up might get burned and quit doing it. Also just read an article explaining how ethanol is not the main reason for food price increases. It's people overseas that are making more money because we(the USA) exported jobs that want to eat better than they used to. Makes sense to me.

  4. Looks like somebody is thinking like me----the devil. ;D

    Tuesday Apr 29, 2008

    Nebraska Consumers Beware: Gas Stations Could be Ripping off Motorists


    A report on Nebraska Television alleges that some gasoline stations are adding ethanol to regular unleaded gasoline and charging more money without telling customers. "A few stations in Kearney and others in North Platte put 2-10 percent of ethanol into regular unleaded, and charge a premium without telling motorists and raking in extra dollars," Nebraska Television said. " 'It's disappointing that people would try to take advantage of us,' " said Holdrege resident Janelle Pfeifer.


    (Nebraska Television, April 28, 2008)



  5. I pushed the pencil and the corn won out--no rice this year. ;D On a serious note, I read where Haiti was raising rice and when the USA gave them some aid a few years ago, one of the stipulations was that they had to import cheaper American grown rice. When this happened the Haitians quit raising rice since they couldn't compete. Now turn the clock ahead and look at the mess.

  6. Here is one efficiency for corn ethanol that is not talked about much. Wells Blue Bunny is a big dairy in Le Mars Iowa that makes lots of ice cream. Don't know if they still do this or not but they used to haul de-watered milk from California to make ice cream then haul it back. Now the dairies are locating here partially because of the local distillers grains. The grain trains aren't making as many trips to the West Coast with corn as they used to either. Seems things like that are a feather in corn ethanol's hat.

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