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  1. Just think, it's right at 10 years since the blender pump idea was presented to people like Lucy Norton, Scot Negley, Curtis Donaldson, and Phillip Lampert at NEVC. A single product dispenser should have been obsolete years ago.
  2. Sounds like an interesting project. I always liked the old Barracuda.
  3. As dry as it is around here, maybe I better consider planting grain sorghum this season.
  4. That is great. Is the 87 octane E10---I think so? If so Koch Refinery must be making sub-octane to mix with the ethanol.
  5. After talking to SteveV, we need to remember that EPA is part of the problem. Caterpillar no longer makes truck engines after they were crucified for not meeting emission standards by EPA. So, in some ways EPA seems to be for us and in other ways, watch out, and that is probably in the minds of auto manufacturers.
  6. Glad to see another station but to bad the price is what it is when wholesale ethanol is 60 cents cheaper. Is it likely that is Brazilian ethanol?
  7. I was wondering why also when putting higher priced E85 in the tank this trip.
  8. I drove by Waterloo, down to Iowa City and then over to Davenport Saturday afternoon-----the insurance companies are sure going to paying because of the day before because of all of the wrecks.
  9. I'm not sure whether it was west of Cincinnati or Inianapolis, but I saw one pump that said minimum of 51%. Never see that in Iowa. nev
  10. I came out to VA via Indianapolis,Cincinnati,Charleston and over here to the Williamsburg area. I had a pump in Harrison Ohio ask if I was flex. I had 7.5 gals of E85 in jugs to make the distance from Cincinnati to Hayes VA so only had to by 4 gallons of E10 for the whole trip which was 1360 miles. If there was a pump in Lexington VA it would have been an easy no jug trip. 8)
  11. Thanks for posting that Steve. I posted it over on one of the airplane forums that is mostly anti ethanol. There are a couple of guys using E10 in there airplanes even though it doesn't work officially and one guy(farmer from ND) even has an experimental RV 8 that is set up with a fuel injection system that will let him use 100LL avgas or ethanol. I think he said E60 was as strong as he went but that it ran just fine and didn't burn much more per hour with it leaned out.
  12. And after my experience, your dad could use E30 without a problem. The AAA and auto executives should be tarred and feathered and exposed for what they really are----crooks.
  13. Reading stuff like this is hard on my blood pressure. Thumbs down to AAA.
  14. I like this better Fulcrum BioEnergy Gets U.S. Guarantee to Make Ethanol From Trash http://www.businessweek.com/news/2012-08-06/fulcrum-bioenergy-gets-u-dot-s-dot-guarantee-to-make-ethanol-from-trash
  15. They're already here, just not admitting it. My 1992 Toyota is a perfect example---12 and 1/2 years and still going.
  16. Same from me and $2.999 E85 in Primghar Iowa. The Focus got 31.4 mpg to and from Minneapolis.
  17. When I got my new 2012 Focus, I let Ford know that the only reason I bought it was because of the E85 capability.
  18. E10 just dropped to $3.199 and E0 $3.299 here in my small town and assume Sioux City is less---they usually are.
  19. I looked on Google maps and found it---easy to get to.
  20. Welcome Flatblack, From the looks of your avatar you like E85 because it is race fuel . Do you know Shad Macon up at Springdale?
  21. As much as I like cellulosic ethanol, I've improved the soils I'm farming by practicing no-till and very minimum till and never taking the stover off. Organic matter is what helped me average 150 bushel corn and 60 bushel beans when it hardly rained. I'd like to see it come from the forests and garbage.
  22. A little off topic but today an 80 acre field just south of Boydton IA sold for $21,900 per acre. It does have a very high corn suitability rating--84. I'd say somebody thinks the corn price will stay pretty good.
  23. If you want to make it fire even quicker, figure out how to get a sniff of ether directly into the intake manifold---make sure it's just a little bit.
  24. Got a plant newsletter yesterday and it said they were going to run at 80% capacity and try to be as efficient as possible. Will be interesting to see if I guessed right and sold most of the corn for around $7.50 or if it will continue into the $8's. I did read that Ukraine had a good corn crop.
  25. That makes no sense at all. Sure don't want them advising me on financial matters.
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