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    dan45mcc reacted to jeepn30 in Next New Vehicle.. What to Get Nissan Leaf , Chevy Volt , Ford Focus , Jeep Wrangler   
    I have had 4 jeeps in my life, and can tell you the wrangler is the worst out of them all for traction in the snow unless you have a bunch of weight in the back...If I wasn't careful, my '06 Rubicon would spin like a top.  My '04 Grand Cherokee and '11 Grand Cherokee are a bit better in the snow.  My '04 Liberty by far was my most reliable vehicle I've ever owned in the snow.  Maybe it also helped that I had General Grabber at2 tires on it, which were a pretty beefy tire. 
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    dan45mcc got a reaction from gasisoutrageous in Next New Vehicle.. What to Get Nissan Leaf , Chevy Volt , Ford Focus , Jeep Wrangler   
    One other Major Variable is the Vehicle will be used to Advertise E85Prices.com ..Just like my HHR
    Another reason the 4 Door Wrangler Unlimited works is that the vehicle already is a looker..everyone sees the 4 Door Wrangler ....so for advertising ..very nice
    I can still do the same on the Volt.. and may even cause more people to stop and talk ..why are you advertising E85 on an electric car"..well because the Volt isn't just an electric car..its main range is via the ICE 
    so what ever way I go it has to spark some LOOKS and Conversation 


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    dan45mcc reacted to BJoe in Next New Vehicle.. What to Get Nissan Leaf , Chevy Volt , Ford Focus , Jeep Wrangler   
    Dang git, why can't I get a video to post?!
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    dan45mcc got a reaction from Texas jeep in Hello.... New member here   
    Hello Texas ..welcome aboard
    Nothing Yet ..no ethanol optimized engines on the marketplace 
    I am looking at the Jeep Wranglers.. cant decide to get an older model with the 3.8 or the new Penastar 3.6 which IO know is already E85 ready .. not that I'd have any qualms about running E85 in the 3.8 with a kit or larger injectors. MPG is horse do do on the Wranglers either way so not worried about losing another 1-2mpg
    Which Jeep do you have .. ?  Yeah no point in spending 5k on the Jeep  just to take advantage of E85 octane rating .. (Unless of course you plan on building a Powerhouse Monster Jeep)
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    dan45mcc reacted to Texas jeep in Hello.... New member here   
    Hi everyone ,
    Event though I'm a new member, I've been an ethanol fanatic for at least 5 years. Once I read Alcohol Can be A Gas by David Blume, I was hooked. Ive used ethanol in my jeep off and on, however after watching a documentary about the gulf oil spill and it's effects on people and the environment, I'll never again go back to full gasoline in my jeep. I'm currently running an estimated E50 mix with out a conversion kit and estimated 11% loss in mpg. Not bad.
    I researched ways to boost the compression ratio on my engine to take advantage of the higher octane but aside from spending $5000 on a stroked jeep engine or a supercharger, I was pretty much out of luck.
    Also, with the exception of the new Mazdas with the high compression ratio Sky Active engines, the new cars coming out don't have ethanol optimized engines even though they can run e85.
    I've searched the internet for ethanol optimized engines in the vehicle world and I really couldn't find anything out there that would that would take full advantage of the high octane rating.
    Is there such a car?
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    dan45mcc reacted to HuskerFlex in Price Posting Unleaded with NO ethanol ..same 87 Octane   
    here in Nebraska, nearly every station has 3 grades
    1.  Regular 87 octane  (sub octane + 10% ethanol)
    2.  Super  87 octane  (sub octane + premium)
    3.  Premium 91 octane
    For this example... I post the e85 price and the super unleaded price for comparison.
    A few stations chose to keep "super unleaded" at 89 octane, so theirs is "suboctane + 10% ethanol + premium)
    For this example, I've been posting the super unleaded price, just to keep things more uniform, but now I'm not sure how I should be doing this.  In Omaha, the Kum & Gos are the first, while the Bucky's are the latter.
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    dan45mcc got a reaction from gasisoutrageous in Going to the Auto Show ...look at anything specific   
    .amazed at the lack of knowledge of E85/FFV from the people that work these shows ..   The Woman at Cadillac said they are going away from E85 and to Smaller engines.. I said "Huh"   lol
    The most Knowledgeable Person that I came across was the guy working the Chevrolet Volt display ..   It was the only vehicle there that actually makes sense ..for "now"  .. Electric running around town .. E85/gasoline for the highway.
    Lots of E85 flex fuel from US Companies (but the E85 / Flex wasn't highlighted)  Ford , GM,  Chrysler ..yep Aaron your Chrysler 200 was their ..they actually had 3 versions of it AND had the 2015 on a rotating display .. so looks like they plan on keeping and pushing sales 
    Most Impressive.. the Audis.. not sure what it is about them...but I kept going back to them..  all the Lines we're were perfect.. hood , trunk doors ..everything matched well.. unlike the Jaguars which yes E85 capable but craftsmanship seemed really lacking
    The Audis look like the people that created and put them together really cared 

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    dan45mcc got a reaction from storky in Obama Administration Budgets includes: Extend the tax credit for cellulosic biofuel.   
    Extend the tax credit for cellulosic biofuel.—The 
    Administration proposes to retroactively extend the 
    tax credit for blending cellulosic fuel, which expired on 
    December 31, 2013, at $1.01 per gallon through December 
    31, 2020. The amount of the credit would then be reduced 
    by 20.2 cents per gallon in each subsequent year, so that 
    the credit would expire after December 31, 2024.
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    dan45mcc got a reaction from storky in Gas prices: How dependent are they on ethanol?   
    Nice to see some Common sense reporting...
    EYOTA, Minn. (KTTC) -- In the past few weeks you may have noticed gas prices on the rise. One study attributes that to the price of ethanol.
    The most recent Lundberg Survey released on Sunday blames a $0.10 increase in the price of gas on rising ethanol prices due to the uncertainty in Ukraine.
    But area corn producers say that's not the case. We spoke to Dan Brandt, president of the Olmsted/South Wabasha Corn and Soybean Growers. He said ethanol actually lowers the price of gasoline on the whole.
    In Plainview, E-85 is a full dollar cheaper than regular gasoline because of the ethanol content.
    "You can buy bulk E-85 out of Lyle Minnesota for a $1.91, and you can buy it retail for $2.49," said Brandt. "That's a good buy for the consumer and it's a good margin for the seller. To say that ethanol is driving up the price of regular gas simply is not true."
    He's right, ethanol is cheaper than crude oil, so the more ethanol in a gas blend, the cheaper the gas will be.
    Your regular gasoline has 10 percent ethanol, which makes it cheaper than it would be without any ethanol.
    But the Lundberg Survey makes a slightly different statement. They're talking about the cost nationwide of that 10 percent of ethanol.
    These are ethanol futures from the Chicago Board of Trade over the last six months. As you can see, for a while, things are pretty steady, but in February and early March, it picks up. That points to what is in the Lundberg Survey about the ethanol market. The survey says the market is changing because of uncertainty about what is happening in Ukraine, a country that produces a lot of corn.
    But those aren't the prices ethanol is actually being sold at today. Those vary across the country.
    There are also a lot of factors that go into how gasoline is actually priced, which is why the price at the pump varies so greatly across the country.
    Here's another factor: Minnesota and Iowa are some of the biggest ethanol producers in the country, so those concerns about Ukraine in the survey may not have as big of an impact here as they do in the rest of the country.
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    dan45mcc got a reaction from TD in Time to convert!   
    Well ... I just may have ended up with a 2011 Wrangler.. I screwed up thought I was Posting $16,200 ..Ebay now shows me as high bidder (well my max at 162)of $162,000 
    "Time left: 1 day 22 hours (Mar 10, 2014 17:02:57 PDT)
    Current bid:US $29,499.00 [ 14 bids ]   Place bid  Enter more than US $162,000.00"     $29,500 is actually not a bad price for it..  but I was looking at 24 range            Check out the Interior..nice color scheme http://www.ebay.com/itm/201046516619?forcerRptr=true&item=201046516619&viewitem=

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    dan45mcc reacted to HuskerFlex in Cellulosic ethanol requires efficiently collecting corn stover bales   
    This is the AGCO product, that produces the much more efficient to produce, move and store rectangular bales.  These one pass products are a huge plus in that the stover never touches the ground before baling.  Also they are more efficient in that fewer passes are made.
    One down side is that these would need to be done by farmers, who may not want to invest the money in the added infrastructure.  They also will put extra stress on the VERY expensive combine, causing them to wear out all the quicker.
    Pretty cool though.
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    dan45mcc reacted to storky in Cellulosic ethanol requires efficiently collecting corn stover bales   
    The following are links to stories and images of single-pass harvester/stover baler combines:

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    dan45mcc got a reaction from storky in Levin introduces bipartisan bill to spur alternative fuel vehicle sales   
    I agree with Billy.. that's just pathetic on SEnator Jim Inhofes Part..
    Here is the REAL Inhofe  and what he thinks of ethanol
    Repealing Obama's Ethanol Mandate By:  Sen. Jim Inhofe Tuesday, August 20, 2013 Corn should be saved for the kitchen table, not burned as fuel in Americans’ vehicles.   When Democrats controlled Congress in 2007, they pushed through an amendment to the Clean Air Act that now forces Americans to burn increasing amounts of ethanol in their vehicles.  This amendment made the burdensome Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) unworkable, requiring refineries to blend gasoline with impossibly high amounts of ethanol and other biofuels or else face steep fines from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This big government mandate is disrupting the free market by forcibly redirecting food from the dinner table into gas tanks, and the changing oil market is magnifying the mandate’s more adverse effects.    The RFS rule was crafted with the false assumption that gasoline consumption would continue to rise, but technological innovations and a stagnant economy have left us with a very different reality. Cars have become more efficient and people are driving less in the face of high gas prices, which have caused gasoline consumption to decline in recent years.  All the while, the EPA has continued to increase the required percentage of ethanol in our fuel, which increases the risk of corrosion to our engines and fuel supply’s infrastructure.     The worst impact of RFS on the consumer is beginning to be seen at the grocery store. As demand for corn increases because of the government-subsidized ethanol market, the price of food will continue to skyrocket. Even beef, pork, chicken and countless other food staples are becoming more expensive due to the mandate.   RFS is a ticking time bomb that will inevitably result in a crisis. If the EPA continues to dictate unrealistic levels of ethanol that fail to recognize declines in gasoline consumption, one of two scenarios will occur. Refiners will either be forced to raise the price of gasoline to pay fines to the EPA, or they will be forced to export raw gasoline in order to make a profit, leaving a massive shortage of gasoline here at home. Both options result in costly repercussions that will ultimately be paid for by the Oklahoma consumer.     All evidence shows relief will not come from the White House any time soon. President Obama has the ability to issue refineries waivers and save consumers from these price increases but instead has turned a blind eye to the issue. This passivity is further proof that he is more interested in pleasing his environmental allies than providing the American people with quality energy resources at the lowest price.   The RFS rule is bad policy. I have led the fight in Congress to repeal this burdensome mandate that President Obama is ignoring, most recently by offering an amendment to the Senate farm bill (S.954) that would allow states to opt-out of the EPA’s rule. I will also continue to pursue policies that enable our cars, trucks, and tractors to be fueled by domestic fuels like natural gas that improve efficiency and affordability without competing with our food supply or threatening our national security.   U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.), senior member of Senate Environment and Public Works Committee. 
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    dan45mcc got a reaction from 1outlaw in Strange seeing Kwik Trip with Good Prices Spreads   
    Whats funny is a few weeks later I had her again.. couldnt pay for a green light.. I turned around looked  at her and said.. " big help you are today"    
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    dan45mcc reacted to gasisoutrageous in National Ethanol Conference (Feb 17-Feb 19)   
    . -Steve Thurlow of Canada to Robert Vierhout of EU ePure regarding municipal waste to ethanol.
    . -Steve Thurlow
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    dan45mcc reacted to gasisoutrageous in National Ethanol Conference (Feb 17-Feb 19)   
    We just heard from Dave Whikehart, director of Product Supply and Optimization for Marathon Petroleum company. We appreciated his side of the story, and it was nice to hear him say that his company supports ethanol. However, he said that his company does not support the RFS, and also claims that it is distorting the markets. He also said that customer reception for E85 in their Speedway chain. That part got me unimpressed.
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    dan45mcc got a reaction from WilliamPl in New E85 Price Widget is Ready   
    Thanks to Rick for his hard work and good eye for color !
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    dan45mcc got a reaction from gasisoutrageous in Another New E85 Station in San Antonio   
    Looks like Valero has been busy 
    Corner Store- Valero
    9676 Westover Hills Blvd
    San Antonio Texas
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    dan45mcc reacted to storky in Fight China's Smog with Ethanol (NO NO NO)   
    Coal power generation is largely responsible for the smog in China, not automotive exhaust. They're barking up the wrong tree.
    In 2007 I was invited to Suzhou to train engineers in our China division. Suzhou prohibits all two-cycle engines so most of its vehicular traffic is comprised of bicycles and electric scooters. There were autos, but even at the height of rush, they were outnumbered 30 to one.
    I arrived the day after the remnants of a typhoon had swept the air clear. My colleagues retracted accusations of altering photos I had sent them to highlight the blue skies. They were taking snaps like crazy to record these days for posterity.
    The visibility from my 45th floor hotel room was phenominal. I could make out much of the landscape as much as eight miles distant. Three miles away, however, with smoke stacks that towered as high as my hotel room, was the nearest coal generation plant belching brown/grey smoke.
    By the third day of my visit, the smog had reduced my hotel room window visibility to the point where the smoke stacks were merely hazy outlines. By day six, I couldn't see the stacks and the air has a dusty taint. As I got used to the persistant odor, food started tasting bland.
    The last day of my stay was uncomfortatble. I started to experience respiratory heaviness and while washing up, I started hacking up brown-colored sputum. A majority of cyclists and pedestrians we passed as we left the city had donned particle masks. The air quality improved markedly and incrementally as we made our way to Shanghai. Shanghai, though far more densely populated, is not nearly as polluted due to the ocean breeze.
    China is doing their damnedest to promote green energy -- all new highrise construction we passed featured pv and thermal solar panels on southern facades, some even shaded the room air conditioners that jutted from each apartment. They are just growing too fast to surrender coal generation and they are paying the price with diminishing public health.
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    dan45mcc reacted to cessna in Fight China's Smog with Ethanol (NO NO NO)   
    I wonder if there is any municipal solid waste over there going to landfills.
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    dan45mcc reacted to HuskerFlex in Yellow Yellow Yellow ...   
    "HANDS UP Wisconsin!  We have you surrounded!  Now increase your spreads, and come out slowly with your hands up!"
    Sorry, couldn't help myself.  That green blotch in the middle of the upper Midwest sort of stand out a bit.
    30% spreads in Florida... NICE... 
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    dan45mcc got a reaction from WilliamPl in Billboards that Face GM Head Quarters....any in that area   
    I love to have a E85Prices.com Billboard Facing the Top Executives Offices 
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    dan45mcc reacted to dan45mcc in GM seeking more U.S. ethanol fueling stations   
    GM seeking more U.S. ethanol fueling stations
    KISSIMMEE, Fla., Feb 16 (Reuters) - General Motors Co's GM.UL growing output of vehicles capable of running on ethanol-gasoline blends won't help cut polluting emissions or U.S. dependence on foreign oil until a slim network of stations dispensing ethanol is greatly expanded, GM Vice Chairman Tom Stevens said.
    Half of GM's vehicle lineup will be able to run on a mix of 15 percent gasoline and 85 percent ethanol, called E85, by the 2012 model year, said Stevens, GM's vice chairman for global product operations.
    "GM is spending about $100 million a year adding flex-fuel capability to our vehicles. We can't afford to leave this capital stranded," Stevens is to tell attendees in a speech on Tuesday at the Renewable Fuels Association conference.
    A copy of the speech was provided to reporters on Monday.
    Adding the capability to run on E85 costs adds as much as $70 to the production cost of each vehicle, Stevens said.
    GM has produced 4 million of the 7.5 million flex-fuel vehicles on U.S. roads now, said Coleman Jones, GM biofuel implementation manager.
    Stevens said GM has worked with the National Governor's Association and ethanol producers and dispensers to add 350 more ethanol-blend pumps in the United States. He said GM would welcome federal government assistance to finance expansion of that network, but he offered no specifics on how that would work.
    "Today's there's 2,200 (ethanol fuel stations) that are out there but that's not enough," said Stevens.
    "Two-thirds of the pumps are concentrated in 10 states and those 10 states have only about 19 percent of the flex-fuel vehicles that we have on the road," said Stevens. "That's a big problem for us."
    Those 10 states are all in the U.S. Midwest, heart of corn production in the United States. Corn is the dominant source of U.S.-produced ethanol.
    Stevens said there are about 160,000 U.S. gasoline stations, and there need to be 12,000 or more ethanol stations "to have ethanol fuel available for every one of our customers within about two miles of where they live. So, we've got some work to do there to get the additional 10,000 pumps in." Ethanol-gasoline blends emit less polluting carbon dioxide than conventional gasoline, and is mainly produced domestically.
    Energy legislation passed by the U.S. Congress in 2007 set binding targets for fuel blending each year. Ethanol use is to rise to about 20.5 billion gallons by 2015 and 35 billion gallons by 2022 from 4 billion gallons in 2006 and almost 13 billion gallons in 2009.
    One gallon of liquid equals a litre.
    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has said that ethanol-gasoline blends must increase the ethanol portion to much higher than the current limit of 10 percent, and increase use of other sources of ethanol than corn, such as switchgrass and landfill and farm waste. (Reporting by Bernie Woodall; Editing by Hans Peters)
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    dan45mcc reacted to cessna in Blender pump in Liberty Center Ohio   
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    dan45mcc got a reaction from James48843 in Propel Fuels- $10 Fuel Card-San Marcos , Ca   
    Member FuelingGood just passed this on..   We're celebrating our new Clean Fuel Point in San Marcos with FREE Flex Fuel E85.   Join us this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to try Propel's Flex Fuel E85 on us. Flexible fuel vehicle drivers will receive a $10 fuel card just for stopping by.    Event Details: Friday, January 24th - 9am - 5pm Saturday, January 25th - 10am - 6pm Sunday, January 26th - 12pm - 4pm   Address: 800 Rancho Santa Fe Rd  @ the Shell station San Marcos, CA 92078    
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