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  1. Ignorant public. I just found out my cousin's kid( big farmers that are rich because of the corn price) that has a brand new monster Ford SUV isn't using the new blender pump because you have to fill up more often. My cousin is pretty disgusted with his son and I am too. Looks like not much hope.
  2. They have some pretty high prices for both fuels. Sioux City is in the $3.30's for E10 yesterday.
  3. Sounds like typical USA business ethics( rotten to the core). I know some of the ethanol plant big wigs feel oil is doing everything they can to make ethanol go broke so oil can buy for pennies on the dollar and then ethanol will be the greatest thing since sliced bread.
  4. The ethanol plant south of Paullina has a 10 cent positive basis right now to get corn---15 cents for June. A friend went to Sioux City yesterday and E10 is in the $3.30's down that way.
  5. So what is it? In one sentence they say ethanol cuts demand for gasoline and in another they say you burn more fuel meaning more gasoline is needed. Makes no sense.
  6. I sold my shares in CornLP about a year ago. Both of these plants are in central Iowa and are coal fired. Like my cousin said the other day, when we invested in CornLP, who would have imagined that natural gas would be cheaper than coal after a few years.
  7. All the forums I'm on except this one and Hotrod's hate ethanol---two airplane, Ford Focus and used to post on VW TDI. I think Buick doesn't want to rile these people up. I can't believe how stupid people are---they think if ethanol goes away they'll buy gas cheaper when oil is back to a monopoly. Also, on the Focus forum, a guy says the engine will get better mileage with 91 octane vs. 87 gasoline because it can utilize the octane but E85 is based on energy content only---octane doesn't figure in.
  8. When I ordered my Taurus in 2001 all I could get was a gov't one with no cruise. That was all I wanted that it didn't come with so the dealer installed a new steering wheel that had the cruise buttons so it looked factory.
  9. Sure hope it works---it seems a shame to see lots of trash going to waste when it could be fueling our cars.
  10. Dan, You need to realize, everything is full of corruption--our country and the world. The corn market is just one small piece of the pie. Watched a show on PBS last night on Prohibition in the 20's--pretty interesting.
  11. Dan, this is what prices are looking like into next year at the local ethanol plant. Notice it goes into the mid five's and lower in August. Also, notice the positive basis right now. CORN Corn Bids Cash Price Basis Futures Price Futures Change Futures Month 4/30/12 6.17 0.05 612'0s 18'0 @C2N Chart 5/31/12 6.17 0.05 612'0s 18'0 @C2N Chart 6/30/12 6.17 0.05 612'0s 18'0 @C2N Chart 7/31/12 6.17 0.05 612'0s 18'0 @C2N Chart 8/31/12 5.55 0.00 555'0s 15'2 @C2U Chart 9/30/12 5.35 -0.20 555'0s 15'2 @C2U Chart 10/31/12 5.07 -0.35 541'6s 13'0 @C2Z Chart 11/30/12 5.12 -0.30 541'6s 13'0 @C2Z Chart 12/31/12 5.17 -0.25 541'6s 13'0 @C2Z Chart 1/31/13 5.18 -0.35 552'4s 12'2 @C3H Chart 2/28/13 5.20 -0.33 552'4s 12'2 @C3H Chart 3/31/13 5.23 -0.30 552'4s 12'2 @C3H Chart
  12. Sure wish I'd have listened yesterday----lost over $300 today. The broker talked me into doing something that I still don't fully understand but said it would lock in 5000 bushels of new crop next Dec corn between $5.50 and $6.50. Back when new crop Dec was $5.81 on the CBOT, I bought a Dec Put option, sold a Dec Call and sold a July Put. All at different strike prices. A few days ago it was over $1800 ahead but now around $1400.
  13. Not much, just don't take away my crop insurance. Also, back to the speculation police, that should be an interesting proposition. :
  14. How many 5000 bushel contracts do you have bought? Also, did you notice new crop only dropped a penny instead of 15 pennies for current. We have finally gotten some moisture and a couple of tile lines are starting to run but the crop isn't made yet.
  15. Some more info. I figured out how to reset the Average Fuel Economy. Just made a 34 mile loop getting my corn check from the elevator and going to the bank. The bank and E85 pump are 10 miles away. By the time I got to the elevator 16 miles away the AFE was reading about 30---going up hill and a little wind. Coming back to Primghar it was getting into the low 30's. Put in 8.9 gallons E85 so should be almost 75% Eth and reset again. By the time I was in the garage it was on 34.7----set cruise on 59mph but was driving like Granny getting up to speed. Dropped a 100 feet elevation also. Figured the trip to Missouri and back with 385 miles of E20 and 202 miles of E65 or better when I added the 9 gallons of E85 and came up with whole trip average of 32.77 mpg and that was driving 70mph most of the time.
  16. I went from 885 to 1380 elevation so was a steady climb also.
  17. The 9 gallons didn't top it off. Didn't reset anything. If the E85 was 75%, then I think the blend was 65 to 70. Isn't the read out display what mileage is at the time. It doesn't change fast but up or down a hill will make it change a tenth pretty often.
  18. Something else I thought of when talking about the read out display. When I was about home and going with the little bit of wind that had calmed from earlier,and going 60 mph, the mpg went up a tenth to 33.8.
  19. Not exactly sure how the read out in the dash works but I think the 33.7 should be about right. The gas tank was getting pretty close to empty--I bet not more than a gallon of E20 when I added the E85. Shouldn't the E85 be about 75% ethanol right now?
  20. Well, I put 500 miles on the Focus today. Left home with about 60 miles on the fill that I figure was about E20. Stopped and filled two jugs with 9 gallons of E85 and headed to NW Missouri on Interstate 29. Had a NW tailwind with cruise set at 73 mph slowing once in awhile for construction north and south of Omaha. By the time I got to Mound City the average was at 36.9 mpg. Drove around town about 10 miles visiting and then headed home into the wind at 72 mph with the average dropping to about 35.7. Got about 20 miles south of Omaha when I decided I better add my 9 gallons. It brought the needle up to full but it didn't stay there very long and the average started dropping as I went north. By the time I reached Sioux City the average was stabilized at 33.7 and the NW wind was blowing pretty good yet. The steam or smoke from the power plant was going straight sideways and not up and a big American flag was 2/3's out. Dan's guess on mileage was close but with no wind and more miles on the car I hope for better. The car has 613 miles on the odometer now.
  21. I'd do the E30 before E50. Anybody that really wants 50 will just add some E85 to the 30. You're right, 30 will work well in most vehicles.
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