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  1. Dan, can you change the street address of ProGo in Primghar IA to 155 South Rerick Ave. The Tabor Ave address is where the office is in a little town about 5 miles away. ProGo is right on Hwy. 59.
  2. That's the right one. I tried to get picture properties for the IMG thing but couldn't. Evidently you could.
  3. Dan, can you change the street address of ProGo to 155 S Rerick Ave. It is right on the east side of Hwy. 59 about half way through Primghar. The Tabor Ave address is where the secretary is in the little town of Gaza about 5 miles away. The mailing address of Gaza(very small town) is Primghar though.
  4. This is what my badge looks like. http://compare.ebay.com/like/160779297683
  5. Wish I'd known that a week ago. My cousin and I fueled his new Eco Boost Ford F150 at North Platte coming back from Denver and could have fueled there instead. He has pretty good luck with E30.
  6. I looked at E85prices and I guess all but Primghar were listed. Primghar ProGo is brand new blender(last Friday it became operational) and never had E85 before.
  7. Allch Chcar, That link doesn't seem to work when I clicked on it.
  8. Mine looks different. Flex on one side little bitty leaf in the middle and fuel on the other side. It is about half as deep as that one. Mine reminds me of the older cars that said fuel injection.
  9. Will try to get a picture but have to join Kodak gallery or something like it. The badge is a straight, about four and a half inch chrome strip under the SEL badge on the lower right hand trunk lid. It says flex fuel with a little corn leaf and road emblem in the middle. Smaller version of what came on the front fender of my 2001 Taurus. Basically the capless filler looks just like any other normal one with the cap removed. You have to look close to see the little tabs that have to spread to release and allow the flapper deal to open like regular ones do. This does have a yellow plastic ring around the fill neck that says E85 and a decal on the fuel door saying ethanol fuel. I bet that capless system cost more than a little more flex fuel computer programming-----I actually like caps.
  10. First Cooperative has a blender at Sioux Rapids IA also----same outfit as at Cleghorn. Green Plains Ethanol has a blender at Spencer and Milford. I use Cleghorn, Milford, and Spencer. Dyno Oil has a blender at Hartley IA that I have used--their headquarters is in Spencer.
  11. I can tell you for sure that ProGo in Primghar IA has E0,10 out of one hose and the yellow hose has 20,30, and 85. Emptied two corn bins today so will get prices of all tomorrow when I go to the courthouse.
  12. The gasoline tank at the service station is filled with good old Iowa 87 octane that can be used all by itself and is used for blending. The Coop manager would like to fill the other tank with E98 but nobody wants to do that. That's why I thought maybe the were pushing E85 to get rid of the natural gasoline. I think some strings can be pulled at one close by plant and E98 will be available soon.
  13. I have a little different question along these lines also. At the new blender pump, the E85 in the one underground tank is coming directly from a local ethanol plant. My cousin said he didn't think his E30 fuel mileage is as good as it should be. Could it be that the ethanol plant wants to sell E85 instead of E98 so that they can use natural gasoline and make a few extra bucks and thus the reduced mileage.
  14. Good, I will try to get all prices tomorrow when I go to the courthouse to pay my sales tax.
  15. It is a 2 liter 4 banger with direct injection and 12 to 1 compression ratio. I got the 6 speed power shift. I was going to beat on it a little when leaving a stop sign and it was up to 60 mph before I knew what happened. It has a capless fuel filler which is a little different. When sticking the nozzle in, there are a couple little tabs that spread allowing the flapper to open and the nozzle can go all the way in. There is a special plastic funnel-like tube that will fit in allowing fuel from a jug to be poured in. I used to carry biodiesel in a six gallon jug in the trunk and will probably carry extra E85 sometimes.
  16. I have a feeling it will do pretty good on E85---it feels like it rolls along very easy. Need to drive it to get rid of this tank full.
  17. Well, I took delivery of a new 2012 Focus SEL. It showed up on the lot a few days ago with about $2,600 more options than I ordered a week and a half ago. I was able to change the deal so don't have to wait. I think I'm impressed with the power and by the time I got home the average mileage was up to 38.5. The dealer(50 miles away) filled it with E10 but I stopped at the Co op(ProGo) at Primghar Iowa and tried out the brand new blender pump. Was able to squeeze in 2 gallons of E85. They have E0, E10, E20. E30, and E85. The E0 is $3.849 and the E85 is $2.959. Can't remember the 20 and 30. Spread isn't to bad.
  18. A friend of my dad's used to say a good marriage was 90% business and 10% love. I've modified that statement to life is 90% stupidity and BS and maybe 10% good.
  19. I still remember the local Co Op manager telling me that blenders were illegal in Iowa and cost $25,000. When visiting a friend in Fayetteville AR in 2003, I saw all the blenders around so called the pump dealer in Springdale and he told me he sold them for $11,000----this was a pump for gasoline only. When I confronted the Coop guy, he said that was not the price he'd been told so i always wondered what was really the truth.
  20. Good for you. I'm still surprised at the people that don't know what a blender pump is. Had to explain how they work to my cousins yesterday at dinner and I thought they'd heard me talk so much that they'd know by now.
  21. The one ethanol plant I'm in has offered $15,000 for a blender pump with not much interest. With the other incentives and that 15 grand it seems their money should have run out but no.
  22. Another thing to think about---don't you think this run up in corn and beans is just a ploy to get us farmers to plant plenty? A few weeks ago when beans were a dollar less on the CBOT, the broker was begging, sell, sell they're going down and look at the price today.
  23. Something else in the equation----2 of the plants I'm in have quite a bit of debt left to pay on original construction and I just found out the other one is debt free. Interest has been a pretty big deal.
  24. Sounds good. My 1992 Toy 4x4 22RE got started on E50 in April 2001 and still runs good today.
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