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  1. Here's some more of my thoughts. My cousin just visited with a guy( cousin considers him a son) that was an exchange student years ago. He works for Petrobras in TX and says it is very hard to be ethical in the oil business. Getting back to my idea about the Yorktown VA area, the distributor/retailer I talked to said he had to buy high priced E85 from somebody else to resell. Robert might be right that he didn't tell the truth. Anyway, since we are imagining---- the train from NW Iowa goes to the same place that the crude train transloads onto barges and ocean going ships can dock. The distributor sends his semi over to the big tank that has E98 stored and the semi has whatever amount of sub-octane( around 1000 to 1500 gallons) and splash blends with the E98 to make E85. Off to the retail station with blender pumps it goes to be blended with more suboctane from one of the two tanks(E85 in the other) the station has. How perfect is that in theory? Mean while, Europe calls up the midwest ethanol plant that still owns the E98 in the big tank at Yorktown and says we need some and the ship will be docking soon. There are gov't vehicles everywhere in this area but instead of saying they had to put E85 in the tank, I'd say use E30 so that fuel mileage is good and the air quality is as good as can be. Sounds good to me but as most say "won't happen". Makes me think that basically the American business plan is based on "organized crime" principles.

  2. I just made a trip from NW Iowa to Yorktown VA and made the trip back on 100% E85. Going out two closed E85 pumps in eastern IA and IL caused me to blend down. Prices were very spread out with $1.569 in North Libety IA and $2.509 at Hayes VA(Yorktown VA). Speedway was pretty good at $1.70 to 80 in Oh , IN, and WVa. I talked to the fuel distributor at Hayes and asked why his price was so far off and he said he couldn't get any E98 to blend even though there is a new plant operating at Hopewell VA---just a few miles away. He has a blender licence so an idea popped into my head!!!! Over at Yorktown, Plains All American has converted the old Amoco oil refinery into a transfer point so that Bakken oil railed in is loaded onto barges that are shoved up to New Jersey refineries. What if one of the ethanol plants I am invested in here in the Midwest were to construct or use existing tanks at the old refinery and rail in ethanol unit trains and have the ability to direct market to the SE VA market and also have the ability to load ocean going vessels capable of going to Europe or wherever. I'm going to present the idea to management I know out here but imagine it will be a "nay". What do you all think----ideas?????

  3. Thanks Robert, My Ford Focus has about 27,000 miles on it and ~ 95% E85. I agree something sounds fishy with Jay's about face. What is interesting is that I have a 1992 Toyota that has had 30 to 50% ethanol since 2001----almost 14 years and seems unaffected. A couple of other cars using E30 for many years also. Would sure hate to see our fuel changed back to the "good old days" for a few antique cars.

  4. Found this and see it is mostly pentane which is added to aviation AGE-85 to aid starting. Looks to me like more natural gasoline should aid starting the Charger.


    Natural gasoline is a natural gas liquid with a vapor pressure intermediate between natural gas condensate (drip gas) and liquefied petroleum gas and has a boiling point within the range of gasoline. The typical gravity of natural gasoline is around 80 API.

    This hydrocarbon mixture is liquid at ambient pressure and temperature. It is volatile and unstable but can be blended with other hydrocarbons to produce commercial gasoline.


    The natural gas hydrocarbons mixture is mostly pentanes and heavier (smaller amounts of C6 and C6+), extracted from natural gas, that meets vapor pressure, end-point, and other specifications for natural gasoline set by the Gas Processors Association.[1] Includes isopentane which is a saturated branch-chain hydrocarbon, (C5H12), obtained by fractionation of natural gasoline or isomerization of normal pentane.[2]


    Natural gasoline is often used to denature ethanol produced for E85. Natural gasoline has a lower octane content than conventional commercial distilled gasoline, so it cannot normally be used by itself for fuel for modern automobiles. However, when mixed with high concentrations of ethanol such as mid-level blends, like E50 or E85, the octane content is raised high enough to be used easily in flex-fuel vehicles. It may be sourced from production of natural gas wells (see "drip gas") or may be produced by extraction processes [3] in the field, as opposed to refinery cracking of conventional gasoline.


  5. Great picture!! Just heard about this book and will be interesting to seeif North Dakota goes the way of the subprime mortgage market.



    Zuckerman, whose last book, “The Greatest Trade Ever,” detailed hedge fund manager John Paulson's huge bet just before the subprime mortgage market collapsed, is a writer at The Wall Street Journal. In “The Frackers,” he focuses on the larger-than-life personalities so frequently found in the oil patch. But Zuckerman also takes the time to tease out the stories of a few of the more humble people caught up in the new energy boom.

  6. Boy, that's almost unbelievable!!!! Two of the ethanol plants I'm in did really well this last year and the one is leading the pack around here as far as corn bids. The bid is almost a dollar more now then back in Sept and in theory they should really be losing with an ethanol price like that. Then you have to remember one thing is possible, if they bought corn on the CBOT back around the bottom, things might still be looking up---cross my fingers. Same with Saudi Arabia and crude, if they hedged oil six months ago, they might be laughing all the way to the bank. It'd be nice to be big enough to know which way you want the market to go and then be able to move it.

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