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    dan45mcc got a reaction from storky in 60mgy "energy tobacco" plant in North Carolina... seriously!   
    Wonder if our vehicles will need counseling after they become addicted. :grin:
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    dan45mcc got a reaction from TD in Wahpeton ND .. 85 cents off per Gallon 10/26   
    Thanks for the update Rick I disabled it..
    A Few Months back we almost lost another E85 Station in St Cloud because price of ethanol shot up so high.. another reason we need Ethanol to come from more stable sources like Garbage .. instead of crops where the Market Makers / Speculators are betting on weather , planting etc.
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    dan45mcc reacted to TD in Wahpeton ND .. 85 cents off per Gallon 10/26   
    Yeah, about that Wahpeton station... I checked today and it no longer offers E85, E30, E20 or anything else interesting, but it DOES offer premium now and the signs that used to promote E30 now promote premium.....
    Big disappointment to me, but in all fairness, I think I only filled up there once.
    Breck Amoco, a family owned station in downtown Breckenridge, MN (right across the Red River and a few miles away), still has blender pumps and offers E85, E50, E30, E20 and E10.
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    dan45mcc reacted to cessna in CBOT ..Ethanol 92 cents less per gallon than Gasoline   
    Some of the ethanol plant corn bids are down around $4. Granite Falls MN is $4.02 right now.
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    dan45mcc got a reaction from James48843 in CBOT ..Ethanol 92 cents less per gallon than Gasoline   
    Ethanol is know 92 cents less than Gasoline on the Chicago Board of Trade ..and corn has fallen to $4.42 (should see even lower ethanol prices coming)



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    dan45mcc got a reaction from storky in First railcar of sugar beet ethanol shipped   
    Aventine Renewable Energy Inc., a producer, marketer and end-to-end supplier of ethanol, announced last week that its first railcar shipment of ethanol produced at its Aurora West facility in Aurora, Neb., using sugar beet sugar as feedstock occurred.
    “We are excited to have Aurora West up and running, creating local jobs, and contributing to the Nebraska economy,” said Mark Beemer, Aventine’s president and CEO. “This marks an important milestone in Aventine’s continuing story of innovation and demonstrates our leadership in the ethanol industry. By producing sustainable green energy, we’re also helping to ensure America’s domestic energy security.”
    The company has hired 52 employees to date, and expects to hire 18 more in the next two months, for an annualized payroll of $4.6 million. It was noted that the company has already injected $10.6 million into the local Aurora economy through expenditures on operational needs.
    Aventine Renewable Energy, with headquarters at Pekin, Ill., is a producer and marketer of industrial and fuel ethanol and related byproducts, bio-products and co-products related to ethanol production.
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    dan45mcc got a reaction from gasisoutrageous in New Layout for E85 Prices.. Feedback Please   
    It's OK Son..I raised you to be honest  
    Yeah the coder thinks it's not worth the time to make it  responsive either (so it will look right on any screen).. So not going to use it.
    BTW Husker.. when something sucks ..say so ..that's why I am asking for feedback.. Just trying to find a way to add all the blender prices 
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    dan45mcc reacted to jeepn30 in Got my e85 rebate check today   
    This year's rebate check finally came.  I wonder if the state is getting more applications, or if it just keeps getting slower and slower.  This is the last year I could claim the rebates on the Grand Cherokee and converted Grand Caravan, as they allow you to claim up to 3 consecutive years.  So I ended up getting $2,040 back in rebates over the 3 years of the program- which paid for 2 conversion kits and over $1,000 in free E85.  This was very well worth it.
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    dan45mcc reacted to 70chevelle in Closed E85 Stations   
    Cenex in Blooming Prairie MN is no longer offering E85. They do however still show up on most lists of E85 retailers.
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    dan45mcc got a reaction from gasisoutrageous in One seemingly simple answer to breaking down the blend wall is to do a better job pricing E85.   
    Here we are again .. The RFA continues with the E15 nonsense ..and Bruce Babcock.. continues to show his support for E85..and tells it like it is
    The biggest challenge facing the ethanol industry today is one that was identified nearly 10 years ago with the passage of the Renewable Fuel Standard.
    In 2005 ethanol began replacing methyl tertiary butyl ether, or MTBE, as the oxygenate component in gasoline. With the blend cap set at 10% ethanol in gasoline, economists were quick to point out that consumers would need to choose higher blends of ethanol for the industry to continue growing; Otherwise the 'blend wall' would become a reality once 10% ethanol was blended into every gallon of gasoline across the U.S. That day has, for all intents and purposes, arrived.
    Though the blend wall may fluctuate according to fuel demand, it appears to be around 13 billion gallons of ethanol.
    Even so, Bob Dinneen, president and CEO of the Renewable Fuels Association, boldly claims this is the year the blend wall will fall. With E15 slowly catching on, the question is how. Dinneen also notes that only 13 million gallons of new ethanol capacity are currently under construction.
    E85 should be cheaper
    One seemingly simple answer to breaking down the blend wall is to do a better job pricing E85.
    Iowa State University economist Bruce Babcock notes that consumer demand will increase if E85 is priced at or below parity. He defines parity as the point at which E85 equals E10 economically due to its lower energy content; it should cost less since it returns fewer miles per gallon.
    If E10 (regular gasoline) is priced at $3.30 per gallon, E85 should be a max of $2.55 per gallon, Babcock notes. Instead, many stations are pricing the higher-ethanol fuel at a 15- to 25-cent reduction.
    “I don’t think [E85] is a failed fuel,” Babcock notes. “I think it hasn’t been priced right.”
    By his calculations, if it were priced at parity, the ethanol industry would see another 600 million gallons worth of consumer demand materialize overnight. If it were priced below parity, the number jumps to 800 million gallons.
    Taking it a step further, Babcock said the fuel industry needs to do a better job marketing E85 in areas with the highest concentration of flex-fuel vehicles. By number of FFVs on the road, Texas is number one, followed by California, Florida, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio and New York.
    Babcock’s numbers indicate if 3,500 new E85 stations were placed in key locations within these states, another 2 billion gallons of demand is possible. Of course, that’s if the fuel is priced at or slightly below parity.
    This price parity concept is not far-fetched. Before running the numbers, Babcock researched the E85 market in Brazil. He found the same basic consumer economics exist there also.
    In the end, it appears Americans are willing to buy more of this homegrown fuel. It just has to be slightly more pocketbook friendly.
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    dan45mcc reacted to TD in Took the tour of Monticello today....   
    Yes, it was me. I confess I did it. I liked it and I'm proud of it and I'll probably do it again.
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    dan45mcc reacted to TD in Took the tour of Monticello today....   
    I like lots of pump handles....
    One of my pet peeves is when they have one E85 island and some fat a$$ fills with gas, then decides to pay inside and buy a slurpy, leaving me waiting behind their vehicle. I wouldn't mind it as much if they filled with the good stuff.... They should leave the E85 island for people that actually use it.
    In Fergus Falls, the attendant yelled at a customer to move their vehicle from the E85 island. Apparently their spouse went inside to pay/who-knows-what-else and the driver just sat in front of my pump with me waiting behind them.
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    dan45mcc reacted to storky in Kwik Trip Selling E60 as E85   
    They are currently calling it E80

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    dan45mcc reacted to gasisoutrageous in Ethanol Futures.. really important week IMO   
    Whoa, now how's this for a drop?!?

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    dan45mcc reacted to TD in Thought I should mention this   
    What's your average speed? (Is most of your driving at 55 or 75 mph?)
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    dan45mcc reacted to HuskerFlex in CHS to acquire Illinois River Energy ethanol plant   
    CHS to acquire Illinois River Energy ethanol plantCHS Inc., North America's leading farmer-owned cooperative and a global energy, grains and foods company, has announced it has signed an agreement with Sinav Ltd. of London, England, to acquire 100 percent of the company's stock, which includes Illinois River Energy LLC, a 133 MMgy  ethanol plant at Rochelle, Ill.
    Providing all conditions are met, the transaction is expected to close in June.
    "Illinois River Energy is a top-tier ethanol plant, well-situated in a strategic growth area that will add value to our farmer-owners through expanded grain origination, additional renewable fuels gallons and distillers grain by-products," said Mark Palmquist, CHS executive vice president and chief operating officer of business. 
    CHS markets renewable fuels to energy customers across the U.S. and through 1,400 Cenex- branded retail petroleum outlets, including more than 1,000 Cenex convenience stores, and markets dried distillers grains with solubles (DDGS) globally on behalf of more than 20 ethanol plants across the United States. 
    "We have enjoyed a strong business relationship with CHS as they have been our ethanol marketer since the start of Illinois River Energy operations in 2006. Today, we look forward to formally joining CHS and adding value to the global cooperative as an ethanol, DDGS, and distillers corn oil producer," said Richard Ruebe, CEO of Illinois River Energy.
    CHS Inc. is a leading global agribusiness owned by farmers, ranchers and cooperatives across the United States. Diversified in energy, grains and foods, CHS is committed to helping its customers, farmer-owners and other stakeholders grow their businesses through its domestic and global operations. CHS, a Fortune 100 company, supplies energy, crop nutrients, grain marketing services, animal feed, food and food ingredients, along with business solutions including insurance, financial and risk management services. The company operates petroleum refineries/pipelines and manufactures, markets and distributes Cenex brand refined fuels, lubricants, propane and renewable energy products...
    I know that this plant supplies e85 directly to the Petro truck stop at the interstate intersection just a few miles away... which consistently has some of if not THE best prices in the state... I hope this doesn't jeopardize this!
    On the positive side, if CHS has been their ethanol distributor since they were built, this SHOULD simply put more of the operation under their direct control.  This should increase their profit margins, possibly seeing them pass on some of this to consumers...  even better if they started a "northern IL" version of yellow hose with a massive and quickly growing network of e85 stations that they supplied directly from the plant!
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    dan45mcc reacted to HuskerFlex in No FFVs after 2018?   
    I've heard various predictions that due to the cost of certifying with the EPA, that as new engines are developed, they are not bothering with the expense, though it would take little to nothing added to make the FFV.  So as the older designs (that had gone through the simpler and cheaper EPA certification) become dated and are replaced...  through attrition, FFVs will die out.
    Sometimes it is hard to tell what is genuine concern, from the strategic whining... 
    I'd think that if I were a station that invested $ in e85 pumps, marketing, promotions... much less a plant that has invested in infrastructure for direct distribution...  that I would be PLENTY pi$$ed if they pulled the rug out from under my efforts to build a market share.  Think of all the millions of dollars in grant money (federal, state, local and private) that have been invested....
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    dan45mcc reacted to TD in No FFVs after 2018?   
    You know, I think I can count the number of times I've heard good news in this forum on one hand....
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    dan45mcc reacted to HuskerFlex in Want to get your blood boiling?   
    Sad thing is this chap will probably be lauded for his excellent "investigative journalism", and having the "audacity to take on the ethanol lobby interest" and for "calling them out on their lies"...  seriously, this fool will be heraled as a hero, and other younger journalists will seek to emulate him.  Grrrr!
    Blood temperature 220degrees Fahrenheit!  THANKS DAN!
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    dan45mcc reacted to TD in Just 2 Yellow States left Standing   
    So, drive thru Holiday, catch the price, then fill at Cenex.... Sure, why not.
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    dan45mcc reacted to HuskerFlex in New Blender Pump -Pump&Pantry Fremont , Nebraska   
    Dan, this station is on our list of stations, but not showing up on the map.  Just wanted to point this out so that it can be updated.
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    dan45mcc got a reaction from storky in Ethanol Made from Carbon Dioxide   
    OOOPS....    That Should be CARBON MONOXIDE...   Funny thought ..what if you could pull up to the tail pipe of the gasoline vehicle ahead of you and fill up while waiting at a stop light ..    (sorry 4:30 am )
    .Scientists said on Wednesday they have developed a new way to make liquid ethanol efficiently without using corn or other crops needed in the conventional method for producing the biofuel.
    The scientists said their process turns carbon monoxide gas into liquid ethanol with the help of an electrode made of a form of copper. They said the new technique may be more environmentally friendly and efficient than the current method.
    A group of scientists led by Stanford University chemist Matthew Kanan described the new method in research published in the journal Nature. Kanan said a prototype device could be ready in two to three years, enabling an assessment on whether the process can become commercially viable.
    "I emphasize that these are just laboratory experiments today. We haven't built a device," Kanan said. "But it demonstrates the feasibility of using electricity that you could get from a renewable energy source to power fuel synthesis — in this case ethanol. There are some real advantages to doing that relative to using biomass to produce ethanol."
    Ethanol fuel generally is produced at high-temperature fermentation facilities that chemically transform corn, sugarcane and other plants into liquid fuel.
    Kanan and his colleagues built an electrochemical cell — a device consisting of two electrodes that were put in water saturated with carbon monoxide gas. One of the electrodes was made of a material they call "oxide-derived copper."
    When voltage was applied across the electrodes, the carbon monoxide gas was converted into ethanol, they said.
    The researchers hope to take carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and convert it to carbon monoxide, which then would be fed into the copper-oxide catalyst. The researchers hope the catalytic cell would be powered by a renewable energy source such as solar or wind.
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    dan45mcc got a reaction from TD in Ethanol Futures.. really important week IMO   
    Cessna I don't belive anyone paid 5 to put the ethanol in actual blending..... I do believe that 5 was paid to push the market higher so they could sell into a market they were working to push higher
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    dan45mcc reacted to gasisoutrageous in Congress John Thune of SD on his state's agriculture economy   
    Here's a video I found perusing through my twitter feed. He talks about ethanol a couple minutes in (it's MSNBC, but let's put aside our political differences for a moment).

    And another video I found from the opposite end of the political spectrum, Fox News.

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    dan45mcc got a reaction from storky in So Oil is paying top dollar for the rail cars?   
    I wonder if this is about Keystone .. Oil is intentionally block rail traffic ..give us Keystone and you get your rails back
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