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  1. 110 Arrowhead Dr Hampshire, IL 60140-0000 Speedway #5036 E-85 price = $2.059, per Speedway website.
  2. Speedway 885 E Touhy Ave Des Plaines IL 60018-2701 (847) 827-5891 E-85 prices as of Tuesday, 3/19 = 3.599/gal Regular price as of Tuesday, 3/19 = 3.999/gal Found from the Speedway website...
  3. ;D Thornton's 2330 South Third St. now has e-85 (as a surprise to me as I traveled there Sun.) Terre Haute, IN (812) 234-3102 E-85 price as of Sunday, 3/17 = $2.99/gal Regular price as of Tuesday, 3/19 = $3.95/gal
  4. I'm at work at another location, with IE 8.0.6001.18702IS. I also cleared the cache deleting browser history...I was successful to enter one price (going one at a time), but then I get a clear screen thereafter...I still cannot enter prices, using "bulk submissions" at all...I prove that by checking on the prices for that particular state (in this case, Indiana)...The same happened when I tried to enter for Kentucky and Tennessee. Don't know what to do at this point. CALVIN
  5. At work, I've used Firefox, version 16.0.1...At the library, I've tried with both Firefox 16.0.1 and Internet Explorer, version 8 (I don't currently know that detail, as I am not at the Library at the time of this e-mail). I'll check on clearing the cache... Thanks...I'll keep you informed. CALVIN
  6. Still having problems...I used to get notification, after I clicked "Submit Bulk Prices", that I'd entered a new price, but get no notification at all...It just refreshes the screen. Also, I saw that nothing got updated when I check the prices for that state. I end up having to enter one price at a time under "Submit E85 Prices"... Have I done something wrong? CALVIN
  7. I've been unable to enter prices on e85prices.com website to update new prices since Saturday...I try to enter prices among my favorites, press the "Submit Bulk Prices' tab, and it refreshes my screen, as though I haven't entered anything...I verify by checking prices I tried to enter earlier, with no success... Am I doing something wrong? CALVIN
  8. Let me add two gas stations that I've found in the Indianapolis area, that have e85... As of 10/3/12: Speedway 5179 Lafayette Road Indianapolis, IN 46524 Unleaded: $3.69/gallon E85 : $3.31/gallon and as of 10/3/12... Speedway 8101 East 21st Street Indianapolis, IN 46219 Unleaded: $3.59/gallon E85 : $3.19/gallon Thanks. CALVIN
  9. FYI...What is listed as: Mussers 106 South Main St. Nashville, Tennessee is not there...I've found that there is a Mussers, with the same address, in Nashville, Michigan...Also, the proof was that the phone number listed on E85prices.com is area code "517", which from another website I checked, is in Nashville, Michigan... The one in Michigan is listed correctly (though I haven't been there)...Please remove that listed in Nashville, Tennessee. Thanks. CALVIN
  10. Thornton's 5310 West 10th St. Indianapolis, IN e85 - $ 3.49 e30 - $ 3.65 regular - $ 3.73 Thanks... CALVIN
  11. Via searches on the Internet, as of 5/31/12, I've found an E85 gas station at Max Fuel Express 3494 U.S. 62 West Calvert City, KY 42029 I don't yet have information on fuel prices... FYI. CALVIN
  12. :'( The following two stations can be removed from the list of Virginia state stations: Arlington, VA Citgo Navy Annex 801 S. Joyce St. THIS GAS STATION IS NOW ONLY A DIRT FIELD...It may have closed sometime in the past year...What was there is no longer there. Also, Fredericksburg, VA Liberty Gas 364 Warrenton St. THIS GAS STATION has been boarded up and closed. All pumps (E85 and regular) have been cover up... Please advise. CALVIN
  13. Please note: I noticed over the 4th of July that when using your debit card on the E85 pump at Thornton stations in the Louisville area, that you will receive .03 discount. Therefore, in the case wheree E85 gas is $3.09/gallon, using a debit card (after going inside to pay the cashier), you get .03/gallon off your total. Just an FYI...I don't know how long this applies, or if it is only in the Louisville area at Thornton's. Any thoughts? CALVIN
  14. New e85 Gas at Thornton's in: (1) 114 Rosenberger Ave. Evansville, Indiana (812) 422-6251 As of Tuesday, July 3: E85 - $3.14/gallon E30 - $3.35/gallon Regular - $3.47/gallon (2) 9200 Preston Highway Louisville, Kentucky 502-969-2273 As of Wednesday, July 4: E85 - $3.09/gallon Regular - $3.48/gallon ALSO: On e85prices.com, I'd entered a price for a Thornton's on 4740 Chamberlain Road...That location is NOT Covington, KY (as shown), but in Louisville, KY (the map is correct, but the city is not). FYI. CALVIN
  15. Three things: (1) The Jiffy Mart, located at 1131 North 3rd St., in Terre Haute, IN does not have an e85 pump (at least, of the last several times I'd checked, latest as of 4/22/12). (2) The Jiffy Mart, located at 501 Souith 3rd Street, in Terre Haute, IN, has been converted into a Phillips 66 Gas Station, and NO LONGER has an e85 pump (as of 4/22/12, when I last checked). (3) The Goodman's, located at 975 South Section St., in Sullivan, IN, does not have an e85 pump (most recently, as of March, 2012). CALVIN
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