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  1. New Valero station with e85 in The Woodlands, Texas. Address is 3710 FM 1488 Zip to follow later. e85: 2.84 reg: 2.84
  2. My former supplier of e85 was Kroger. But recently, a new HEB store opened and offered e85 at their fuel center to compete with Kroger. Prices have gone down as a result. Yesterday I filled up at HEB and paid $2.56 for e85. It could get better in tthe future because a new Valero is under construction across the street from HEB. I contacted Valero and they are installing e85 as well. :bravo_2:
  3. HEB Woodlands #4 3601 FM 1488 Woodlands, Texas 77384 Phone # 936-271-2730 e85 2.97 Reg 3.37 I reported this about a week ago but it has not yet been posted to the master list
  4. FYI: it looks like a browser issue. It works fine in IE but not in Google Chrome.
  5. You are correct that it is listed in the master list of e85 stations. But, when I try to report the prices for this location in Magnolia, it is not one of the selections offered. I am going through the "Texas E85 Prices" page.
  6. Kroger 6616 Fm 1488 Rd Magnolia, Texas 77354 e85 2.99 reg 3.39
  7. HEB Woodlands #4 3601 FM 1488 Woodlands, Texas 77384 e85 2.979 reg 3.379 hi 3.5999
  8. A week ago, I posted info about a new HEB store with e85 fuel in their fuel center located in The woodlands, Texas at Kuykendahl and FM 1488. I learned today that the scheduled opening is set for Wednesday, Aug 17th. I have no date of completion for the nearby Valero station which will also have e85. An interesting note is that the new HEB was not scheduled to offer e85 in their fuel center. I found out who the petroleum manager was and started writing him letters and calling him to offer some reasons why they should offer e85 at this new HEB store. It really did not take much for him to call me back to say that they had taken the letter to their planning meetings and decided to install the e85 pump at this new HEB location. Never discount customer input to some of these corporations.
  9. I converted my 2005 Toyota Camry to use e-85 about 3 years ago. I bought the kit from changetoe85.com for about $300. As per the youtube clip, it took about 10 minutes to connect. It is a small box with 4 male/female connectors to fit the fuel injectors. It is a matter of unplugging the factory cable from each injector, then plug the conversion cable onto the injector, then plug the factory cable into the new cable and that's it. They are not numbered so it does not matter which cable goes to which injector. Just do them one at a time. I have been using e85 for about 3 years and am very happy. No issues to complain about. When it is cold, it does not start as fast as gasoline. I do not know if I got a cold weather version or not but it is a small inconvenience to wait an additional one second to start my car in cold weather. My reason to use e85 is simple. I refuse to contribute to foreign oil producers. It is not healthy for my country to ship 700 to 800 billion dollars to foreign countries who do not wish us well. The cheaper cost is nice but that is not my reason.
  10. I don't know about pricing at either one but having them across the street from each other should keep them honest. There is a Kroger about 3 miles west of this location that sells e-85 at a constant 30 cents below regular. If you hold a Kroger card, you get an additional 3 cents off making it 33 cents below regular gas. If they match or better this, I will be happy.
  11. I reported earlier that an e-85 pump has been installed in the fuel center of a new (not yet opened) HEB store on FM-1488 and Kuykendahl road about 1/2 mile west from FM-1488 and Texas HY 242 intersection. Across FM-1488 from the HEB is a new sign and building activity for a new Valero gas center. I called Valero and they confirmed that there will be an e-85 pump there also.
  12. A new HEB store is nearing completion on FM-1488 at Kuykendahl in The Woodlands/Conroe, Texas. The fuel center is ready and there is one e85 pump installed. My guess is that it will open the first week of August, even though the store will not be open until later.
  13. I just sent you my information. (looks like your spell-checker is on the fritz)
  14. Fox "news" is hardly an objective source on anything. It is a right wing propaganda outlet for owner Rupert Murdoch, nothing more, nothing less. Corn varieties used for creating ethanol are not the same corn that people eat. It is modified corn that is designed for fermentation, not table desirability. Global weather conditions and global demand has far greater influence on price than corn grown for ethanol production. What is valid to say is that a farmer might grow corn for ethanol instead of sweet corn for human consumption but the fact is that we do not have a shortage of corn. The US exports millions of tons of corn every year. This is a non-issue.
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