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  1. This store just opened 12/23/17. As I was getting fuel in my Tesla (for my riding mower, which feels weird driving an electric car into a gas station), I saw that this Casey's has E85 as well as E15. E85 was 1.61, while regular was 2.41, and E15 was 2.36. The price board showed E15 and ethanol free premium (which theirs was only 91 octane), but no mention of E85 on it, which is somewhat disturbing. The address of this store is 425 Beloit Rd, Belvidere, IL 61008. I don't think many Casey's carry E85.
  2. I have a 2013 Model S with the 85kw battery. On a daily charge (which they recommend) at 90% I have 229 rated miles. On a full charge, it is currently 255. In the winter it is less because you use battery to heat the car (no waste heat from a conventional engine), and may lose about 25% range in the winter. Range is never an issue because I plug in my car every night and wake up with my battery at 90% charge. I feel this is the one thing that most people overlook, is that you refuel your car at home.
  3. I've had my Tesla for a year and a month now. I've put 21,000 enjoyable miles on it. No issues with it, and it works like it should. It sucks when you have to bring the wife's van to the gas station and fill up when you're not used to it. Had a plastic piece fail and shoot engine coolant all over the engine bay of the van. Just another reason to look forward to getting her an electric vehicle when the time comes. I love all the negative misinformation articles about Tesla by people who want to short the stock or have big oil interests. No different than the misinformation anti-ethanol posted stuff. Interesting to see all these companies promising electric cars in a few years that will be "a Tesla killer". I believe it when I see it. Tesla has done well for themselves because of the infrastructure they have built. That will be the big challenge for others to get into the electric game. I drove my Tesla to Pennsylvania in late August to visit friends. It couldn't be easier, as I plugged the address in navigation, and it routed me there through the superchargers, also telling me about how long I need to charge to get to the next supercharger (with about 10 to 15% extra charge). It took me about 15 hours to get there (the fastest I've ever made it in a gas car was 12 hours). The longest charging time I had to stay at any of the chargers was 40 minutes. What I didn't realize is how great the car is in mountainous terrain. It goes up hills much easier than a standard car, and you don't have to ride your brakes down big mountains because of regenerative braking. I believe this will be a big plus with the Tesla semi slated to come out in a few years. I see the model 3 production has been pushed back a bit; this doesn't surprise me at all looking at their track record. Once they get on track with that production, BMW and Mercedes are going to get hurt in sales with the 3 series and C class respectively. I feel that Elon Musk should be spending more time making sure the Model 3 production bottlenecks get fixed, as this is the company's make or break car in my opinion.
  4. I filled up at a blender pump at Rice Lake, WI, about a month ago on our way to Northern Minnesota. I believe it was a Holiday station in the parking lot of Marketplace foods. Gasbuddy.com has the address listed as 340 S. Main St, Rice Lake, WI 54868. They had E-15, E-30, E-85, and ethanol free gas there.
  5. Well the model 3 has finally been released. My spot in line is pretty close to the beginning of the queue, starting as soon as October. I don't think I can pull the trigger, though, because I love my Model S too much, and can't afford both. It's been interesting seeing the feedback from the car. I see a bunch of people that are mad because a well optioned car costs a bunch more than 35k. I look at that as no different than a new BMW 3 series or Mercedes C class; they nickel and dime you to death with options. I am very interested in test driving one, as the minimalist interior is very intriguing. 500,000 preorders now, so we shall see how well they can ramp up production. I believe infrastructure will be the key in making this car be a success. If the service centers and superchargers are overloaded too much, Tesla will not fare well. It will be interesting to see how they fare with the average customer, as most of their customers up until now have been very forgiving of Tesla's shortcomings because they had bought into Tesla's vision. This is their make or break chance.
  6. I have had my Model S now since the end of October. What an amazing car. It goes 0-60 faster than my Challenger with the 5.7 hemi. It handles just as good as my 3 series BMW I owned in the past. My kids fight over who's sitting in the rear facing seats (just like sitting "gunner" in the old station wagons). The interface is so intuitive, so it's easy to operate. I understand now why they have sold a bunch of these. I wake up to a "full" charge (well, set at 90% for daily use per Tesla's recommendations) every morning. Is it a perfect car? No, and believe we'll never see one. Range does take a hit in the winter, about 20 to 30% (or almost 50% if you just do short trips on a cold battery in the real cold, like 0 degrees F. Once in a while my phone unpairs from the car's bluetooth. My commute is 10 miles to work, so the range is not an issue. I've spent a few days running errands all day, and still don't have any issues with range. What I don't miss is things like oil changes. Had to bring the Mrs. car in for that. The stealership tries to tell me things like power steering lines are leaking (just as my dad's van and my jeep was 6 months ago, in the same week we had oil changes on all 3 of those cars). Tesla has a decent thermal management system of its battery, which supposedly prolongs life of the battery. Somebody uses one as a taxi between LA and Las Vegas, with 200,000 miles and only 6% range loss. All while charging on Superchargers only. The thing I like is that Tesla is pushing the envelope. They have a great looking car on the market with performance that can match Supercars (if you have enough money). The leaf, i-miev, and Bolt are basically compliance cars. The leaf is truly ugly, the i-miev looks like an egg, and the bolt looks like a shoe. None of these other auto manufacturers have really pursued electric cars. Why? They don't want to cannibalize their own sales of conventional cars, which is their cash cow. The whole way the EV1 program was scrapped still leaves a bad taste in my mouth from GM. Tesla has done something nobody else has done with an electric car- create demand for them. Just like ethanol, I see electric cars as being PART of the solution. I don't believe a single technology will reign supreme (unless big oil finds a way to rid alternatives). Choices are good, and hope to see these choices as time goes on.
  7. Well, I have taken the leap. I have a reservation on a Model 3, but decided to get a Model S. Hopefully will have it in the next week or two. I bought a certified pre owned one that's 3 years old. They give you remaining battery and drive unit warranty (which will be 5 years left and unlimited miles), and 4 years, 50,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty (which is the same warranty as their new cars). I am trading in both my jeep and challenger. This is the car I really wanted, and being that the cpo's run roughly half or slightly more than half the cost of a new one, I decided to go for it. With the rear facing seats, I can now fit all 4 kids in the car at the same time, which gives us more flexibility. Plus it's even more fun to drive than my challenger (which I truly love). I just got my charger installed in the garage for it yesterday. I am glad i can finally give the big "F@CK YOU" to big oil. I still can't wait for the model 3 to come out, to hopefully really start to shift the paradigm.
  8. This could be an interesting shift in the electric car paradigm. Looking at the preorders, the demand is there. I have followed this company before the Model S even came out. I am still amazed that they have brought an electric car to market, despite efforts of big oil and franchise dealers in this country. I test drove one a couple years ago, and must say the Model S was phenomenal. I just couldn't justify the price of one. Upscaling production for the Model 3 will be their biggest test. They have made good on what they said they were going to do so far (Roadster, Model S, Model X), although they have not made any of their deadlines. I put my deposit down on one before the online launch on March 31st, as I feel I will be in the market for a car when it finally comes out. I don't expect to see mine until 2018 or 2019, and I'm fine with that. Regardless of outcome, this will be their most important car in their company, as it will make or break Tesla in my opinion.
  9. How about Road Ranger? I see they have more than 50 stores as a company, and a bunch of them around the Rockford area carry E85.
  10. Challenger, huh? My brother is the head of the Stateline Challengers car club out of Beloit, WI (on the border with IL). We just had our fall car cruise this past Sunday. We have a cruise in the Spring and Fall now, and went to various car shows, a drive in movie theater, and are going to a winery this Saturday. If she's interested in running with more Challengers up this way.....
  11. Just wanted to say thank you for the 2 kits I purchased in the last few years....E85 has cut my 0-60 time down a little bit on my Challenger...and increased tire wear....a tradeoff I will take any day in that car.
  12. I was down in Peru last week checking out prices, and could not find the Murphy station listed for E85. There was a Wal-mart at that corner, but no gas station in front of it (Murphy stations are pretty much found in front of Wal-marts, correct). I looked at Murphy's website and they have no listing for a gas station in Peru either.
  13. Was looking at the lot of the local dealer today, and all 6 of the new 200's with the 3.6L pentastar are NOT flex fuel, unlike the previous body style. It looks like Chrysler only has the minivans and Durango/Grand Cherokee as flex fuel 3.6L left. And the 2.0L in the Dart with Automatic transmission (Which is pretty hard to find in the 2014 models now because most either use the 2.4L or the Turbo 1.6L). Disappointing that choices for Chrysler have dwindled a bit.
  14. On Jonnyenergy's website (along with others), it says the kits don't work with direct injection models.
  15. Does that have the 8 speed automatic? They get a few more mpg than the 5 speed ones.
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