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  1. Must be plenty of corn also. My favorite ethanol plant has a message on their website that they are only taking March contract corn and no April until next week. We'll probably get a big bite in the back side sometime in the future.
  2. This is some more BS. I remember not long ago the commodities broker saying there was no way beans could go up and they went up about $1.50 since he told me that. Now this. http://www.dtnprogressivefarmer.com/dtnag/common/link.do?symbolicName=/ag/blogs/template1&blogHandle=grainmarkets&blogEntryId=8a82c0bc43a1ab8d0145056aa3350dd7
  3. My last natural gas bill for the house was $152 for 155 therms. Basically $1 per hundred thousand btu's. When propane was going for $4.30 a gallon a few weeks ago I figured it would have been $725 to heat the house.
  4. Dan, the bid for corn down at the ethanol plant is actually $4.62. Another i'm in is $4.47. I'm doing good right now but it'll be interesting to see how the end of the year goes.
  5. So who do you think is actually setting the price? Just read this on DTN ethanol blog for Wednesday. Then this Friday I think it's just good old American unreality just like the other markets. Gold goes up, gold goes down. Everything else does too.
  6. Not any talk now. I don't think it could ever happen. We have some wind farms just starting to be built and the one is wanting to run a power line to Chicago. Nobody wants anything on their land.
  7. Basically corporate America will do anything to make a buck. Do you notice how they're still talking about high prices in the grocery store and now that corn is cheap, it's the weather. If it's not the weather or corn prices, they'll figure something else out.
  8. What's the difference between crude oil tankers and ethanol or soybean oil for that matter? The whole railroad should be about shut down if any of that weather problem is true.
  9. Wouldn't surprise me at all. Something else interesting for me---I bought 100 shares of Green Plains Ethanol back in 2007 for $19.65 and it got as low as 2 something. Today I sold it for $30---will be interesting to see if it keeps skyrocketing. Wish I'd bought more but I had a lot more Vera Sun and that went belly up.
  10. This sounds interesting and what would be really neat is if small scale setups could get methane from confinement livestock buildings. http://domesticfuel.com/2014/03/18/scripps-research-develops-lower-cost-fuels/#more-74121
  11. My FFV 2012 Focus with 12 to 1 compression and variable valve timing is kind of optimized for E85 even though it'll run on 87 octane as well.
  12. That's pretty good. Down here the E0 87 octane we can still get is priced at $3.699---25 cents more than E10 87 octane.
  13. Ukraine has pipelines running to Europe also. Russia can close the valve and freeze a bunch of people. The elected state rep. isn't qualified to represent anybody with his being offended comment---he's too stupid. They try to make it an Muslim deal when justifying our presence over there. There are lots of reasons people over there hate us but the one that I think about the most----in 1953 Mohammad Mosaddegh was a democratically elected leader that wanted to get a fair price for the oil that Britain needed and was refining at the biggest refinery in the world in southern Iran. When they found out he was serious the got the CIA to over throw him and put in the hated Shah. Look up operation AJAX. http://www.911review.com/precedent/century/ajax.html
  14. So they had to haul all that "soup" 5 miles? Wow!!
  15. One of the plants down here had a mini explosion in the RTO ductwork in January that caused a bigger explosion in dryer A. Somehow the plant is still producing since dryer B is still operating and repairs will eventually be made. One of the plants I'm in is a Delta T design and has a ring dryer that in completely different that the drum dryers that work like a cement mixer barrel.
  16. Dan, can you post a screen capture of the IRFA E85 wholesale price chart on GB? I see there is one for March 4 posted now.
  17. I've wondered if it wouldn't be easier to go back to picking ear corn and letting it air dry. There are some pretty fancy seed corn pickers out there now.
  18. Just sent a screen capture picture to my cousin that is on the board of the local co op with the blender pump. They get there E85 direct from the $1.75 plant. Will have to see what the retail price on the blender is in a few days when I go up there.
  19. I didn't realize Texas had a pipeline transporting ethanol. I knew there was a short one from Tampa over to the Orlando area.
  20. I think you're right Husker and since we are exporting ethanol there must not be any shortage that could be blended here at home.
  21. cessna

    No E85 in Davenport?

    I had no problem---it was right with the other pumps. I think it had E10 on the other nozzle of the same pump.
  22. cessna

    No E85 in Davenport?

    I filled up at Mother Hubbards on NW Blvd just south of Interstate 80 on Jan 1st. I told the guy that the filter on the pump needed to be changed and he said the pump guys were coming in a day or so. It took forever to fill and most people would have been pretty mad.
  23. I wonder if there is any municipal solid waste over there going to landfills.
  24. I just got a nice check with the newsletter from Siouxland Ethanol in Jackson NE today. They are going to support the UAI that SteveV is a part of.
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