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  1. I dont think Dan has posted this one yet!
  2. my non flex-fuel OLDS BRAVADA SUV 2003 has been fueled with E-85 with no harm for the last 5 years it is all a matter of warranty rights and fear what we are fighting here ,while OPEC keeps getting richer and we get more indebted!
  3. Lucky guys! E-85 was actually more expensive today than some gas stations E-10 prices($3.35 /g versus $3.25/g) I think most MID WEST STATES ,like IOWA should already have mandatory E-25 like Brazil to back up their very own ETHANOL producing refineries It is proven to cause no harm to vehicles
  4. There is also market talk of ''the largest grain crop ever'' next year so i wonder how come E-85 is not $2.99/g already since ,gas is lower and nat gas used to refine ethanol is at rock bottom price!?
  5. They will do better by fixing the current problems for two years on a roll with their Sugarcane crop ,afectin sugar and ethanol prices worldwide Introduction of SWEET SORGHUM was suppoussed to aleviate the situation ,but so far very limited They need to at least double their ethanol output without disrupting the sugar market
  6. some sites report a station in Tampa ,at 2701 Louissianna Ave ,33610 carrying E-85 AND B-20
  7. i can not believe they do not want to expand to E-85 with the lot of money they make on it ,specially on those ever more recurring times when gas goes sky high like april
  8. i think Dan took all holidays season vacation , oh well he deserve it!, :bravo_2:
  9. you are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dan for president!!! yeah!
  10. Naes Fuel 1815 N 9th St Saint Louis,Mo also tha map of ''trip planner'' shows 163 E-85 station for Missouri ,manny more than our 131 here i try to sort them out Dan
  11. this is also great news ,Texas is a ''car driving state with long distances'' they need manny more E-85 stations
  12. this is a wonderfully green place wish we had every city hall funding projects like this! it is our tax money!
  13. USA should demand real free enterprise competitiveness in China,India ,Ukraine ,Russia and Kahzastan Free market competion in those larde ,still controlled ex comunist markets would double corn production and cut corn prices in half Also the wide cultivation of SWEET SORGHUM in the USA and the rest of the world would double ETHANOL production lowering production costs and price s ,which would certainly be a great incentive to consumers to buy FF cars or use lower ethanol mixed gas(20,30%) leading to a big decline in oil imports!
  14. how about introducing ''SWEET SORGHUM''cultivation,that yields 4 times more ethanol /acre than corn ,consume 1/4 th the water and grows well in lesser soils? that way ethanol industry could expand to the southwest ,California ,Texas,Hawaii and the South i always thought prices problems would bring cost cutting solutions
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