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  1. ^---What he said. Love the E. Works nearly as well as an intercooler. Price spread around here vs the premium fuel.normally demand for my application is about $.70 so net cost is minimal. The clean burn is also very welcome. I do not miss cleaning exhaust every 5-7days.
  2. This is certainly above the $200 mark but if you are still looking for a solid afr product w obd ability as well look at the aeroforce Interceptor scan gauge w add on wideband sensor. It will read out anything on obdII bus, read and clear dtc, has programmable warning/notification lights, simple hookup via obdII connection and on some vehicles a switched power source. It can monitor multiple parameters at once as well as having limited data record ability. It's a simple 2 1/16 diameter gauge which choice.of display color upon order. I have one in my car without the wideband which is to come soon and couldn't think of anything that could work better other than my scanner/Tuner/laptop combo. You're probably talking about $400 but a wideband alone is 200 for a reputable brand. Innovate motorsports has a new model available w controller built into the gauge itself rather than having components in engine bay. http://www.aeroforcetech.com/products_interceptor.html http://www.innovatemotorsports.com/products/MTXL.php
  3. Of course! That fillup and can I also filled saved me about $35 in fuel costs. Once i got back.to work.w the receipt a coworker paid me $10 to go down the street and fill his truck which for a new f150 was only $18 and change vs the $100 it took the week prior. I talked to the attendant and he said they were steady but nowhere near the business the corporation had expected which greatly surprises me. I can't believe people wouldn't at least take a second look when fuel was available so cheap. Shows just how many people are absolutely clueless to what they drive and what the world has to offer them...
  4. There's 4 within about a 10mi area of where i live and theyre usually the same or within 10cents max of each other. I'm guessing the one station in your area is trying to capitalize on ffv and hope people just see its less than 87 and fill their tanks. Go in and ask them why they think theyre worth $10 more per tank than the other guy and see what they say.
  5. Thumpin455 - New member here but just read this thread and saw you mentioned the L series 3800v6 from GM. I own a 2000 Buick Regal GS (Supercharged) and a lot of people in the 3800 community have done a full e85 conversion including myself. Now we didn't do it for any sort of efficiency gain, it was all in the name of performance. Forced induction+E85=Huge Win for all of us. It's pretty straightforward on this platform. If you are a more or less stock drivetrain larger injectors and a tune to adjust AFR is usually all that's needed. In a supercharged GTP or Regal GS typically fuel pump needs to be upgraded as well to meet the larger demand for fuel during full throttle runs without starving for fuel and leaning out to dangerous levels. I have a friend that is running an cam'd 3800 on e85 and it runs great. There are a lot of options out there for a cam on the 3800 thought if you're N/A its much more limited as there isn't a huge performance market for the L26/L36 motors unless the individual wanted to top swap or install a turbo setup with that higher compression block. I just did the switch on March 27 and it's running great, the engine loves the 11.5psi of boost that is now possible with the charge cooling the e85 provides. The car is far from stock with aftermarket exhaust, headers, high ratio rockers, custom tune, ect... Mileage is respectable at about 13.5 city and 22hwy. On premium fuel I used to average about 16.5/27 so the net cost on my end is virutally the same with the current $1.20 price spread with premium in Indianapolis area. I daily drive the car but being in indiana there is no shortage of stations whatsoever. I believe there are close to 100 here. There's at least 4 within a 5-10min drive of my home and 1 about a quarter mile from my workplace. Check out Clubgp.com, regalgs.org and pretty much any other 3800 oriented board for TONS of information and access to locals who are experienced at tuning for this fuel change. If you aren't on one of these boards I recommend you take a look, if you need some direction on where to go or who to talk to PM on any of the national boards. I go by the same name on them and have been involved in the scene for a few years now.
  6. Hi everyone. New to the forum but not to cars, tuning, and e85. I currently own a 2000 Buick Regal GS (Supercharged) and recently converted to e85 after great results from others in my community. OP: Adding e85 to a forced induction car needs to be done carefully. Under typical driving conditions there probably isn't a lot to worry about(if you're just blending) but when you get into boost your cars PCM is going to go want to bring on more fuel to deliver that power you want and to also combat knock retard which can occur with the higher combustion chamber temps that FI creates. If you mix too much e85, despite it having a much higher octane than conventional gas you do run the risk of starving the motor of fuel and leaning out which over time or in extreme cases cause so much KR (knock retard) that the motor cannot compensate for this and cause internal damage to pistons from the heat generated by the lean condition. Most MODERN cars on the road will generally tolerate a 20% ethanol blend with little to no effect on anything other than a mileage reduction and lower emmissions. If you want to do it safely for a much higher percentage I reccomend getting ahold of a wideband O2 sensor or diagnostic scan gauge that can give you real time data regarding air fuel ratios and such. In my personal case I needed to switch to larger injectors as well as a higher output fuel pump to compensate for the additional fuel quantity required by e85's lower btu/gallon output. I went drastically larger than a normal conversion would dictate as I did it for the performance aspecsts of the alcohol in e85. I took a motor making around 240hp and with the modifications done (headers, exhaust, custom tuning, overdrive pulley on supercharger,65#/hr injectors, ect...) it should be making north of 350hp. When we adjusted the fueling tables to keep the car from going lean under boost we had to add nearly 34% MORE fuel to the tables and then slowly adjust things from there to dial it in. As far as a fuel additive is concerned I personally add a small amount of TCW-3 marine 2 cycle engine oil. I mix it in at a ratio of 500:1 and have been doing this for a number of tanks of fuel. If you read on the ls1tech forums and search for the term you will find MANY users of this with nothing but good results. It initially started off as an additive for gasonline motors to promote better combustion of the fuel and to clean and lubricate the fuel system that ethonal blending aggravates.
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