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  1. Hey guy's thank's for the advice. I guess the big thing holding me back is my wife. It is her car. I have a flex fuel s10 and when she bought her next new one I was wanting her to get a FFV bought chevy does not make a traverse that is FFV. I'll work on her. I really would like to go back to burning E85.
  2. You trying to be silly aren't you Dan. We had a Impala and had put a one of those box thing's on it that is suppose to let it run on E85 but the check engine light always's came on and said it was running to lean. On the box you could ajust for that but it never seem to work very well. Because of that. I have not put one of those conversons on the Chevy traverse. But as time goes buy I keep thinking I would like to try one again. I would like to be running E95 or whatever I can get right from the Ethanol plant.
  3. Dan I have been running E55 in a 2010 chevy traverse since it has been new about two year's. I have done no converson on it. It get around 20mpg. I have run E85 in my polaris ranger with no converson also. I have I 500 gallon tank at home and have the fuel man put in 300 gallons of E85 and 200 gallons of E10. Been doing this for about three or four year's now. Right now the fuel in my 500 gallon tank cost me $2.84 a gallon.
  4. I burn 55% in a chevy Traverse, FLex fuel S10 and a polaris ranger.
  5. Their is some guy's with experimental plane's useing 97% Ethanol. I think they have been doing since 1983 but don't quote me on that. For at least 17 year's they have been useing 97%Ethanol in their plane's and have logged many hour's. They are in MN. and you can google RV3Ethanol and you should find their web site. I would like to use it in my plane but I need to put fuel injection on. This is what they tell me. If you have fuel injection and you up the servo something your good to go. I think it is the servo flow valve.
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