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  1. Did anyone in Illinois take advantage of Thornton's Earthday e85 promo? I did. E85 for .85/gal, I filled up my 34 gal GMC truck for $22.50. I saved the receipt, because I am pretty sure I will not ever see that happen again!
  2. Kawtoy, i'm a member over on ridingillini have you noticed ethonol prices being cheaper at any certain station around C-U? BTW I'm driving a 09 Silverado 4x4 z71 and I regularly run E85 unless I'm outa town and cant find it. Road Ranger at the leverett rd & I-57 interchange. There is also an FS in Gibson City that carries E85, but they are always higher, than what chambana prices are by about 10 cents a gallon.
  3. I had no idea that CITGO had any part in RR.... Thanks for the info, and maybe RR will be better off alone. How long ago did all of that take place?
  4. This particular manager claims to have only been there for 3 days. I did mention that the Thorntons station across town sells it at the same price, with MUCH less waiting. I said "This can be fixed, or I can take my weekly $100 purchase elsewhere, and make a complaint at the corporate level" To which he stated it would be looked into. Of course I told the Manager, you know the old saying: The squeaky wheel gets the grease....(I figured no one had squeaked yet, and I was right) Others just drove off angrily
  5. I filled up @ this station, which I love. I love their fuels, location, and prices. Yesterday, I was disappointed. It took me 38 minutes to pump 30 gallons of E85. I did make a complaint with the manager. So, we will see what happens. It is still cheaper for me to run E85 over Gasoline right now.
  6. REG GAS: 3.479/Gal E85: 2.799/Gal As of 3/10/11 at this station. There goes the 25% spread. Now I think its only a 21% spread.
  7. My fiance's uncle hauled for FedEx for years, and my fiance worked as load/unload as well for 2yrs.
  8. Very true. If you drive smart, you can save money. I am going on 82,000 on my original brake pads. I coast up to stop signs (in nuetral even) as well, unless I am stoplight to stoplight driving in town. In that case, I accelerate slowly never letting the RPM's go over 1500. I also use my cruise control all the time for long stretches of road. (I have a heavy foot)
  9. Just curious what FFV's were being utilized in IL.... I drive a 2007 GMC Sierra 1500 5.3L Reg Cab, Long Bed.... What you got!?
  10. Kinda both. Its on the very outskirts of Champaign, but it is also right off of I-57. It is north of FedEx. Road Ranger has "Top Tier" certified fuels,its on my way to/from work, and has good pricing. It does have a OTR Truck side as well.
  11. Price of regular gas 3.47/gal at that particular station.
  12. ROAD RANGER 4910 Market Street Champaign, IL 61821 Phone: 815-315-4991 E-85 Price = 2.599/gal
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