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  1. I sent Circle K a corporate an email regarding e85 at this unfinished gas station. This horrible eye sore of a construction site is right in front of my Condo/ complex. What once was a beautiful green golf course has been sold to add more mass to the concrete jungle. I hate having to live next a gas sataion as it brings more traffic, homeless, crime, people, etc. I would at least like to be able to possibly make use of this "coming soon" Circle K that is invading my space.lol Does anybody have any suggestions to get the ball rolling on putting pressure on getting an e85 pump here? To my knowledge there is no e85 pumps this part of town. The closest stations are 59th ave & Olive or Western States down town on 15th ave & Grant. I don't actually think there are any e85 pumps in the heart or metro areas, all of them are on the outskirts.
  2. I forgot to mention on the wholesale purchase of the Pulstar plugs, I needed to replace plugs on both 6 cyl. anyways. That was the other rational, I needed new ones so at that price, its worth a try.lol The only vehicle that didn't really need them was the s-10, but I'm pretty sure when I rebuilt the top end in 2008, I used pretty cheap plugs. The Xterra is PIA so I hope these will last for 80-100k.
  3. Hello, newbie here. Although I have had my flex-fuel s-10 since 2008. I am considering converting 2 vehicles on mine to run e85. I live in AZ and there are quite a few stations in Phoenix area. I too have stumbled across the Pulstar Plugs. I see the biggest problem for most consumers actually trying this product out is the outrageous price, however a quick search will revile Platinum for $10 and Iridium for $13. SO for this price, are these plugs worth it to use in flex-fuel vehicles? I used Advance auto parts warehouse to place an order for a total of 16 plugs, 4 for the s10 and 6 ea. for the 6cyl. 1999 Jimmy and 2001 Xterra I want to convert. I searched for online coupon and got $40 off of orders over $100. Grand total for all 16 platinum Pulstar plugs is $119.94 and free shipping! At that price they are the same cost wise as other platinum and Iridium plugs...Is that a price worth trying them out?
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