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  1. Getgo in Wexford, Pa. ---just north of Pittsburgh is $2.69 for E85, Speedway 8 miles north is $2.55 for E85 and both use the same source for their E85-Gutman Oil --Source One on the trucks. Fuel companies are making a nice buck on ethanol even if they don't want to sell it.
  2. The title provides all one needs to know. The E85 - E10 spread should be "huge". Instead it marches in a fixed lockstep with E10.
  3. With the auto producing companies failing to produce many "flex-fuel" vehicles, where are we the retail consumers going to purchase E85 add on kits? Granted it must be a small market but a choice is better than no choice. Maybe, we are going to have "tune" our next vehicles but can the average Jane and Joe pull off this type of modification?
  4. With almost 178,000 miles on my 2005 Ford Escape Hybrid, I'm due for a new ride in the next few years. Will be looking for a PHEV, hopefully rated near and/or above 40mpg on highway with fold down seats to carry things I use and need. Many new PHEV models are arriving in the next two/three years.
  5. The newest Volt has fold down rear seats? Smaller battery size?
  6. I thought the ethanol plants blended between 51% and 85% depending upon the month of the year and where the pumps are located. There are stickers located on the ethanol pumps indicating a 51-85% blend mixture.
  7. From the E85 pumps= 418.57 gallons From the E15 pumps= 35.2 gallons From the E30 pumps=1.8 gallons From the E10 pumps= 370.5 gallons Closest E85 pumps are 17 miles from my home in southwestern Pa. Usually bring and fill three Jerry cans full of E85 when I "fill-up". I do not have a vehicle with a wide band oxygen sensor but I do use a E85 add on convertor kit in my 2005 Escape Hybrid. $1.61 is the cheapest I paid for E85 in 2017 at Speedway in Gaylord, Michigan. I got E85 in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin during my travels. Sheetz (major gas and convenience store like Kwik Trip) moved to make E85/E15 available at stations I listed four of the first five states listed but is lagging big time in their home state of Pennsylvania. Sheetz is a family owned cooperation with its headquarters in Altoona, Pennsylvania. I found the Nuvu station about 20 miles east of Grand Rapids, Michigan a real treat to stop at. Kwik Trip continues to roll out E85/E15 pumps in Wisconsin with one opened in November in Eagle River where the a family home is located.
  8. How the oil industry is manipulating the RIN market: “That oil companies are willing to pay $1 or more for a RIN, just to avoid buying ethanol at 70 cents per gallon less than gasoline and offering consumers safe, tested, and affordable blends such as E15 and E85, should tell Congress everything it needs to know about the RFS: it is needed now, more than ever. The lack of transparency in the RIN trading marketplace leaves open the possibility that unscrupulous traders or even oil companies could create skewed transactions for the purpose of manipulating the RIN market for financial gain or to make a political point​. This is the concern.
  9. Today’s smaller, independent refineries do not blend on site. Big oil companies and gas station chains in turn game the system by building their own blending facilities and stockpiling credits that they sell back to refineries at artificially high prices.​ This is the issue I am concerned about. Change this policy so the credits can not sold back at artificially high prices. Thus--lower ethanol prices?
  10. Thanks for the report. How about some information on the Renewable Identification Number "RINS", EPA and possible future changes that would benefit the consumer(s)?
  11. What model Tesla do you drive? What is the range before it needs to be plugged in. I'm 33 miles north of Pittsburgh, spent time in Aurora Illinois before moving for life's work which could end anywhere from one month to three years. It is only 498 miles from where I live to my old living location.
  12. 201 West wall St, Eagle River, Wi 54521 715-477-0070. has both E85 and E15/octane 88. Opened for business on 11-8-17. 22 miles south in Rhinelander, the same brand (Kwik Trip) sells fuel for a lot less per gallon.
  13. Telsa to delay ramping up production for four months as issues exist. I believe delays at the new battery factory and the highly automatic factory are leading factors for this delay. Is it correct that Model 3 has nearly 500,000 pre-production deposits?
  14. The unleaded 88 price is now 10 cents a gallon less than E10 at this Northern Wisconsin location. As for mpg, driving Mom's 08 Mercury Milan (V6 engine) is netting me around 32 driving on the state highways and interstate from the 50-62/63 mph range. Yes, I drive a little slow.
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