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  1. Nice! Should be the required sticker on all FFV's --INCLUDING GOVT FFVs!
  2. Here- we have not had over 3/4 inch in the last 60 days (and was dry before that)- our soil is like a beach or kids sandbox that cannot "bank" water. Dryland corn is about ready for harvest and will be better than last year- likely 75-120 bu on sand. Irrigated however is likely going to be the typical 225 bu+ and is still completely green with no browning of shucks. It will need maybe 3-4 weeks before frost to reach full maturity and maximum test weight.
  3. If you're talking about Little America, it's up the road about 15 klicks... I'm not sure that it's the place- the town video played "Branded-what do you do when you are a man" VS. Frank Zappa's Poofter's Froth song. ;D Nice place though. If the Vietnam war was still going on I would be suspecting the new owner of wanting to be close to the UP mainline in order to blow up the tracks- disrupting ordinance movements. However- since that is nearly 40 years behind us and most vets I know who struggled the most personally with the effects of that war and have the means to travel have toured Vietnam since, were welcomed with open arms, and carry little grudge today- the rest of us should not either--as evidenced by the former and new owner's current relationship.
  4. I wondered about that too, but we have emissions testing here which consists of the ECU being plugged into a computer to make sure there's no funny business going on with fault codes and a pressure test on the gas cap to make sure it's not losing pressure. Should not be any codes they would be looking for if ECU is an FFV version -- however - even if they did not take note of the version, they might take note of the spanish ;D
  5. Thanks for sharing indeed! I noticed that you did not mention oil and gas from fracking operations impact on the environment. I get into west Wisconsin very frequently and what is jaw dropping over there is the dozens of frack sand plants, open pit mines, the power consumed, the vast numbers of large gravel trucks hauling sand to the railhead operations, and the vast amount of rail cars being loaded. Wisconsin is of course a long long way from most frack wells but we have the right sand. While a lot of jobs were created here over the last 2 years- there is a lot of environmental impact with these new sand rock operations. I just hope these sand operations are not loading the air with a lot of silicates which are a respiratory hazard.
  6. Quote from Toyota: "At this point, we feel that the rewards of using E85 are not large enough to warrant the increase in cost to the Prius to add this equipment," they concluded." Which Is why I concluded I still do not want a Toyota product.
  7. War, snore, more----- it's Labor Day weekend folks-- time for another raping of the public traveling before vacations end and gasoline demand subsides for the year. There is always a rumor of war, a hurricane threat, refinery fire, or someone stepping on the crack and breaking their mamas back to cause panic as THE REAL reason why gas prices are rising to no fault of the wonderful here to serve you oil industry. The press is the mere fools tool to assist in this free campaign. Happens nearly every Labor day, often July 4th (not hurricanes then though) and then there is the annual "oh my gosh" refineries are burning, blowing up, not restarting Memorial day excuses. ;D When it comes to Christmas though- rarely a spike there- after all it is Christmas and the oil companies feel more giving then. 'Course then there are no refinery turnarounds in cold weather to cause fires, no hurricanes,- there are only wars but then demand for gas is very low then so "being generous" for Christmas is less costly good will.
  8. Yes-E10 is a much better value than E0 87 made with suboctane and premium. Within 6 months less than 5% of stations will carry E0 87 but likely that 50% of the premium will remain E0- especially if near a resort area with recreational boaters. Unfortunately this more price attractive E10 will narrow the gap a bit to E85 (price to price but not necessarily in value). You will NOT see hardly any stations come up with a free tank for E85 from this (few have an E0, E10, midgrade, and premium tank- most just have 3 or a 87 octane tank and a premium tank with blenders to make midgrade). You also have agreements in the way requiring the station to sell ALL the major brand grades. You will see folks that put in a blender pump to pick up the blend economics from cheap alcohol and RINS struggle more since now this benefit goes to the terminal blender and may only pass to the retailer when so much competition exists they have to give up this extra margin to remain competitive. Independents will still blend for RINS and value but remember the first 10% alcohol (the lions share) will now be done at the terminal. Basically I do not see this as a favorable turn of events- It was not when it came to pass in WI.
  9. Rather than market E85 or higher blends - big oil is already gearing up to fight EPA for minimum ethanol sales for 2014; http://www.biomassmagazine.com/articles/9312/big-oil-already-pushing-for-partial-waiver-of-2014-rfs-volumes
  10. There is something that drives me crazy- station owners with small minds thinking small. A 4000 GALLON TANK!!!!!! E85 priced right will easily sell over 1000 gal/day in the right town- even in an unattended station!! Furthermore to buy cost effectively direct from an ethanol plant means getting a full load (8100 gal) plus airspace in the tank top, plus inventory enough to carry you the hours between safe order and safe (fitting in tank) delivery. This means 12,000 gal tank which costs only about $3-4,000 more than a 4,000 gal tank. With a 4,000 gal tank these folks are stuck pulling ethanol from an oil terminal and paying more for it, while juggling split loads with gasoline. Trust me- ultimately they will just raise the price at retail to make life simple. It is nice seeing some competition- and yes, two competitors who get it priced right will each far exceed total sales and net income than trickling out a few gal at 60-80 cents gross/gal like I have seen them try.
  11. You mean like the added fluctuations that will occur just before crop insurance and other govt program dates where the gov'ment wants prices low, then high to minimize program expense? So it is more than just speculators,- govt has motives behind their reports too. ;D
  12. Here is a long running thread by Hotrod (Larry) who was an early innovator who studied E85, tested it in his Soob and then modified it to run straight E85 with stock everything except for larger injectors. Read it for yourself; http://forums.nasioc.com/forums/showthread.php?t=803341
  13. In my experience- the lag between a new great spread and a lot of business gain is 4-6 weeks. It's like people need to drive by- see it, discuss it at home, church, and at the coffee clutch before the herd moves.
  14. I just wonder that if flex fuel and turbo--just how big of a boat or camper that puppy can haul ;D
  15. http://www.fuelsnews.com/rin-prices-plummet-following-epa-announcement/?goback=%2Egde_35597_member_264087188 So EPA scaled back some- causing RINS to fall a bit from the highs.
  16. More of that ethanol that the oil industry and it's minion API says is non-existent; http://ethanolproducer.com/articles/10096/ineos-declares-commercial-cellulosic-ethanol-online-in-florida I cannot see Husker's post due to the long running issues I have with seeing certain posts when logged in- sorry if I duplicated.
  17. Can't fool me- that corn didn't grow there. It had to walk there. Corn does not grow on concrete without irrigation ;D I'll bet that is just some old sweet corn type for city folk.
  18. Sorry- I was busy and forgot to get back to this- the other link was indeed one of them. Here is another; http://www.coleparmer.com/Chemical-Resistance For a simple but fast visual demonstration of the need for compatibility-particularly with gasoline, pour pure ethanol in a Styrofoam cup--nothing happens, dump out the ethanol and pour in gasoline- the cup melts faster than you can pour. Of course now you have a reportable spill to report to the DNR ;D
  19. I actually is quite easy to find non-ethanol industry sources to counter each of their claims. Those are all old as the book. However, doing so will do no good because those talking just love to hear themselves and are not interested in the truth (they have their own ideas of truth). I find the only benefit to counter them is for the undecided-which is rare. The corrosion thing-do you know there are at least two great websites for engineers or users to determine the best seal, elastomer for hoses, metals, plastics, etc. I used to have more but lost the links. You could show the unbelievers the sites but don't bet they will believe you enough to look when you post the link and tell them a much wider selection of elastomers have a excellent rating for methanol or ethanol as compared to gasoline-especially a high aromatic one. And metals- high aromatic gas was worse than ethanol. Nor do the non-believers want to admit that today the preferred underground tank for E85 is fiberglass--the bad rap on fiberglass was one brand of fiberglass made before 1990 (?) that had a poor type resin binder that was bad anyway but ethanol sped up it's decay- the only place it is found is about 1% of the very oldest boats. Last- the 1.42 conversion rate for energy had ALL energy inputs accounted for- the unbelievers will never admit oil is exhaustible nor that in refining alone for every 1 btu that goes in of crude- only 0.8 come out. And just how much energy does it take to heat tar sands, frack, or build pipelines? All of that information is available but I do not have the time or energy tonight to look it up.
  20. I agree that I hate to see E0 87 go away. It made it possible for me to use as much local ethanol as possible using E0 to make E10 and E20. It also took away the complainer's validity (just don't use E10 if you don't like it). When they no longer offer E0 for blending they control the ethanol > The truth is this is happening because; 1) In spite of din of the noisy ethanol haters- they are a tiny minority and no E0 87 really gets sold at 6-10 cents over E10--this is also true if E0 is 1 cent more. The only real E0 market is for marine and most of those were buying at least 89 octane- they now either buy E10 or premium E0. 2) Oil companies make less on E0 because; a) octane from ethanol is much cheaper than octane from the aromatics group and if they move too much E0 they might have to buy RINS ( they sure would not want to encourage their dealers to sell E85 now would they?) Of course if they (majors) will not push E85 then they will drive the RIN market and someone else will find profit in that space, 3) terminal space is costly and limited--fewer products help cut costs (suboctane only vs suboctane and an 87 E0). It is also easier to schedule pipeline shipments of fewer products. Keep in mind that some markets (like Chicago/Milwaukee) were non-attainment zones and had to keep two additional grades for low vapor pressure- thus they were early adopters to eliminate E0 87 so they had room to continue marketing a couple of cheap high vapor pressure products for shipments just outside the attainment zone.
  21. That looks like a healthy appearing corn field---except for the "squeezed" ears--were you over there squeezing corn juice out to ferment BJoe? ;D
  22. If you are an ethanol producer or a wholesale non-obligated party- a dollar worth of RIN is directly worth a dollar of value on pure ethanol- so on summer blend- $1x.833=$0.833. Same if you are an obligated party who must go buy a RIN because you are behind in the amount of ethanol you are obligated to move. Only the blender who just needs a tiny amount of RIN might question this value. Of course any major oil company (Shell, Mobil, BP, Citgo, Conoco, etc) would just prefer to not promote a few gal of competitive product (E85)and instead pass the $1 onto a small % of gallons of E10 (maybe 1% of their total they could be short on) and then claim the RFS is making gas WAY more expensive (vs at most 1 cent for RIN in this instance less another 4-8 cents in octane value less another 5-8 cents in cheaper ethanol). Don't miss the fact that oil companies just want to buy ethanol a lot cheaper and would likely to continue selling a lot of E10 anyway now that the terminal storage is all in place because ethanol makes their product so much cheaper and refining margins are so variable they fail to invest building more. What they really want is to be able to blend at will so they can dominate the ethanol market. They sure as heck do not want to promote E85. Just my 2 ;D
  23. As far as I know this plant is ready to go. It was prepared properly for last winter the winter to avoid damage to piping/coolers/exchangers. I would think the wait is only for new crop corn to come in which will improve corn to ethanol spreads. ACE is a decent group though historically has done little to support any E85 network. 16 Million is a bargain since this plant has a full CO2 capture plant, some oil extraction equipment (though I am unsure who owns that part nowdays), is closest to the Green Bay oil terminal and NE WI dairies for distillers. BTW- I read today that the RIN value is up to $1.13- -could not verify this or find out which type of RIN.
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