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  1. highest we've seen todate...
  2. Well !!! I posted a while ago about the '04 suburban running on E85 (9 months now). I have had no cold start issues (temps down in the high 20's) BUT have had lousy overall mileage. (12mpg). We are working on the mileage... we'll be reprogramming the engine computer in a couple of weeks. Most agree that Chevy/GM changed something in the fuel type sensing hardware or firmware in the '04s since other years don't seem to have the problem. We'll keep everyone posted...
  3. No problem. We're hoping for sub $2 E85 !!!!
  4. Thank you GT for the info !!! 2007 resolutions; Re-tune the suburban, convert the beemer. Happy New Year, Paul
  5. ChuckBfromtheBF, Portland, Oregon weather down to 26 F with no cold start issues on E85. Stations where I buy says they are running winter blend which I suspect is closer to E75, not E85. Interesting note; I had to switch back to UL87 for a few tanks, (no E85 on trip to the beach) and had bad starting problems; would not start, stumbling when it did, lots of re-starting/cranking, just wouldn't run. No black smoke out the talepipe indicating its not running rich. Once started and warmed up, it runs fine. Mileage is back up to 18mpg (avg highway) from 12mpg. I'll let everyone know when I switch back to E85 how she behaves. Paul
  6. Hi Dan, We are hovering between 2.25 and 2.39 / gallon for E85 in Clackamas(portland), Oregon. I've seen it as low as 2.19. -p
  7. Yup, Price of unleaded (87) is at 2.37/gal. According to the folks at the station, they are getting a song and dance about the price of E85 from their supplier. This pricing is very unfortunate for those who have made the switch to E85.
  8. Greengenes, No, I haven't had cold start problems todate. The coldest we've been so far this season is 35-40F. Something else noteworthy: coasting downhill would caused the computer to calculate upto 99mpg on unleaded (87). This I would expect. However, since switching over to E85, coasting down the same hill, the computer calculates no better than 45mpg. This would indicate that the idle mix programming is very rich, and this would explain why my mileage is so poor. I believe the engine is running rich all the time, hence, the great power, the easy starting, and the lousy mileage. -p
  9. All, We need some help researching software/hardware for tuning Chevy 5.3L Vortecs. Thanks, -p
  10. Dan, Was there any reason given for the price increase? -p
  11. Dan et al, Carson Oil supplies the ethanol in the area. I'm sending them a note conveying my dismay with the price increases. I'll dig further to find out why we are seeing a price increase in ethanol. We are at 2.35/gal today. Price of unleaded is at 2.29 at Stein 76. This is not a good trend for E85. It appears that the price of all fuels is up this week. -p
  12. Unbelievable. > I'm not happy. What is going on? -p
  13. I do not know the source of the ethanol in the area. Ironically, a 76 station about five minutes from the E85 station has unleaded(87) at $2.25/gallon. I've also noticed at other stations that the price for unleaded(87) is around 2.30-2.35/gal. -p
  14. Dissappointing news... Does anyone know why the price of E85 is so dynamic? :'(
  15. paulc

    2004 Chevy Suburban

    Hello 1outlaw and all E85 enthusiasts, I've also heard of the unusually high mileage loss on the 04's compared to other years. I have an average 60 mile daily commute (the mixed highway/city driving I refer to), and all but 5 miles are on the highway at 55 mph. No trailers, light loads (2-3 occupants), and definitely not a heavy foot. I drive so conservatively I can eek-out 21mpg (gasoline) on the highway. I consume a tank a week, so I've had 8 tanks of E85 thus far. So far, I've managed 13mpg (E85) (reset for highway only) as calculated by the on-board system. All mileage figures are checked again in a spreadsheet and the two compare closely. I haven't gone to a shop to check for codes since the truck appears to be running well. I have never had a cold start or warm start problem. When the truck is cold (38 F todate), there is a significant lack of power, but it starts, runs and gets down the road until it warms up. I have noticed the increase in horsepower if I get on it once the truck has warmed up. On one tank, I purposely drove the truck very hard (beat everyone off the line, and get on the freeway as quickly as possible) and got an average of 10 mpg (E85). I have not switched back to unleaded gas to observe any differences. I'll be disappointed if Chevy botched the EC programming for E85. If Chevy eliminated the alcohol sensor, then how do they sense the fuel mix ??? The engine definitely consumes more fuel, so the fuel/air mix must have changed when I switched over to E85. How does the system know its running E85? -p
  16. Hello Everyone. I have a 2004 Chevy Suburban running on E85 now for two months. Mileage went from 19 mpg to 13 mpg average highway mileage, and from 17 mpg to 11 mpg mixed highway/city mileage. A 500 to 550 mile range has dropped to 300 to 350 miles per tank. Price of E85 in my area 2.15/gal (today) doesn't justify E85 on price alone, but lowering dependence on oil and cleaner air does justify it for me. If one looks at the mileage for gasoline consumption alone, as an example; 360 miles per tank, 4.8 gallons of gasoline (85% ethonal and 15% gasoline), my gasoline mileage is greater than 75 mpg. That's better than the hybrids. Does anyone know if the any of the hybrids are FFVs? -p
  17. At Bob's on 82nd. The price is moving in the right direction, just not quickly enough.
  18. clackamas, Oregon E85 is $2.23 per gallon at Bobs on 82nd ave. Im running a 2004 chevy surburban and getting 11.4 miles per gallon on E85. costs $70 to fill the tank. used to get 17 mpg on unleaded
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