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    Thanks CW.. Using Simple Portal for the Menu/wdiget Boxes Cheers!
  2. :rstar: This is a really good discussion, folks. I don't want you all to think I'm laying out on it, I'm just learning what questions to ask my 100 yr old Service Adviser in a few thousand miles.
  3. 30 Sept 2010 18:30 E85 $2.29 87 Octane $2.55.
  4. I've been in love with the pickup ever since it hit the market in 2001 and figured it deserved its own thread. I'm half way through my first tank of E85 now and should have some benchmarking data soon.
  5. When the forum gets the karma feature, I'll come back and award this post. Thank you! My service adviser called and "warned" me about using the E85. He said his wife bought some in Colorado and "barely made it home." I now presume she didn't know about these usage factors. I am more of a fill up on the half tank guy anyway, so I'll always be buying more than five gallons and have a long drive home. I'm relieved to know the computer keeps track of it. EMAS, do I need to research the General Motors thread for more goodness like these? Good stuff!
  6. Kudos to the forum creators. This is one of the coolest applications of SMF I've seen. I administrate one for my family and wish it was this nice. Bravo and well done!
  7. I totally agree! Fair enough! You just listed all my political reasons :-) I didn't want to get into a patriotic tirade on my first post and anyway, I think there's a separate forum for that. I appreciate all the encouragement, folks. The lucky thing about it is although that station is 14 miles away, I drive past it often and can top-off frequently. It's a 24/7, credit card only station at a local oil company. Its convenience factor is particularly wonderful given the price difference. Soon, I'm going to check out the other one in Grapevine. I'll have a report on it soon. I've always been in favor of more environmental options and believe people aren't intentionally leaving huge carbon footprints but rather, are lazy and will seek convenience. I was somewhat troubled on the trip from Google to this forum at all the non-ethanol-gas-station links that came up before I found the E85 site. I believe it'll be convenience, not mindfulness, that converts those people. At any rate, mucho gusto everyone. I'm glad to be here and although not an overtly political person, I'll be happy to contribute in any way I can. I really appreciate the warm reception.
  8. Greetings all, CW checking in from DFW. So I confess I didn't do it on purpose but I am fully on board with it now. The Mrs. and I just purchased a 2010 Chevy Avalanche that was E85 ready. I'm pleased to see increasing numbers of E85 pumps in our fair burg. I'll be running some numbers to figure out whether or not I'm at the break-even point, driving 14-ish miles to my E85 station but regardless, I believe it's worth it for political reasons. I just paid $2.24 in Denton and the 87 Octane was $2.67.
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