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  1. I mostly fly down in the weeds anyways, almost never over 2000ft agl. Carb ice has never been a concern, because I heat the carb body with a manifold that circulates hot coolant. I don't loose power because I'm heating the carb itself, not the incoming air, and ice can't form in the venturi. Enough heat gets transfered to the butterfly to prevent it from forming there too. If I go the rotary route, will likely have fuel injection, which won't have the issue. -Matt
  2. When I put the Soob in I made sure everything in the fuel system was compatable with ethanol, because I didn't want to be one of those guys driving 50km for ethanol-free gasoline or pay high $$ for avgas. Most of our gas has 10% ethanol in it. I am near Hamilton, Ontario. Have just started making my own, so still experimenting. Tried sugar, molassus, barley, and waste liquor. A customer of mine steam cleans tankers, last two were liquid sucrose and chocolate. He has to pay to get rid of the residue. When next he cleans out a tanker, he is going to bring me a drum. I have a small patch of sweet sorghum growing as well. Was looking for sugar products to avoid having to do starch conversion, but using no-cook enzymes made it so easy, so starchy stuff back on the menu. -Matt
  3. Havn't been able to make enough ethanol to fuel the plane yet (E85 not available up here) though I would like to. Timing is distributer, and mixture (carb) is adjustable. I have a knock sensor, and will put a vernier cable on the distributer to adjust timing. Also, will have a provision to heat the fuel. Made enough ethanol to cut the grass twice, goal this year is not to use any gas in the mower. Eventualy I just don't want to have to buy gas, and if the bird has a rotary engine in it, it won't be running on gas! -Matt
  4. Seriously considering replacing the current engine (Subaru) in my plane with a Mazda RX8 rotary engine. Is anyone here running E85 in their Mazda rotary? -Matt
  5. Hi. first time post on this forum. I recall reading just that scenario, book was called 'Alcohol can be a Gas'. They were talking about a Saab 7-5 (or something like that) that varied the boost and ignition depending on what fuel the car was running, achieving better milage on E85 than gasoline. Also stated in the article was that a mid '90's Volvo 850 turbo did the same thing, through a knock sensor, getting close to the same milage as on gasoline . -Matt
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