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  1. Just think, in a perfect world, society would separate their waste at home and save a few steps. About 20 years ago a mfg outfit in Cherokee IA came up with a trash separation process that was supposed to be a really good deal and everybody was excited. It turned out it took a lot of labor to do the separation so didn't last long. Glad FiberRight has the separation figured out and sure hope it works out.
  2. Should send that to the law makers and have them ask the manufacturers that are complaining, how can this be---- the Briggs lived.
  3. Here is something I read this morning that you don't see on TV news. Seems energy causes a lot of wars. "It gets worse. Very large underwater gas deposits were recently discovered between Cyprus and Israel. Both Cyprus and Israel, who are to jointly develop them, could become energy exporters. They have become very close allies. "Not so fast" say Cyprus’ Turkish minority. ‘That gas also belongs in part to us!" Ankara insists the gas must be shared and has sent ships to back its claim. Palestine, Egypt, Lebanon and Syria are also advancing claims to the "Aphrodite" gas field off Cyprus -shades of the tense South China Sea. But most likely to clash are the Turks and Israelis." http://lewrockwell.com/margolis/margolis333.html
  4. http://lewrockwell.com/roberts/roberts393.html
  5. Glad to see another station but wonder why they are about 60 cents to high. I just paid $2.999 at Cleghorn Iowa and I see your other entry at Terre Haute is $2.999 also.
  6. I've noticed some of the cars that the meat inspector drives has a sticker saying "powered by E85". He comes to the local locker on certain days of the week.
  7. Sounds like they are getting smart again. What I really wish is that they'd forget the power locks and windows---I hate those two options. The 2000 Buick that my Mom gave me with less than 50,000 miles has an intermittent driver's door power window. So far if it goes down it'll go back up. Doesn't work most of the time though.
  8. The M-Tronic™ system electronically controls the ignition timing and fuel metering in any operating condition, factoring in temperature, altitude and fuel quality. Now available on the STIHL MS 441 C-M chain saw and the STIHL FS 460 C-EM brushcutter/clearing saw, this system provides professionals with optimum performance, whether you are just starting to work or resuming after a break. http://www.stihlusa.com/products/technology/stihl-m-tronic/
  9. Just found this for Brazil and Stihl http://www.manualslib.com/manual/165778/Stihl-Ms-441-C-M.html?page=28#manual
  10. Sure would be nice if Honda would step up to the plate as well as the many others. I wonder what Honda does for there stuff in Brazil---figure on E25 or ????
  11. I'll have to see what they did to flex it sometime.
  12. John Deere recently released their new, ZTrak Z925M, zero-turn, Flex Fuel Commercial Mowers, capable of running on ethanol blends up to E85 (85 percent ethanol, 15 percent gasoline). When you stop to think about it, it makes perfect sense. Ethanol blends are powering nearly every vehicle on the road today with blends of ethanol from 10% to 85%, so it was only a matter of time before we mowed with high octane E85 too. http://corncommentary.com/2013/03/07/yard-work-just-got-more-green/
  13. Those two will sure help when I make a trip out to Idaho.
  14. Over on Focus Fanatics, most hate E85 but this guy from Phoenix posted this.
  15. Primghar has Pro Go that had E85 60 cents less than E0 when I got some E30 yesterday for little unmodified Ford Aspire.
  16. The ground is bare here in NW Iowa. Makes for great bicycle riding though.
  17. Same reason there is a 30 cent spread in E85 just 4 miles apart out here in the country. Greed.
  18. The spread for E85 is something down here. Coming home from Sioux City a different way than I went, I knew I needed E85 so I stopped at Marcus and put E85($3.299) in at their new blender. When I went by the blender at Cleghorn that is 4 and 1/2 miles closer to home E85 was $2.999. Crazy---talk about a spread.
  19. We've a 13 penny spread between E0($3.529) and E10($3.399) which usually doesn't happen---usually just 10 pennies no matter what. I'm wondering if the Iowa Renewable Fuel people went over to Casey's headquarters at Ankeny.
  20. 3.48 minus 3.15 = .33 times 8500 gallons(tanker truck) equals pretty good trucking rate per mile.
  21. Yeah, you're right---I did find the 2011 Malibu info with both flex and non having the same pump, injectors etc. Will have to lay off the internet before my flight physical or my blood pressure will flunk me.
  22. I can't seem to find the topics about ECU's being the same for FFV and non except for the flex being blocked out on some vehicles and also that the fuel pumps and other components are the same between flex and non in most cases. I'm trying to defend ethanol over at ericpetersautos.com on the conspiracy of E15 topic. It's like talking to a brick wall and hard on my blood pressure. Can you go over and set them straight?
  23. This is good ammunition for the anti's. Thanks for the report that shows what could be without much trouble.
  24. If you're using ethanol blends, you won't have any water freezing in the lines. I've heard of people around here using Heet even when using E10---they just don't understand.
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