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    BigGreen got a reaction from Ethanol_Addict in Speedway #6086 is adding E85   
    With unknown selling date.
    Price sign (on the big illuminated tower) is up (strangely says 'E85/FlexFuel' in black unlike their normal yellow square with black 'E85' in it), lit up and even displaying a decimal point, but no price. 2 pumps were converted (used to be petrol), 1 was added. Also lit up, all looks like ready to go.
    Nobody inside the store was able to tell me when it will be available, 1 even told me that 'we don't sell E85 and are not planing on it'. Oh well, let's just do the installation for the fun of it.
    Speedway (the company itself) told me that the date is 'uncertain'.
    Speedway #6086
    57766 Sr-19
    Elkhart, IN 46517-1135
    (574) 522-4670  
    Sorry about the early post, I just got real excited because it is only 4 miles from where I live. No more 15.4 miles to Meijer. Speedway might not have as big of a spread, but for people like me with principals the price is secondary.
    Will update once they are up and running and selling.
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    BigGreen got a reaction from Ethanol_Addict in Speedway #6086 is adding E85   
    Just got another email from Speedway, October 26, 2014, this week Sunday.
    I need to get fuel anyhows, so, yeah! I will post pictures.
    Sorry guys, I know, strange, but we are different, remember?
    BTW: I usually have to get the Sunday papers for wifey, I will be there!
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    BigGreen got a reaction from WilliamPl in Closed Ethanol Plant causes raising water levels   
    Just read and build your own opinion. Nobody appears to have facts, everybody has to "look into it". Oh well.
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    BigGreen reacted to dan45mcc in Cleaning up some dust...   
    Thanks Aaron.
    The Woman that answered at the Citgo sounded very proud that they had E85..." "Why Yes we Do !"
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    BigGreen reacted to gasisoutrageous in Cleaning up some dust...   
    I was asked to make changes to an E85 pamphlet for Carbon Green. On it, I found 3 stations we didn't have.
    Clark in Kinde, MI (make sure to add a blender for this one Dan. They carry E30 and E50 alongside E85)
    Citgo in Concord, MI
    Meijer in Utica, MI
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