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  1. Husker, Have you been recruiting all the new Nebraska users to the E85-Prices page? I'll admit I have not been adding prices frequently, but to my suprise there have been many new people posting in my absence. For all the Ethanol doubters out there, over 70,000 miles with E85 used 95% of the time and the only problems I've had was a front axle seal replaced and two spark plugs fouled out from bad gasketing that cause #1 and #7 cylinder to suck oil into the plenum from the upper engine deck. There was a service bulletin on this bad gasket design and an improved gasket is now being used. All covered under warranty. Who wants to argue that these oil leaks was from Ethanol use?
  2. I believe the answer here is give people a choice. Granted I used E85 whenever I can in my daily driver, however in some of the older machines I operate, E10 is not prefered on the OEM parts and in some cases E10 works just fine. Granted modifications can bee made, however when trying to remain all original, give me a choice at the pump and luckily in Nebraska I can buy gasoline with no ethanol and one would pay around $0.20 per gallon more than 10% ethanol, I have that choice Jay doesn't have. That is my option. I believe what Jay is speaking towards is the same thing, let him buy zero ethanol gasoline for his all original older fleet that needs it, yet if he choses to buy E85 in his Z06 vette he has that choice.
  3. The problem with these events are the masses just go for cheap fuel. The lines are long and the times are not good for us common working folks. I tried a few times and had to wait for 45 minutes. Its not worth it for me, the $$'s saved are burned up in fuel costs waiting for the fuel even if you shut it off and start up when the line moves the starting uses lots more fuel than idling. The intent is good, get those who wouldn't use E85 an opportunity to try it, but honestly they dont care about any of the positives of E-fuel, its just cheap gas to them. Does anyone ever have to wait for the E-85 pump when the spread is $0.60 less for E85? So what makes a $2.32 spread special? Cheap gas is the answer, its just gas to them!!
  4. I see the Gas column is now renamed E10. I think you really need to add the E0 column too. I don't believe it is a fair comparison to the spread when we have a choice in Nebraska to use E0, E10, E85, or if lucky and live close to a blender and other combination up to E85. I understand some areas Do Not have a E0 option but we do and prices and spreads should reflect that price no matter where E0 is available.
  5. When I submit prices the "Gas" price is E0 and the E10 price goes into the comment section. Gasoline is E0 and ethanol enriched gasoline (Or Super Unleaded as it's called around Omaha Nebraska) has some level of ethanol added. I believe Husker reports prices the same way I do. Simple answer, Yes add E0 to the reporting tool.
  6. With almost 13:1 compression and your list of goodies, I bet it really works good with Ethanol. What rear end gears and where does the converter stall to?
  7. Go ahead and remove the Fantasys-Phillips 66 at 10110 S 15th St in Bellevue Nebraska. I drove by Saturday morning and the place was replaced by a new mini strip mall. They always were the highest priced retail outlet in the Omaha area and I always took my business elsewhere. This location was only a mile or so from Offutt Air Force Base so maybe they could get away with the higher prices?
  8. I've been driving a shop truck, been filling up on Diesel lately.
  9. Sapp Brothers Truck stop in Omaha has E85. I don't know when they started to carry it and they don't advertise it very well. I found it by accident yesterday. If I knew they sold E85 I would be getting it there more often. and they are the same prices with the Buckys Station across highway 50. SAPP BROS OMAHA, NE P.O. Box 37446 Omaha, NE 68137 I-80 & Hwy 50, Exit 440 P: 402-895-2121 F: 402-895-2123 GM: Paulette Cramer
  10. Well put, there are no Blenders in Omaha either. With Corn prices this low, there is plenty of stock to feed blender pumps in major population areas. Don't force E15 on anyone.
  11. I agree, my daily drivers prefer the E30 - E50 in performance and mileage. If I could afford to rebuild my engines or add a turbo to increase compression, E85 would be most economical.
  12. Mites and other predators have been around for years. Skunks love to get into bee hives and cause great damage. The Neonicotinoid chemical is believed to be worse than any mite or predator. Just Google colony collapse disorder and see what Google fills in to finish your search string. In my search Monsanto is #3. What does this have to do with ethanol. In most instances ethanol is a grown organic product and pollination helps to grow that plant. Not intending to create a debate here, but I am passionate about beekeeping.
  13. It's not the issue with the bees making contact with the chemical during the spray application. It's in the pollen that they digest to produce the honey. Ask your beekeeper about his yields the last few years. I would be amazed if he hasn't seen a decline in the bee population and a decline in the health of the bees, year over year. It is a world wide problem. It also is with a certain type of chemical typically used on the seed corn when planted. By the placement of those hives in the picture, I'd be willing to bet that your soybean yields increase just from the pollination factor. I have been told bees in close proximity to beans are a farmers friend and farmers look for beekeepers to bees near their fields for that reason.
  14. Monsanto is like any other corporate giant that has lobbyists and huge legal departments that can twist anything into their favor. For example Monsanto has done tests to determine that their chemicals are NOT what is causing the honeybee population to decline, despite several other independent tests that conclude otherwise. I cannot hold the blue collar employees of these giant companies to any degree of responsibility because they are just trying to "live the dream" but for the White collar suits that get bonuses larger than my last 10 years of combined salary, I hold them completely responsible. I just don't get when independent labs, true earth environmentalist hippie types or whomever make conclusions based on factual scientific data, whether it be ethanol related or the decline in honeybee's, everyone looks at the tests and reports from the ones who benefit most from destruction of whatever they test to drive the results to show what they are doing what is right (Monsanto), as they count the Billions they make in the process.
  15. The Federal Government must have called the same support hotline I called when I had a problem with my computer. You know the one where the first thing they tell you to do is to shut it down, wait a while and start it back up. By doing nothing different maybe you'll get a different result this time.
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