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  1. It is a contract for acres, not bushels. It can't cross over into the regular corn supply since like the guy said" a Dorito would never be crispy again and his daughter loves Doritos", so any unused seed is returned and the grower gets paid for that, which is unusual.They try to contract about the right amount of acres close to the participating ethanol plant and then also contract acres in another area in case of a local crop failure. There has to be a 30 foot border around the field with regular corn so what you deliver needs to be 90% Enogen in actuality. There won't be any planted around Blair NE since they process food corn down there. This is probably going to be blended in with regular corn at somewhere between 10 and 20% to get the enzyme dispersed evenly in a batch to be fermented. It will save over a million dollars at a 50 million gallon plant since they won't have to buy alpha-amylase anymore. The premium is 40 cents a bushel and delivery has to be scheduled with the plant. Yield is supposed to be similar.
  2. I'm in this plant and hopefully this helps. Syngenta has signed a commercial agreement with Plymouth Energy of Merrill, Iowa to use grain featuring Enogen trait technology in 2013. According to the company, Enogen trait technology eliminates the need to utilize liquid alpha amylase enzyme in dry grind ethanol production. Once incorporated into an ethanol production process, the plant will see improvements in ethanol production and also reduce energy, gas and water usage. “As profit margins in the industry continue to shrink, we’re always looking for ways to be more efficient,” said Eamonn Byrne, CEO of Plymouth Energ
  3. I don't know----usually don't start it up unless I'm going at least 25 miles away and driving through Omaha on the interstate is as close to city as I've done so far.
  4. My 2012 is doing between 30 and 34 on E85. The lower number was the other day when I was bucking a headwind and had the cruise set at 70 to 73 mph on the interstate going uphill from NW MO to NW IA. I can't believe it would have gotten 40 under those conditions.
  5. The ethanol plant south of town has a 7 cent positive basis starting today and the local elevator is still negative 15 cents. Guess where I'm going with my corn.
  6. I had a nice surprise yesterday when I stopped at Rockport MO. E85 was priced at $2.899. I filled at Hinton IA on the way down and it was $3.149. Saw E10 priced at $3.45 at a new truckstop in Sioux City along the interstate. $3.659 for E10 here at Paullina and E0 is a dime more than that.
  7. Two of the plants I'm in signed on with Butamax as early adopters. It's not for sure they will convert and it didn't cost anything yet. Somehow, I thought that lawsuit stuff was figured out before.
  8. If you've been using 10% ethanol the fuel filter shouldn't be an issue. I'd start with about 30% ethanol by mixing E10 and E85 and seeing how it runs before going to E70 right off the bat. My 1995 Ford Aspire loves E30 but when going to E50 it didn't feel right. My 1992 Toyota does just fine on E50 but every vehicle can have different results.
  9. Did about 135 acres at my place the last two days. There is quite a range---from zero to 220 bushels per acre with an over all average of about 140. That is way better than I was expecting.
  10. Corn is not bad everywhere---my cousin just harvested a 100 acre field and it went 191 bushels per acre. I just went flying and did notice some varieties went down in the wind we had a few days ago.
  11. Might need to go in the water distillation business.
  12. The USA is mostly dry land. A little combining going on around here in NW Iowa----my neighbor has a light soil farm and he said it is going between 0 and 200 bushels per acre in the same field. So I asked him to be more specific and he is guessing around 120. I think I'll have some that will average better than that--maybe 150 or 160.
  13. Should go on GasBuddy and rattle their chain.
  14. Everybody I talk to is impressed with the E30 compared to E10. Seems your bro-in-law would at least try one tank.
  15. I just did a little test with the new Focus. Was running E85 and getting 30.5 mpg. Decided to see if what I was telling the anti ethanol crowd of Focus Fanatics forum was right. I filled with E30 making an E40 blend when you figure what was left in the tank. Have made several trips 20 to 40 miles away on mostly 2 lane 55 mph speed limit road with stop signs and a few traffic lights. Just a few 70 mph freeway miles and wind not much of a factor. Well, I'm pleased, after 212.5 miles, it took 5.6 gallons to refill at the same spot as the previous fill. That figures out to 37.94 mpg. Oh, I refilled with E85.
  16. I bet you're right on the ETBE. I think back in the 1990's there was testing of ETBE as a high octane aviation fuel but the toxicity problem squelched it. Come to think of it, not much talk of Swift Fuel lately either. They have come out with something called VLL 100 avgas(very low lead) where they reduced the lead a little and it is still considered 100 octane.
  17. The reply from Mike Hammond is interesting. He says that he worked for Ethyl Corp and that ethanol from petroleum has been added to gasoline since the 1950's and that it isn't a problem, just corn ethanol is. Hope he responds to my reply and explains the difference between corn and petroleum ethanol.
  18. Yesterday after using E85 exclusively for the first 2500 miles on my Focus, I decided to fill with E30 to see if what I'm telling people on Focus Fanatics forum is right. Anyway, at the blender in Primghar E85 was $3.099,E30 $3.399, and E0 was $3.699. A guy from Glendale AZ said 91 octane was $3.49 so gas is cheaper down there. Something else that is interesting, the Average Fuel Economy readout in the dash was saying 31.6 but when I filled and did the math it was really 30.5. I put in 10.33 gallons of E30 and figured I actually had about E40 in the tank. By the time I drove ten miles home,which is 100 feet lower elevation and against a 17 mph wind, the readout in the dash was saying 42.5 mpg. I don't really believe it but will be interesting to see what it is when the tank is gone and I do the math.
  19. My cousin just bought an older Peterbilt and wet distillers grain trailer in central Nebraska and we retrieved it today. This outfit had a bunch of rigs for delivering to the feedlots and said they were feeling the pinch with less to haul.
  20. The financials were just posted today for the "good" plant I'm in for the third quarter ending June 30. They lost a little but not to bad. Distillers never sold higher and the corn oil helped also. For the first three quarters it made about 14% return----maybe all that will go away by the end of the fiscal year but hope not.
  21. If that 48 cent figure is really the way it is, then there goes all the profit made earlier this year. One thing to remember is that the debt is different from one plant to another. One I'm in is basically debt free and one in west central Minnesota is about paid off. Some of the last built are loaded with debt.
  22. When I used to make homemade biodiesel, I got my methanol in 55 gallon drums. Those same drums work fine for E85. Just tighten the bungs and it should keep for quite awhile. I have a barrel tilting stand to fill 5 gallon jugs instead of a fancy electric pump.
  23. Not sure what the reason but E10 is priced 13 cents less than E0 here in town at the Casey's. Usually it is just a dime.
  24. I was told the dairies over here are windrowing the corn and letting it lay for awhile. Then they are chopping it to alleviate the toxicity.
  25. Something else that is going to be interesting to see-----natural gas prices are still very cheap but will anhydrous ammonia for nitrogen fertilizer go even higher since we farmers can lock in high corn prices for next year.
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