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  1. Phil, from what I was told, you have to have E0 to keep Cenex happy. The Cenex you mentioned, could you get E0 out of any of the pumps. I think the way the station I'm talking about is set up----E10 in one tank and E85 direct from the plant in the other. E0 is quite a bit more expensive around here.

  2. My aunt in Minneapolis just leased another new E350 and noticed that it is flex fuel. She went back to the dealer this morning to ask about it and the salesman said that she could use it but they recommended against it since the performance would be less----Give Me  Break.


    Another head scratcher----station next to me is  Cenex branded and has blender pumps installed with two hoses per pump. One E10 and 15 and the other E20,30,85. Cenex says since they don't offer two grades of gas they can't keep the Cenex sign. Cenex wants E0 and E10. I say screw Cenex!!!!!!!


    Blood pressure is high today!!!!


    Mark my word as soon as the EPA announces that they wont be cutting the RFS as much as first thought and corn prices will surge

    If I was 110% sure of your prediction, I'd buy a million bushels on the CBOT-----don't want to be greedy. ;) I just had a little experience with how crazy things are. Had some Sept 14 soybeans sold too soon for $11.96. They hit over 13 but got down to 10.70 a couple of weeks ago. I took my dollar a bushel profit at 10.89 against the brokers advise. Few days later the hit 11.89 and a few days later they're back down to 10.70 closing today at 10.89. If I was better at guessing, could have made another dollar on the way up and a dollar on the way down the second time.

  4. Yeah, after talking to SteveV about all the research his company has done with Detroit, ethanol's main points are high octane and clean air. Butanol can't compete on those two aspects. E30 is probably the closest to perfect----100 octane characteristics, clean burning, and miles per gallon in an optimized engine.

  5. Nice!!! I feel I've sort of proved higher blends work in unmodified vehicles. 1992 Toyota and 1995 Ford using E30 to 50 since 2001 and 2002 respectively. 2000 Buick E30 since 2009 and all no problems. This article by David Stockman says a lot.


    By contrast, it was the British and French foreign offices which in 1916 drew the Sykes-Picot boundaries and created the historical illusion that a nation called Iraq actually existed. And it was their successors in the west which installed a series of corrupt and brutal rulers, including kings, generals and Saddam Hussein himself, who maintained an always tentative and frequently blood-soaked semblance of governance within these artificial borders.


    Then came the neo-cons who for no discernible reason of national security could not leave well enough alone.


    By god, they were going to have regime change, a stable supplier of 6 million barrels of oil per day, and a stalwart ally armed to the teeth on the very doorstep of the Axis-Of-Evil; that is, the Iranian Shiite theocracy which happened to be religious kin to the single largest block of the Iraqi population.



  6. Kudzu That Ate U.S. South Heads North as Climate Changes ( just read this on Bloomberg)


    As the climate warms, the vine that ate the U.S. South is starting to gnaw at parts of the North, too.

    Kudzu, a three-leafed weed first planted in the U.S. more than 100 years ago for the beauty of its purple blossoms, has been spotted in every county in Georgia, Alabama and North Carolina. It chokes young trees, brings down power lines and infests abandoned homes. Now the plant, which can grow as fast as a foot (30 cm) per day, is creeping northward, wrapping itself around smokestacks in Ohio, overwhelming Illinois backyards and even jumping Lake Erie to establish a beachhead in Ontario, Canada.


    Now tis would be a good cellulosic ethanol feedstock in my opinion.

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