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  1. Sorry, guess I didn't remember the post from 2011.
  2. Just checked some tile lines and they just started running after this last snow/rain event. That's as good as it gets for now.
  3. Sounds like I better get everything I hope to produce sold soon. By the way, what is your batting average when it comes to predictions? ;D
  4. Corey, does this mean he just used somebody else's technology. Also, if we figure the cost of military protecting oil interests, wouldn't our fuel possibly cost $6. Did you guys see this video? The plane was hauling 5 armored vehicles that are IED proof. http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-202_162-57582226/dramatic-video-appears-to-show-747-crash-in-afghanistan/
  5. Thanks for the link. To bad us Americans can't be as smart as the Finnish people. Here is some info. http://theenergycollective.com/andrewwcox/60246/finnish-waste-wheel-technology
  6. Send the recipe over here to the USA so we can make some also. Seriously, do you know what the process is----gasification or enzymes?
  7. I agree we need other feedstocks but also remember that anything else such as garbage will probably become valuable and have a price that runs up and down. That's the way our country operates---up and down so somebody can make a buck. Just look at the unexpected hit gold just took. No way it should have happened with the Fed printing paper like crazy. Tremendous buying opportunity for someone.
  8. I went down and back to Missouri yesterday and put E85 in going and coming at two different places. $2.999 and $2.939 which seems a little high. I think it is getting blended at the ethanol plant and delivered so is the plant able to sell the RIN for each gallon of ethanol? I think so, so shouldn't that make E85 very profitable at the prices I paid. By the way, the Focus went down against the wind and back with a little stronger tailwind and got about 31 mpg doing 74 mph most of the time. E10 was $3.199 5 miles away from the $2.939 E85.
  9. Iowa has no mandate but a friend just read the newsletter from a co op that said no more 87 octane coming up the pipeline to NW Iowa starting next Fall. Just sub-octane and 91 and the 91 might not be consistent. The newsletter said the only possibility for E0 87 was to mix sub and 91.
  10. Looking forward to what you figure out. Just think, 1988----impossible according to the "experts". Would be interesting to hook it up to an exhaust gas analyzer and see what's coming out compared to today's engines.
  11. If you put a little fuel in a clear glass jar and it is clear---not cloudy/murky, then it should be OK.
  12. A plastic pop bottle and funnel should work. Maybe fill and mark several places with a measured about of water to calibrate it.
  13. Correction---see how much gas is on top after the ethanol/water separate.
  14. Do the water test and see how much gas drops out. Just measure in plenty of water to grab all the ethanol and measure the fuel and shake. Figure out how much gas drops vs total fuel.
  15. Thanks Corey, your post is pretty interesting. I didn't argue with the guy and thanked him for his post and ended my response to him with "maybe more is better---ethanol that is".
  16. A couple of airplane guys from around Zanesville OH flew over to a 15,000 acre ranch just west of Wheeling WV. The guy has cows, fracking for natural gas that included wet gas. They said it consisted of butane, ethane, pentane, and propane. Also a coal mine. Anyway, is that where natural gasoline is coming from----wet gas from wells like that in eastern Ohio? If so, it is local for Ohio and Michigan.
  17. Deep down I think he's wrong but last week when I suggested E15 to solve the RIN fiasco a guy responded with this response. This was on the DTN blog. "please re-read my note: as stated, blends above and below 15% do not have the same effect on rubber seals as the 15% ratio. Test results and your experience indicate ratios well above 15% (your 30% to 50%) are ok. This "15% phenomenon" is not well known, but it is important so please excuse wordy discussion. However, let me first reiterate I am not advocating against more ethanol in gasoline, just not a 15% mixture. Chemists in the industry can explain why 15% is not good--I quote one explanation I was given: "you can see when you break up the dimer, trimer and tetramer configurations you are set up for h-bonding(they love to hitch a ride on the FKM VF2 monomer or the NBR/HNBR ACN monomer) with the attendant higher swelling. If you go back and reread something like Les Sperlingâ?™s â?œInterpenetrating Polymer Networks and Related Materialsâ? you will see the 15% alcohol(by volume) is right on the raggedy of these possible dramatic swelling changes." end quote. I readily confess I don't understand the chemistry, but I am among many engineers in the automotive and rubber seal industries who have observed the higher swelling, softening and other chemical attack that occurs when rubber seals are exposed to E15 particularly at higher engine operating temperatures vs what happens in E10 and even 100% ethanol. I expect there have been studies relating to how far you can deviate from the 15% ratio to reduce impact--i.e. 12%, 20% etc.--but I have not seen the studies."
  18. Do I take it that the black water is from fracking? I still wonder if it is a foolproof as the experts say it is.
  19. Dan, when you go down to get tuned, ask if that lean of peak exhaust temperatures at medium power figures in their tune like it does for the airplane engines.
  20. Dan,I can hardly wait to find out the results on the dyno.
  21. So, do you think my factory 2012 FFV Focus is as good as it can get? It's 12 to 1 comp and direct injection.
  22. Maybe I'll take my Focus up there and see if they can improve it if it works for Dan. Would be fun to rub it in over at Focus Fanatics forum.
  23. Might find this interesting about lean of peak operations. http://www.gami.com/
  24. I'll bet they've already done some and Dan won't be the first. Makes sense to just lean it out(to bad factory won't do that). The way the airplane engine that was set up to run either 100LL or AGE-85 was to flow plenty of ethanol on takeoff and when cruising at a low power setting, just pull the mixture out leaning until the exhaust gas temperature came up to the same temp as 100LL. There is an airplane outfit that sells injectors that make all cylinders run at very even temps. Then with that accomplished they run at a reduced power setting and lean of peak instead of rich of peak. They basically go so lean that things begin to cool off.
  25. Dan, you do know about the water test to see how much gas settles out of the water/ethanol mixture?
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