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  1. I've ran E15 in my '97 Rolla without any issues as well, but it's so cheap on gas I don't go out of my way to do it all the time.
  2. I've done some reading on the DI injection issues. With DI, there's no fuel to wash over the intake valves to keep them clean. With modern day PCV systems, oil droplets get sucked into the intake, coating the back of the intake valves. Without the fuel there to keep them clean, it starts to build up over time and starts to cause problems. From what I have read, the European cars are the worst. BMW, Audi, and particularly VW have serious issues with it. Since a lot of these engines are now boosted with turbochargers, you can't just run regular induction treatments through the exhaust. Ford has actually put out a TSB on this, as several owners have damaged their turbo-chargers putting induction treatments through to clean the valves. It seems the only company that's not having problems with valve guide build up is GM. Not sure what they are doing different, but there's little mention of this problem in their forums. Toyota is aware of it, that's why they have a Dual Injection setup in their Tacoma's with that new 3.5L engine now. It utilizes both Port and DI depending on load. Some people are installing "Catch Cans" to try to get the oil to drop out of the vapor from the PCV system. They simply empty the catch can whenever they change the oil, but this isn't a very popular option with OEM's, as it's just one more maintenance step for them to have to go through every oil change. It will be interesting to see as these new DI engine age, what problems start to show up. For the European cars it seems 30K miles is the magic number. WM
  3. I splash-blended my last tank fill up to approx. ~60% Ethanol by my calculations. No CEL and no noticeable change in engine performance. I'd read posts of people running E-85 for over a year in similar Toyota's with the same engine with no problems so I decided to give it a try.
  4. http://www.kcci.com/news/worlds-largest-plant-of-its-kind-opening-friday-in-iowa/36118630 A lot of Ethanol haters in the comments though - I think they need to be schooled on the how this new plant operates.
  5. I just picked up a 1997 Toyota Corolla w/29K one owner miles. Couldn't pass it up. I would love to run E85 in it, but wondering if I am going to run into any problems with the Fuel System/Gaskets in a vehicle this old. Other than a conversion hit for the injectors, any other thoughts on converting this over?
  6. I have the 2010 Ford Escape, FFV. I really like it, but I sure do miss the space of the Minivan I had before it. Now that the kids are grown up, we're not going camping as much, but a couple of years ago I was doing some pretty creative packing for camping to get it all in the escape/camper AND get the kids in there as well. I think that 3.0 V6 is a great engine, mine hasn't given me a lick of a problem and it's great in the snow with the AWD.
  7. Now with the Sanctions being lifted off of IRAN, speculators are thinking gas is going to take a plunge later this fall if that deal it ratified. That's going to further flood the market with crude. Saudi Arabia's will probably keep the tap wide open now as they want to try to limit as much money going into Iran as possible, as they have competing interests in the region.
  8. Well, they couldn't find the leak, filled it back up with Freon, ran it for a 1/2 hour, and said to give them a ring if I had any more problems. I took it home, noticed green radiator fluid down on the support brace, I took the garden hose and cleared it out, and then listened real close to the condenser.. I could swear I could hear the leak, but thought it might just be the AC Coolant pressure equalizing after I turned off the engine... This morning, my fears were confirmed, as I had no AC again. I'll be checking for coolant tonight, but it gets to go back into the shop on Tuesday morning.... Dewey i handling it great... Being an Engineer, I know how these things can go...
  9. The Escape went back into the shop this morning - the Air-Conditioner stopped working last night, and I was seeing "green" fluid down by the Condenser/Radiator. Dewey Ford was very helpful and were getting it back in ASAP to get it fixed up. Hopefully it's just some fittings, and not a cracked condenser/Radiator.
  10. So I'm a Blue Oval guy, but I am really impressed with this Impala. The power, the style, the driving feel... it's probably the best sedan I have ever driven. I haven't drove the new Ford Taurus, but there's a reason the 2015 Chevy Impala got Car of the Year. It deserved it.
  11. They gave me a Brand new Chevy Impala to drive for the next six days. It doesn't have E85 in it right now, but it will when I return it.
  12. I saw their "Nitro" stuff at a gas station down in Mountain View, AR last year. I was like "WTH? What kind of snake oil is this?".. and that's when I watches someone actually select it.. for their 1988 Ford F150 with rear rusted quarter panels. Rust Inhibitors? I think they missed the boat.. heh...
  13. The question I have is, is the blend wall due to the pump availability, the ability of the vehicles on the road today to use it (Either E15 or E85), or jump simply consumers reluctance to want to purchase it do to aggressive marketing and bad information? I think it's a combination of all three, but you can't force Ethanol into a market where there is no demand, and the only way to create demand is to make cars that can use the fuel and actually take advantage the properties that make it such an incredible resource. I'd like to see every vehicle be a FFV. Lay the seeds for demand, and let the consumers decide what they want to do either on their personal beliefs or their pocketbooks. WM
  14. Yep.. It's the enterprise out of the Ford Dealership. I am kinda hoping they rent me a Fiesta or one of the new Focus's.
  15. Sad day.... my 2010 Escape got whacked by a guy who decided to race the red light but didn't make it.. He scraped all the way down the front of my truck - $4100 in damage. He didn't have insurance or even a drivers license, but he did at least stick around and didn't make a break for it - which was rather surprising. Truck is gonna be in the shop for six days while they put it all back together.... at least it wasn't totaled though.. but still gonna cost me $500 for my deductible.
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