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  1. Sorry for asking so many questions. I just have a brand new truck and my wife doesn't trust me not to mess it up. It was my first ever new truck and we splurdged. We tried to get the FFV engine, but then we couldn't get the rest of the stuff we got on it. So we settled for not getting the FFV engine and got the Hemi. Great Engine, but I would rather support America. and get the performance of E85. Thanks for all your help. I will probably be going with the FFI kit. Any suggestions please let me know. I am all ears. Thanks.
  2. So do you know of anybody successful in doing this and also in all the conversions you have done has there been any reported damage or after effects of the coversion on the vehicle?
  3. thanks for the help. Dirt in the fuel system I think is a low concearn, I think because my truck only has 10,000 miles on it. but if you think that is my least concearns then I believe I will go for it. Thanks again.
  4. I have 2010 Dodge Hemi. I want to run E85 but still undecided because of good and bad stories. It only has 10,000 miles on it. Any suggestions would be good. Thanks
  5. I read on the internet of a guys fuel system being destroyed by E85 and the dealership voided his warranty. He had converted his vehicle to E85. Need some info on this because I want to convert my vehicle, but don't want to void my warranty also don't want to damage my vehicle. Anybody had issues with a converted vehicle and Dealers not covering or voiding warranty? HELP!!!!
  6. Also can they run straight E85 after the kit is installed or do they have to work their way up to it?
  7. Thanks, any problems that you know of with the dealerships with service and warranties? if you know what is their mileage difference?
  8. I am talking with a guy from Fuel Flex he said he has the kit to make it happen, but I figured I would see if anybody else has done it first and get comments.
  9. Has anybody Done a E85 Conversion on a new Hemi? If so any details good or Bad? contact me.
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