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  1. Oh I see. Most of the stations I posted are listed on the "State Stations" tab, but since there are no current prices being given they are not listed on the E85 prices tab. makes sense. btw Dan The station I'm monitoring in Selden is known as Valero. "Cocel INc." is simply the company that owns it.
  2. Hmm I searched under different parameters (wider search area but excluding stations not open to the public) and the list became 32 stations within 100 miles. Interesting.
  3. Sure I’ll be happy to share info. There is a DOE database that lists a LOT of E-85 stations not listed at e85prices.com. http://www.afdc.energy.gov/afdc/locator/stations/ According to that site there are 32 E-85 stations open to the public within 100 miles of my zip code. Two of them are already listed, here are the other 30: (Note I have no plans to monitor the prices at all 30.) Haines Road Service Station 9 Haines Rd Bedford Hills, NY 10507 Phone: 914-666-0794 Volkan Petroleum - Getty 4123 Middle Country Rd Calverton, NY 11933 Phone: 631-369-9293 Route 303 Mobil 102 Lake Rd Congers, NY 10920 Phone: 845-268-6454 Star Gas Station - Tulip Gardens Ethanol (E85) 699 Fulton Ave Hempstead, NY 11550 Phone: 516 280-5371 Gulf Ethanol (E85) 1979 Veterans Hwy Islandia, NY 11722 Phone: 631-348-0856 McBirney's Auto Service 720 N Broadway Massapequa, NY 11758 Phone: 516-798-9056 84 Quik Stop Citgo 5084 Route 17M New Hampton, NY 10958 Phone: 845-374-2208 Intersection Directions: At Route I-84 Sunoco - ZSA Petroleum 298 N Main St Spring Valley, NY 10977 Phone: 845-371-6989 Citgo 137 Hillside Ave Williston Park, NY 11596 Phone: 516-746-2432 Cumberland Gulf 660 Islip Ave Brentwood, NY 11717 Phone: 631-277-1702 Bob's Ethanol (E85) 2039 Jericho Tpk Commack, NY 11725 Phone: 631-543-7366 Croton-on-Hudson Gulf 67 Croton Point Ave Croton-on-Hudson, NY 10520 Phone: 914-271-5139 Holbrook T&C Citgo 5665 Sunrise Hwy Holbrook, NY 11741 Phone: 631-567-0576 Eddie's Service Center - Citgo 753 E Main St Kings Park, NY 11754 Phone: 631-265-4408 SUNERGY 1000 Hicksville Rd Massapequa, NY 11758 Phone: 516-934-0444 Intersection Directions: Jerusalem Ave and Hicksville Rd Newark Liberty International Airport - Gulf 100 Lindbergh Rd Newark, NJ 07114 Phone: 516-710-1898 Intersection Directions: Terminal A Getty 171 Sunrise Hwy Rockville Centre, NY 11570 Phone: 516-594-1106 North Country Gas 545 Route 25A Saint James, NY 11780 Phone: 631-862-9663 Water Mill Fuel Complex-Shell 960 Montauk Hwy Watermill, NY 11976 Phone: 631-726-6618 Citgo - 1020 Route 109 Petroleum Corp 1020 Route 109 Lindenhurst, NY 11757 Phone: 631-226-9595 Access: Public - card key after hours Doran Service Station 1153 Walt Whitman Rd Melville, NY 11747 Phone: 631-351-9745 Getty Gas - Skyline Petroluem 270 W Main St Patchogue, NY 11772 Phone: 631-758-0745
  4. Hydrogen can run a vehicle either - via fuel cells or - via internal combustion Personally I am very skeptical fuel cells will ever be a viable alternative. Right now it takes about $70,000 worth of platinum to make a fuel cell vehicle. http://www.eoearth.org/article/Fuel_Cell_Cost_and_Reliability?topic=54483 Honda Currently makes a fuel cell vehicle at a loss. It costs them $120,000 per vehicle. http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=newsarchive&sid=a693eL42oJHo If a lot of folks switch to fuel cells, the law of supply and demand says that platinum prices will rise even higher. I'm no expert but my bet is on hydrogen internal combustion.
  5. Welcome Bob and thanks for the heads up on the New NY E85 location..I got it listed now (That makes 70 E85 Stations for New York !) http://e85prices.com/new-york.html You can see the list of all E85 Stations in New York on the Green Menu bar click "State Stations" To Post Prices simply Register http://e85prices.com/register.php and then login http://e85prices.com/login.php You can post Prices using that States Price Submission Form OR using your Submission form on your member page http://e85prices.com/member.php The member Page allows you to set up a List of "Favorite" Stations ..and you can submit multiple prices (bulk submissions" on from your member page Price submissions can take up-to 3 hours to be approved ..so if you don't see your prices displaying right away be patient. thank you Dan. **** The station is known locally as "The Selden Valero." The great big sign in front reads "Valero."**** Yes I am registered at E85prices. I could give you the name and addresses of a bunch of area E85 stations off the eia website, but the only one I plan to keep ya updated on is this one so I don't see the point. The Selden Valero (which just recently started offering E 85) is my gas station so it'll be pretty easy for me to update that a couple times a month whenever I tank up. (Actually the easiest way would be to send a text message every time I tank up. Is that possible?)
  6. Yeah, I'm pretty flexible myself but when I search for FFV's on cars.com (putting in all mother criteria) the Explorer and Dodge Caravan dominated the results list. I'm not fond of the Caravan's cab forward design (creates windshield glare) so unless something new comes on the market in the next few days . . . Yeah scouting is great. My son's at winter camp now and we had planned to take an 11-mile seal watching hike on Saturday but it looks like I'll be car shopping. You guys did some REAL high adventure. Our troops is pretty active, lots and lots of weekend stuff. They camped out twice in january . . . in tents. It doesn't seem to leave much desire for high adventure stuff (though the is some talk of a 60-mile canoe tour of the adirondacks for summer 2012.)
  7. Thanks for the welcome. No it is definitely not an FFV. Having the minivan die isn't as bad as all that. The wife and I had saved up some money and were planning to replace our other vehicle next month. The only real loss is that instead of shopping around for a month and finding the best deal, I gotta do this in a hurry and buy something in current inventory. I'm thinking of getting a Ford Explorer. If I can find one at the right price with the third row of seats (I'm a scout dad and a LL Baseball coach.)
  8. Go to this site, enter your zip code and check the E 85 box. http://www.afdc.energy.gov/afdc/locator/stations/ e85prices.com lists 69 stations in NY The site above lists 15 that are within 25 miles of my house. Now, I don't plan to continually monitoring the prices on all those stations so I'll just stick with the one in Selden. I'm guessing many of you already know about the site but I thought I'd post this for the folks who don't.
  9. I'm from Selden (the station is so close I could walk to it.) You might find this amusing: I was running low on heating oil for my house. I KNEW that the Valero was replacing it's desiel pump, so I drove to the Citgo across the street adn was about to fill my 5 gallon can when I noticed Valero had re-opened its desiel pump and MAN were they selling that stuff cheap. I got back in my car and drove to Valero's pump and saw a waring label Reading "Not Gas! e-85 ethanol is for Flex Fuel Vehicles only." (or something like that.) I scratched my head and said FLEX fuel? What the heck is that. I thought cars had to run on one or the other. (I've learned a LOT about FFV's in the past 72 hours.) Then today my mechanic called. My $2,000 minivan failed inspection and will require $1,000 worth of work to pass. I guess oil has peaked at my house.
  10. Hey all, I'm new here. I'm not an expert, but personally, I think that the long term future probably belongs to CNG's close cousin pure hydrogen. Put a couple of double-a batteries in salt water (even sea water will do) and hydrogen bubbles out (leaving OH behind). Put a lot of electricity in saltwater and the hydrogen bubbles of one electrode and the oxygen bubbles off the other. The biggest challenge until now has been that the electrodes corrode and the process winds up being very costly. Last December some scientists at GE demonstrated that a special plastic called Noryl could be used as an electrode in that process. It doesn't corrode. Some folks (not GE) are claiming that on an industrial scale that process can produce the equivalent of 1 gallon of gas for about $3. (Around here gas retails for about $1/gal. more than wholesale.) Does that mean when gas hits $4.00/gallon hydrogen from sea water becomes cheaper? Not exactly. Hydrogen, even in compressed form takes up a lot more space than an equivalent amount of gasoline. That means higher transportation costs, and higher storage costs. My stab in the dark says hydrogen is cheaper when gas is $5.00/gallon. but I dunno. I'm guessing
  11. Oh, the place appears on on Google maps as Cocel 1274 Middle Country Road, Selden 11784 - (631) 696-4878
  12. 1274 Middle Country Rd Selden, NY 11784 It's about a half mile east of Rt-97 current posted (cash) price is $3.55 for gas $2.87 for e 85
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