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  1. Was looking for yet another conversion kit and saw that they are selling the business: https://www.fuelflexinternational.com/for-sale/ 'After 12 years in business, Fuel Flex International, the Builder of the only American Made E85 Conversion system has decided to pass the baton to a new owner.' Luckily they have enough 'franchises' like change2e85.com and similar. Greetings!
  2. I would not get excited nor fall for such numbers unless you actually get to pay them. We have several Speedway stations here where E85 is advertised at a great price (with a great spread). It happened several times before (last time 2 weeks ago) that when trying to get it, the pump is either out of service (and prices therefor most likely not updated), or the pump itself shows a different (higher) price. When asking the store employees, I received the expected answer: 'Oh we are so sorry, we have not updated the price for it on the billboard yet'. And is is certain that the posted prices are incorrect. You will not get a gallon for the $2.49 that you posted. Because there is always a '9' behind it. In order to get 1 gallon, you have to pay $2.499, which is pretty much $2.50. It might not mean much for people with ADD/ADHD, but when I fill up my truck with over 200 gallon of fuel, this adds up to about $2.00. Multiple this by how often I do that in a month, yes, that will be a lot! Greetings!
  3. Aftermarket Alternative Fuel Vehicle (AFV) Conversions Conventional original equipment manufacturer vehicles altered to operate on propane, natural gas, methane gas, ethanol, or electricity are classified as aftermarket AFV conversions. All vehicle conversions, except those that are completed for a vehicle to run on electricity, must meet current applicable U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards. For more information about vehicle conversion certification requirements, see the Alternative Fuels Data Center's Vehicle Conversions website and EPA's Alternative Fuel Conversion website. (Reference 40 CFR 85) Point of Contact Regulatory Compliance U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Phone: (734) 214-4343 complianceinfo@epa.gov http://www.epa.gov/otaq/consumer/fuels/altfuels/altfuels.htm http://www.afdc.energy.gov/laws/388
  4. Which by the way the US Government calls a AFV vehicle (Aftermarket Alternative Fuel Vehicle).Look a the grammar. '...vehicle equipped to operate when ... fueled'. Vehicles are usually equipped to operate. But liability only applies when such vehicles are '...fueld entirely with E85.' So me blending means they are all liable. What a mess. Glad that I don't care. E85 it is, no logical reason not to. BTW: Each state has different rules/laws/regulations. Check the federal law (see other posting). Immunity for Misuse of E85E85 sellers, suppliers, distributors, manufacturers, and refiners are immune from civil liability for personal injury or property damage resulting from a person fueling any vehicle with E85 that is not a flexible fuel vehicle. This includes any vehicle equipped to operate when fueled entirely with E85. This immunity does not apply if an E85 seller, supplier, distributor, manufacturer, or refiner does not display all E85 warning signs that federal or state laws require. (Reference Indiana Code 34-30-24) http://www.afdc.energy.gov/laws/6032
  5. Just another marketing gimick. It is like the special Shell E85 engine oil that I posted about, years ago. I am picky when it comes to what kind of alcohol I consume (for scientific purposes of course ), but in my fuel, I don't care, as long as it is 85% alcohol. Greetings!
  6. Sorry, not only sneezing but laughing. I drive a larger car than the volt and get easily 42 mpg on the highway, without all the cost associated with it (purchase price, premium fuel etc. etc. etc.). Efficient cars are common in these days, electric or hybrids only show advantage in city driving. Everybody has to decide for themselves whether it is worth the additional money you have to spend and the smaller size car you drive. If you look at the break even point, it is not worth it. I was thinking about getting a specific hybrid which can go about 20 miles electric, and gets 38 mpg city/41 mpg highway. I have the gas counterpart, am getting (as said) easily 42 mpg on the highway, sure less in the city, but paid half the price. I would have broken even after 12 years. Not worth it, especially since I am driving on E85. Greetings!
  7. This is not really new, it was released in September 2014, and besides being shown in a few certain theatres or at events across the county, it was available on itunes 1 week later (if you dare to (currently) pay $13 for it). The trailer(s) were out since May 2014. The movie will be available at the end of the month on Amazon (no details whether on Prime or not) and on Netflix in February 2015. I personally wait and watch it 'free' with my subscription. There is not really anything in this movie most don't know already. Has anybody actually seen the movie yet? Greetings!
  8. $1.20 for E85 and Tim Hortons???? It can't get any better than that! Was/Is that in Laning or Lowell? Greetings
  9. The BP in Warsaw charged $3 for E85 and $2.90 for unleaded a couple days ago. Go figure. Greetings!
  10. Since they have cameras, they have all the evidence. And they don't even ask in Spanish! Greetings! P.S. Yes, the white stuff at the bottom of the screen is snow, record snowfall for South Bend, IN for yesterday was 4.5 inches, a little over 10 fell last night, still snowing, forecast call for more today. Yeah!
  11. Not so much unrelated, as I can relate. I like the 8 O'clock coffee Speedway is serving. But, despite being in Indiana, nothing beats Tim Horton's in my wife's oppinion (which pretty much makes it my opinion as well). Greetings!
  12. Thanks! I tell you, it feels so good when you pump and can watch all those others fighting to get in line to get petrol. Makes you feel somehow special! Too bad that the fuel rewards at Speedway are so behind (you have to go inside first to prepay, go back outside, go back inside for receipt/change). Eventually you have to do it all over again if you prepaid too less. Kroger is so advanced, you simply scan your card at the pump. Greetings!
  13. Up and running, thus they took 1 pump down (the one they first changed from 'Racing Fuel' to E85). Still 2 pumps are active. Price on 10/26/14: Unleaded $3.16, E85 $2.56. Greetings!
  14. Just got another email from Speedway, October 26, 2014, this week Sunday. I need to get fuel anyhows, so, yeah! I will post pictures. Sorry guys, I know, strange, but we are different, remember? Greetings! BTW: I usually have to get the Sunday papers for wifey, I will be there!
  15. With unknown selling date. Price sign (on the big illuminated tower) is up (strangely says 'E85/FlexFuel' in black unlike their normal yellow square with black 'E85' in it), lit up and even displaying a decimal point, but no price. 2 pumps were converted (used to be petrol), 1 was added. Also lit up, all looks like ready to go. Nobody inside the store was able to tell me when it will be available, 1 even told me that 'we don't sell E85 and are not planing on it'. Oh well, let's just do the installation for the fun of it. Speedway (the company itself) told me that the date is 'uncertain'. Speedway #6086 57766 Sr-19 Elkhart, IN 46517-1135 (574) 522-4670 Sorry about the early post, I just got real excited because it is only 4 miles from where I live. No more 15.4 miles to Meijer. Speedway might not have as big of a spread, but for people like me with principals the price is secondary. Will update once they are up and running and selling. Greetings!
  16. Airtex was fast in answering, yes, they have the fuel injectors, but are unable to tell what the connector type is. The technician told me that they usually can tell, the fact that their software does not list it is because it was never manufactured and/or offered for resale. Still searching..... Greetings!
  17. Well, no luck. Actually received 3 different connector types and none of them fit. Am surprised that the plug suppliers can not tell. Contacted 2 manufacturers of conversion/upgrade kits, they don't have a clue either what kind of plug it could be. The idear was to search now for totalled cars at online junkyards to get the plugs. However, the female counterpart is needed, and who would know where to get this? I just keep on blending for right now. I contacted Airtex which makes fuel injectors and has them listed, maybe they answer. Greetings!
  18. WM, thank you so much for your input. You are like a well of information! It is hard to tell from their website if the plug is in fact the same. I found a site which sells the plugs by themselves, am comparing them and see if I can find one that will match. Greetings!
  19. Here are the pictures of the connectors/fuel injector plugs. Looks like Bosch EV6 compare to what fuelflexinternational.com is showing. Anybody has a kit? Anybody can conform that the plugs are truly Bosch EV6? Greetings!
  20. Good luck, I contacted them, no planned releases in the Midwest. Asked about option to pay and download it from them or any other service they might provide it to, nope again, not planned. Let's hope that the cameraman in the theatre has a steady hand (and a good quality camera, and people being quiet etc. etc.). Greetings!
  21. Hello all, Thus doing okay on 50/50, I decided to upgrade our 2013 Hyundai Elantra so we can drive on straight E-85. Anybody having a 4-cylinder kit laying around that the don't need anymore? I found some used ones, but would rather do business with the people here. I prefer to have a kit from fuelflexinternational (so Jonny, youres are therefor fine) since I used them soley so far with excellent results, but am listening to alternatives. JonnyEnergy, if you read this, send me a PM please, I probably need new connectors. I will verify, looks like we are taking about Nipon Denso, but now even they have 2 different of (pin) configurations. Greetings!
  22. More and more vehicles build in 2014 are not FFV's anymore. Check the YellowHose website and their list for FFV's, may vehicle stopped being compatible recently. There is always the option to install an E85 upgrade on a non-FFV vehicle, spend the money and you can have the car you really want. Greetings! www.yellowhose.com
  23. I never thought of smelling my engine oil unless it looked weird or I had problems with the car. I better don't start, I might get paranoid. Greetings!
  24. Our Martin's gas stations have new and shiny labels. There was a link on it, I looked it up, sure enough. What's the penalty? Actually, what is the charge??? i posted one about E85 before, now it is E15. Greetings! http://www.eia.gov/todayinenergy/detail.cfm?id=4230
  25. There is no 'Fine-tuning' needed (read the manual). The internal dial is all you should adjust. Then you are the maximum what you can do. And burn less fuel, in case of our van, consumption went down at least 4 or 5 mpg. The Dodge was a little less. I certainly wont drive a Chevrolet (it probably either will burn up or be in the shop for recall ). And a Focus is a small car and too expensive compared to, well, competitors. Just found out that the new Hyundai Sonate Eco (4-cylinder) will be a GDI, E50 approved in Europe, therefore a great choice to upgrade and to drive on E85. The Genesis is too, just can't afford it. I have searched extensively online, did not find anything about the deveolpment of FFV's througout the year. Besides certain components in the fuel system claimed to be different, there is always talk about the computer which controls everything, different in FFV's (added by a upgrade box to non-FFV's), I was just wondering how this is going. Greetings!
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