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  1. The perfect storm----I can see the end of the RFS and maybe Big Oil owning the ethanol plants eventually.
  2. Just thought of something. Ethanol and propane are both very high octane rating and that would be a good combination for duel fuel. I remember the propane dealer here had a Ford Fairmont that was powered by propane---not sure but I think it was factory.
  3. While I've never owned one, John Deere and other tractor mfg's modified their gas engines with higher compression pistons when they were propane fueled.
  4. Glad to read that----it's about 45 miles down there from here. Think I like seeing the 15 instead of 20 also.
  5. Just think of the money some ethanol plants might be making right now. I don't know anything for sure but the middle of June is when the corn market bottomed out in recent history. If some savvy plants bought a lot of corn on the CBOT and are riding it up, things might be great at these prices. I guess distillers grain is very high since it is in big demand also.
  6. I'm taking the Focus up to Minneapolis for a few days and part of me wants to try E30 to see how much better the mileage is but the other part just can't be happy with less than E85.
  7. I sold a couple thousand more new crop bushels Friday. Was talking to my cousin and I said that even if we have a short crop, people still have to be able to buy corn---he said it could go to $8 and hog farmers could still make money. I do wonder about that comment.
  8. Thanks, I'll have to keep Cedar Rapids in mind when I head to Virginia.
  9. I did make the suggestion to a couple of board members that the ethanol plant should look into solid municipal waste railed in from some big cities(plasma gasification). This was before the crash of 2008 when this plant had land bought with plans of building an additional 100 million gallon corn plant 40 miles away. Neither went anywhere.
  10. Isn't looking to likely. Good thing I didn't sell much new crop corn this morning since it is going up even more. On my Supercub forum, a guy in Indiana said they irrigated 4 inches of water on a corn field and it wasn't even tacky----should have been muddy.
  11. Just Roundup and some volunteer corn killer. I have a building sight close to town that a guy has had bee's located for the last 10 years. We even spray for soybean aphids and so far his bee's must be thriving because he gives me about 4 or 5 gallons of honey a year.This idea E15 is killing engines just shows how stupid people are. I'd tell people that believe that study that you're surprised they were able to pass their driver's license test.
  12. No, I have a 1992 Toyota 4x4 with 22R-E engine and it has had mostly E50 for the last eleven years----it ran fine two days ago when I was running around getting farm chemicals to spray on the soybeans.
  13. I just read where four more ethanol plants signed on to the early adopters agreement with Butamax---I'm in two of them. Just got to thinking if everybody converts to butanol the oil companies won't get to make so much sub-octane gasoline that needs ethanol as a crutch. If everybody starts making butanol, that price should crash also. ???
  14. I remember when my cousin bought a new Dodge Caravan back in the 90's when they were a new item. His fuel pump crapped out at 30,000 miles and that was before much ethanol was around here.
  15. Good to hear your car runs good on it. Fermi Lab has it but not sure if the public can buy there. Looking at the map, there are a couple of stations up at Elgin.
  16. I always wonder how fast whiskey in a sealed bottle goes bad when people talk about ethanol fuel going out of condition. I'd lay money it is the gasoline part that goes in the dumper. I still think the oil companies are winning when you see Toyota putting no E15 in their brand new RAV.
  17. Wish we could get your experience on the National News.
  18. We all know this but I just read in the Wallaces Farmer, that came a few days ago, this article by one of their writers. He had been somewhere and rented a brand new Toyota RAV and when he refueled before it's return he saw all this writing on the gas cap. In the big circle with a slash, meaning do not use, was E15 to E85. He's thinking where has Toyota been----it's been proven that E15 doesn't hurt anything but evidently Toyota doesn't know this. Oh, but Brazil gets Toyotas----talk about corrupt politics. On a side note, a lady I know that has a brand new Camry asked the dealer if he thought E20 would hurt her car and to my surprise he said it would work just fine.
  19. E0 87 is $3.399 and E10 a dime less. Will have to see if the E85 one town away is less than $2.959---it should be. How does it work for retailers----when prices fall and they actually have higher priced in the tank do they just figure it averages as it goes up sometimes and the have cheaper in the tank?
  20. SteveV's response on Domestic Fuel website---would be nice to get this info on front page of major newspapers
  21. Yes, hard to figure out but that is what we're up against and other ideas that I think are goofy.
  22. Good news. I sure hope people use them. On the Focus forum a guy said he just couldn't use ethanol for moral reasons. I showed him an article where a few years ago when cheap, subsidized US corn was going to Mexico and Mexican farmers couldn't compete so said why bother to plant, he said he still couldn't support anything but cellulosic ethanol.
  23. What burns me is that my new Focus has got power this and power that. A touch screen entertainment deal in the dash and voice command for cell phone. Probably more stuff that I'll never use that costs a bunch of money and yet it is out of the question to have a real sensor like my 2001 Taurus had to make it Flex Fuel. Talk about misguided priorities our society has.
  24. I smell a rat. > Thanks for posting your discoveries.
  25. I'm glad to see your post. Sure hope people will patronize the pump.
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