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    dan45mcc reacted to Ethanol_Addict in A boatload of new stations!   
    I hope we are not keeping you to busy with all these new finds Dan.
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    dan45mcc reacted to gasisoutrageous in Meijer is adding E85 to an area that needs it… South Lansing!   
    What happened Dan? I didn't see ya! 
    I asked the Dad to get up bright and early, and he and I made it there right before 6 am. The store had already been open when we got there, but it is safe to assume he and I were the first to fill. But when we got there, E85 was the same price as gas! Because they weren't thinking about it, Meijer sent down the prices for the old store (which included kerosene, a product the new store does not sell)... that set E85 at $3.56, the same price as gasoline! I was about to suck it up and fill when my dad decided to say something to the regional manager. Based on what the sales associates were saying, I decided to wait until 7:30 or so when Meijer could send down the correct price. The sales associate who showed us a printout referred us to the west Saginaw store... which did me no good considering the Charger was running on fumes and I was worried I wouldn't even make it to this store. The regional manager made a call, and then the folks behind the counter called the west Saginaw store. They got the west Saginaw store's price and posted that on the pump and on the sign. It was still 11 cents/gallon too high, as this station is part of an agreement to run a fixed 70 cent spread. On the other hand though, 11 cents was not worth making a fuss over. So the dad and I had the inaugural fills at the new Meijer store at $2.97/gallon.
    Still cost me $55 to fill! 
    The person who I believe was the manager of the store told me that the Sunoco on Dunckel Road in Lansing carries it, and that he filled up there recently. He says he only uses E85. Great, but that station hasn't carried E85 in over two years now. He is actually the second person to refer me to that station saying that they carry E85. And wouldn't you know, the AFDC STILL lists this station as a blender station, even after I've said something multiple times. Growth Energy also considers this to be an E85/blender station.

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    dan45mcc reacted to gasisoutrageous in Meijer is adding E85 to an area that needs it… South Lansing!   
    Well we can put THAT prediction in the wrong column. The official opening date of the new station is Monday at 6:00 am. I have asked my dad to be ready by 5:30 and we will be right there when it opens. I want us both to be the first people to fill with E85.
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    dan45mcc got a reaction from Ethanol_Addict in New E85 stations in the lone star state! (also New Mexico)   
    Wow ..Thanks Guys !!
     I'll get right on it
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    dan45mcc reacted to lietzj in New E85 Station in Portage, IN   
    The new station is:
    Family Express
    5901 US Highway 6
    Portage, IN 46368
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    dan45mcc got a reaction from Ethanol_Addict in Race Trac Dallas Tx   
    Thanks EA..  At the very least you got him THINKING about E85 pricing ...interesting to see if in a  week or two he starts adjusting his E85 pricing
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    dan45mcc reacted to Ethanol_Addict in Race Trac Dallas Tx   
    So I was able to get ahold of the area supervisor today and I asked him what the issue with the store telephone number going to a fax machine, and their E85 pricing at the 10707 Ferguson Rd Dallas, TX location is. He said the store number is fixed on the receipts now, so Dan I will get you the new number as soon as I can. I also explained that the price had not moved from $2.99 when the store opened two months ago, but that gas is significantly cheaper now than it was two months ago which gives it a HORRIBLE spread. He admitted that they did not know of any competitors nearby and that the department who checks the local competitors pricing on fuel has not been comparing to anyone else so the price has stayed the same. He said they look at a 5 mile radius for comparison, and I told him his competitors are over 5 miles but that I drive past his store because I can save more money even traveling the farther distance. I informed him of Kroger that sells throughout the entire Metroplex area. I also told him of a Kroger store near him which is currently selling E85 in the low $2.60 range. He asked me the address of the store so I gave it to him and I explained the way Kroger prices their fuel by keeping it a set 50 cents cheaper than regular unleaded at all times. I informed him that I have bought E85 a couple of times at the Race Trac to show someone is buying it but that until the price is more competitive they will not get more business from me at the pump. I told him its sad they are closer to my home but I have to drive right by because its so much more expensive than Kroger is. I also let him know that there is actually an online website he can check out to see how his competitors have been pricing fuel in the Metroplex. He said "Oh you mean gasbuddy(.com)?" I almost banged my head on the wall! I just thought to myself, no wonder they don't know how to price E85 if they are on gasbuddy's site with their Saudi Arabian dino-black-tar worshiping selves, which HATE E85!! I responded with "No I am talking about E85prices(.com)" I explained that it is a listing of all the current stations in the USA and that the prices are reported by users who fill up at the stations. I told him that I had already requested this station be added back in July so people could see where it's located and get driving directions to it. I said that it's a good tool for people such as myself to see who sells near them and what their prices have been looking like so they can make a choice of where to buy E85. He seemed very interested in the site and said he would definitely give it a look, as well as, pass it along to the department who researches and sets pricing for fuel. He said he was all for competition to drive down prices, and that he is glad to know now that there are others in the Metroplex to compete with. He said it seemed reasonable enough to be able to do at least a 50 cent spread like Kroger does. He even asked me how their regular unleaded gas has been fairing price wise with competitors. I told him the regular unleaded had been quite good and most of the time they have been the cheapest, but now they just need to get the E85 price down like that. I reminded him how that would cause lots of business at the pump which would draw in more people to purchase things inside the store. He thanked me and was glad someone was looking to help and not just complain. I told him to put me on speed dial and anytime he had any questions not to hesitate calling me because I truly support and believe in E85 as a viable and valuable alternative fuel. So lets keep our fingers crossed and hope they have spreads better than Kroger now!!
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    dan45mcc got a reaction from gasisoutrageous in New Thorntons location in Lincoln, IL!   
    Those are the best finds aren't they Aaron.. Pull in not expecting E85 and there it is.. 
    Thanks ..I'll get it listed
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    dan45mcc reacted to gasisoutrageous in New Thorntons location in Lincoln, IL!   
    I ran into this one by accident pulling off 55 to take a nap for a bit.
    I guess they've been open for a year or two, but they just added E85.
    As was the case with the location Joe had found in North Aurora, the spread at this one sucks.
    Any rate, here are the details:
    2903 Woodlawn Road
    Lincoln, IL
    Latitude: 40.157492
    Longitude: -89.412628
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    dan45mcc reacted to lietzj in Address change for Crown Point, IN E85 Station   
    The city has recently annexed new land NE of Crown Point. They have renamed some streets and assigned new address numbers. As a result, please update your station database to reflect the following change:
    Old Address:
    Family Express
    8010 E 109th Ave.
    Crown Point, IN
    New Address:
    Family Express
    802 E North St.
    Crown Point, IN 46307
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    dan45mcc reacted to Billyk24 in Duluth Holiday station near the ski area and it has 27% (90 cent) spread   
    Was in Duluth on Saturday/Sunday for the Triathlon.  Managed to find the Holiday Station (#85?) at the ski resort exit with a 90 cent a gallon spread.   The E85 pump is in the back of the station with the diesel  pumps.  Station is between McDonalds and the Best Western Hotel.  
    I believe this station has the same address as the one listed for Proctor.
    Noted a new Kwik Trip station going up on the east side of Superior, Wisconsin on Hiway 2 and it appears an E85 pump is installed.  I would say this station is going to open in September 2014.
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    dan45mcc reacted to Billyk24 in Rhinelander Kwik Trip (new station) will carry E85   
    Will open 8-28-14 at 5:00am.  Station is located on the far east side of town near Walmart, Walgreens and St. Mary's hospital.  The existing E85 pump (Shell) in town is located on the far west side of town and currently has a 23 cent spread between pump gas ($3.59) and E85.
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    dan45mcc reacted in Clean Fuel USA_San Antonio_IS CLOSED   
    Clean Fuel USA at 4023 Interstate 35 North, San Antonio TX, has been closed. Additionally, at their other locations, Clean Fuel USA only sells Propane.
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    dan45mcc reacted to gasisoutrageous in Illinois Marathon station no longer carries E85   
    Looking at the station list in Illinois, there is a Marathon station listed with an address of 13615 Route 76. Problem is, the city name for this station is blank!
    However, I looked up the number and just called to confirm E85 availability... turns out they succumbed to carrying Rec-90 crapoline. No longer carries E85.
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    dan45mcc reacted to Thumpin455 in I have yet to repair a vehicle whose issue was fueling with ethanol,” (Mechanic)   
    More corrosive over time in older vehicles. Yeah, I would have an issue with that statement, and that it damages old cars in any way, unless you somehow managed to keep all the original hoses and carb parts in it for the last 30+ years. Always hearing it, the same false BS about how bad it is for carbs. Methanol is, ethanol doesnt seem to be after running it for many years. E10 from 1994 until 07, then E85/HE100 for the last seven years with the original tank and lines, using modified old carbs from the mid 70s to run E85 and whatever I happened to have laying around for the E10. If there was going to be a problem, it would have surfaced by now, because most people dont drive the same car for 20 years.
    Know whats strange? When I have E85 in the car I get some white residue left over in the carb when the fuel evaporates over the winter. When its my homebrew in there, the carb is clean with no residue at all in the spring. Two different Qjets that sat for over a year before I put them back on the car for test and tuning, and the one that had E85 last had white stuff. Must be something they are adding to the fuel that does it, because 185 proof doesnt leave the ring on the float. It doesnt hurt or clog anything, just some white stuff stuck to the float and accel pump.
    This carb had HE100 in it. Looks brand new inside it.

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    dan45mcc reacted to Steve-O in Kwik Trip/Kwik Star adding around 25 New Stations Wis, Iowa, Minnesota   
    Appleton wi listed at 710 w evergreen has e-85. It's on their main signage and the typical solo pump is installed
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    dan45mcc reacted to storky in I think my conversion died today....   
    My Change2E85 kit failed last year. Mine was purchased mid-2010, but demonstrated no symptoms prior to failure. One day it obviously induced multi-cylinder misfires the threw the ECU into a fit filling every display with Warning messages and red lights. My car recovered from the trauma in stages. Upon removal of the conversion kit, the monster engine failure red light in the center of the console was cancelled. the next restart cancelled the multi-functiion display message. Two starts later, the check engine light finally cancelled, but reappeared later as the ECU determined a "lean-fuel" condition with the ethanol content in excess of 60%.
    Without the kit, however, my E50 fuel economy is worse than it was using the kit with E85.
    Still considering how soon I can afford to replace my 14-year-old hybrid. Looks like with declining kit and E85 fuel prices, I can amortize the kit cost with cheaper fuel over the next two years. If I hold on long enough, I may be considering a 2017 Tesla Model III.
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    dan45mcc reacted to Fuelinggood in E85 Station Database Update   
    You should have received. No credit needed, just doing my best to keep all data as accurate and current as possible. EPA is using this against us, and we are trying to make sure they cannot in the future.
    All the best,
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    dan45mcc reacted to HuskerFlex in Murphy USA in Arkansas selling E85 for $2.54   
    That was me that reported this...  I was simply that they were going to be adding e85 to 6 stations across Iowa this summer, and that one (Indianola) was already open.
    A bird told me that they are in negotiations with an advocacy group in Nebraska to do the same in our state!
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    dan45mcc got a reaction from Ethanol_Addict in Celebrate Independence Day by Filing up on E85   
    Happy 4th Everyone.. !
    Start the day by filling up on E85 .. Made in the USA !
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    dan45mcc reacted to HuskerFlex in 2 new blenders in Nebraska   
    I don't know which of these stations this is (either Spalding or Crofton as there was no e20)...  but their prices the day of this picture were...
    e0  $3.20
    e10 $3.05
    e30 $2.81
    e85  $2.11
    They have a decal on the pump from "Siouxland Ethanol" in Jackson Nebraska...  Might want to congratulate them Cessna on their hard work!
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    dan45mcc reacted to HuskerFlex in Murphy oil adding e15/85 across Iowa!   
    Murphy USA is now offering E15 and E85 in Indianola, Iowa location. This station is the first one to begin selling the ethanol fuel blends in Iowa, with six more locations coming online over the next few months. By the end of the summer, E15 and E85 will be available at Murphy USA locations in Clinton, Davenport, Fort Dodge, Mason City, Newton, and Sioux City, Iowa. Murphy USA made a major announcement several months ago that it would begin offering E15 and higher level ethanol blends to consumers at its retail stations throughout the country.
    “We are very proud Murphy USA chose to expand its offerings of cleaner-burning ethanol blends in Iowa,” said Iowa Renewable Fuels Association (IRFA) Managing Director Lucy Norton. “There is strong collaboration in Iowa for servicing the E15 market, making it an ideal place to offer E15 at multiple locations. When the conversion is complete, motorists in seven large Iowa cities will have easy access to lower-cost, more locally-produced ethanol blends.”
    In accordance with summertime fuel regulations, E15 will only be sold to flex-fuel vehicles throughout the summer driving season at Murphy USA locations. In mid-September, E15 will be available to all consumers driving 2001 and or newer vehicle. In addition, Iowa motorists will soon have greater access to biodiesel at Murphy USA’s Clinton, Davenport, Fort Dodge, Mason City, and Sioux City locations.
    “We’re happy to see a major retailer like Murphy USA move their E15 and E85 efforts into Iowa,” added Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) Director of Market Development Robert White. “This should demonstrate to others that the business case for these fuels exists, and that more chains will follow Murphy USA’s lead.”
    The Murphy USA Indianola fueling site is located at 1502 N. Jefferson Street. Of Murphy USA’s 1,200 stations in 23 states, the Indianola location will be the second Murphy USA station to offer E15, and the third Murphy USA station to offer E85. In addition to higher ethanol blends, Murphy USA’s Iowa locations will offer three grades of gasoline blended with 10 percent ethanol.
    Murphy Oil
    1502 N. Jefferson Street
    Indianola IA
    e15 and e85
    Could not locate a phone number on the web...
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    dan45mcc reacted to Ethanol_Addict in E98 Pump Gas?   
    So for the past 6 weeks or so I have started having rough idle in my FFV when I start it until it warms up. There is no starting issues. It fires right up, but just has a slight rough idle for about a minute. I tried to think of a reason for this, and finally just decided to test the ethanol content of the E85 at the Kroger where I purchase my fuel. Not sure that I did the test exactly right, however, it being around E98 would explain the slight rough idle until warm up correct? Any thoughts on this? Also, say my test IS correct, can Kroger sell a fuel with over 85% ethanol, and is it ok for my FFV to run on a blend higher than 85% ethanol?
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    dan45mcc reacted to HuskerFlex in 60mgy "energy tobacco" plant in North Carolina... seriously!   
    the tobacco companies were required (as part of their law suit settlment) to pay into a trust fund that would be used to help former tobacco producing regions build NEW jobs and new industries to replace the lost income, jobs and tax base that they are stuck with thanks to the decrease in tobacco production.
    I think that this is a GREAT use of these funds.  It will be producing industrial jobs, as well as increasing farm incomes, with the great added bonus of producing biofuel much closer to the east coast market.  Not to mention that this is a non-corn fuel, so it will lessen ethanol's link to the corn market/weather patterns.
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    dan45mcc reacted to gasisoutrageous in E0/Non Oxy pricing now available on E85Prices.com   
    Heads up Dan: right next to the E0 entry box, it says (15% Ethanol/85% Gasoline). May want to fix that.
    Also, is it possible to add E0 to the graphs on the right side of the price pages?
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