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  1. Will the Tolleruds, Ingqvists, Bunsens, Tollefsons, and Krebsbachs all be coming over from Wobegon? I don't know if I'll be up Dan- wrong time of year for ludefisk. ;D
  2. "Sorry sir- but I rented this vehicle just so I could use a cleaner burning fuel. I do not want to breathe toxic gas fumes when filling your car- nor do I want to take the chance I would get that stuff on my hands. BTW- didn't your rental agency get a tax break for buying this vehicle? I will be using E85 and it is the preferred fuel for this vehicle per EPA and automakers statements. Should you chose to penalize me in any way I will take this up with the proper authorities AND Better Business Bureau" ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)
  3. It is nice to see another E85 station though a poor priced one is bad for public opinion about E85. We can only hope they change their pricing strategy some day. They seem to price CNG somewhat aggressive- why not E85??? My fear is that they plan to use the minimum markup law (oil terminal based price min) to control competition. Who knows? They absolutely have control over their costs- last I knew they shopped all ethanol plants for contract prices, then haul it themselves to oil terminals where they rent space to store it until another truck arrives to be blended to E-whatever. If they are priced poorly it is only because:1) they bought at the wrong time 2) they are double transporting it, 3) they are stuck in their minds they must use crapoline instead of natural gasoline, 4) they just want huge margins, or 5) see above minimum markup comment. I think the problem is merely that they have NEVER priced it right for some reason and do not see the potential to drive business into their stores. They do not seem to have a clue that with their locations they could sell a transport of it a day per station (I am not exaggerating). However- being a massive retailer with tremendous assets and the Wisconsin minimum markup law is oil terminal price based (set by the average oil company selling price of E85 plus freight, plus tax, plus 9.18%) they may be afraid of the very thing that happened to one other retailer sued for $12,000,000. : BTW- CNG, LP, and LNG are not covered by such law and neither was ethanol until the Dept of Ag ruled without lawmaker vote that it was.
  4. It's here: https://www.kwiktrip.com/Locations/Details/863/ Saw it last night when I was in town. Store #863 Comes up on a google search of kwik trip stevens point I was surprised to see it there- I do not get into that part of Steven Point often but this must of popped up in the last 3 months or so.
  5. Brand new E85 station by Kwik Trip: 5311 Old Highway 18 Stevens Point (715) 344-6623 This is on the south side of Hwy 10 and on the east edge of I 39/US 51. Not a blender and is a single E85 dispenser. Easy on/off for all traffic. I did not pay attention to pricing other than it was typical 10% less than gas like KT tends to do.
  6. That's a good price James- similar proof material (Jim Beam, Jack Daniels, etc) runs considerably more (about $40/gal) and cause blurring of vision At a buck and a half for an empty container weighing about 2oz it is obvious the "oil boys" still make more on the jug than the ethanol industry will. ??? Perhaps the ethanol industry (or protein production industry as I prefer to think of it) should consider succinic acid or other chemical production as a precursor to plastic/polymer production. ;D
  7. Many years ago- about 6 months after opening our E85 station #2 (12th in WI) --I pulled out onto a state hwy at the exit of the station and I twisted off the output shaft in the Ford Taurus FFV tranny. (they were known for that defect) I got out and as part of the code of distress- put on the flashers and raised the hood. First a state trooper stopped, looked at the well branded car, the station, and asked if I had just burned up my car on E85. Within 5 minutes a sheriff's deputy stopped and asked if I had a fuel problem. ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D Of course I had to let them both know that indeed E85 was the cause- the tranny could not handle the output torque of such racing fuel and that perhaps they might be able to perform their job better if they used the same. :P :P :P
  8. Congratulations Gas----. You will find that an ethanol plant has numerous skilled positions to move into. Most will even see training/schools are made available to get there for those with a desire to move up. Just don't smoke in distillation ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D Or loadout, or grain dump! Seriously- a good wetcake loader, electrician, plant operator (1 year minimum training required), or wiz at welding stainless are particularly valued. Plant operators and maintenance staff with sound troubleshooting skills are top. You are working with live yeasts and trouble comes quickly when infections arrive or valves allow too much/too little enzymes in, etc. Unfortunately every batch can be a new experience-even with great SOPs- not as simple a baking a cake. Takes brains to figure it out when yield drops. Now your testimony on THE HILL will no longer be non-biased LOL ;D ;D ;D
  9. Wow Steve- wonder how he figured out it was an FFV? There was no sticker, no cap, only way to know was via VIN and looking up on the list. (maybe it was in the owners manual) The thing with Mercedes was that those FFV's required 91 octane minimum- always figured they would be an obvious choice for E85 IF the programming was an good.
  10. I voted undecided but lean heavily towards no. I guess I am open to see what it might look like. Maybe 90% of all gas engines are set up for 87 octane (at under 2,000' elevation) and perhaps only 10-20% more of the 90% will advance timing enough to take advantage of the added octane -this might give us 20-30% of vehicles that MIGHT respond. I do not see that price comparison by octane is helpful- octane is one of those things that if needed it is of value- otherwise not of concern. Racers are keenly aware of E85 and methanol's antiknock characteristics and the value relationships. Others who own cars that require premium would never put in E85 or high blends because either they do not care about 1) environment 2) local jobs, 3) cleaner burn, 4) miles per dollar, 5) to take a "risk" on filling their baby with something "different". I'll pick on Mercedes FFV owners here Yes- there were Mercedes FFV's but I NEVER saw one at an E85 pump- EVER. What is true is that some consumers believe more is better (octane) but do not know why- perhaps we may not want them buying E85 for the wrong reason?
  11. lol..as it becomes more readily available.. ;D ..umm install it it and it WILL be more readily available http://www.murphyusa.com/About-Us/#!s3 Yes if Murphy's starts installing E85 that will be big You can bet that a oil refiner such as Murphy will know exactly where they can buy ethanol. Not only that but they could supply a denaturant to an ethanol plant and have them blend onsite an E85. ;D
  12. I use the glass because it gives me a handle on how well the oil stays suspended (because I like to know). The interesting thing is that I have yet to find my E10/oil mixes to separate vs the old days of E0 and old style 2 stroke oil where it nearly always separated.
  13. Here is the way the fuels industry works BJ- there is a big side market that sells snake oil. It is the over the counter (OTC) fuels additive market. while a FEW of the items sold inside a c-store, auto parts, or mass market store auto department are legitimate- most are not and border on downright fraud. Wherever there is a combination of money available (boating/small engines), ignorance of fuels and how things work (typical fuels consumer), and hot button topics---the makers of these snake oil products will spend big money to make the market bigger. Oil majors condescend because their refinery by-products go to these manufacturers of additives- let alone the work these shucksters do to make it seem only good ole fossil is best . There are legitimate additive makers such as GE/Betz, Lubrizol, Schaeffer, etc- they make valued products to fix real issues that fossil fuels have and these are typically added at refinery or oil terminal/jobber- rarely OTC. When you see octane enhancers, valve cleaners, injector cleaners, fuel corrosion fixers-- think about it-- who really needs something that is only created in the minds of consumers to benefit the BG's of the world? More than just some of this stuff is detrimental. And who needs to add Heet to E10 which is what--95% of all gas today? It is all just marketing. As mentioned- in a non-oil injected 2 stroke- the oil must remain mixed. Who picks up their saw to shake it, who stores mixed gas/oil in sealed glass (so you can see separation), who stores fuel in full sealed cans, who either fills the tool with gas or runs the carb and tank empty before storage? THIS IS EQUALLY IMPORTANT FOR ANY FUEL TYPE. I do these things, do not use additives, and the only time I ever have had a problem is with E0 gas left in a small 4 stroke for 6 months (and this was every time I tried to do this with E0 gas). I have 3 saws that get infrequent use- the glass jar trick is what I have used and is the way we also store it on the farm even back in the 60's. Just be careful with glass to not store it in your garage- put it in a dark unheated yard barn where if you break it you will not spill it where it could get to a heat or spark source.
  14. Coulda told you that Dan- a couple of those guys (Sanger Rat and FC Pilot-Paul) have been tuning and posting their results online on racing forums for a long time. Paul had one boat (his own) that nearly laid him up a while. She came up out of the water when he gunned it and went over backwards- putting the 8 intake tubes into his back. Definitely not 2 strokes ;D Paul also does drag race engine tuning and owns glide and door cars. A few years back one of the local engineers for Mercury Marine was doing a fair amount of design/tuning with E85 in their performance/racing division- and it worked awesome. Not sure where the program developed- though he lives in the same town I do, I have not seen him or remember his name.
  15. Dan- that $250,000 was for the entire turnkey unattended station build, 2 blender pumps with cash acceptors/card readers, software, 2-12,000 double wall tanks, concrete, electrical, etc. In the beginning it even covered my asphalt and engineering costs (so all except land) but costs were creeping up towards the end and the UL label looked like it was going to cost 5K per dispenser. Still angry about the UL bit- those non-UL out of the box gasoline blenders never showed any need to have any upgrades- only the stinking gas sides had meter/valve issues. The 25K for dispensers included the $5,000+ for cash acceptors and our graphics but did not include UL costs. They were Gilbarco series S 3+0 (3 blend) 3 hose. I never cut corners on signs, canopies, graphics, or software (dumped Ruby as fast as possible) because those are the items that invite and retain due to professionalism- I caution against cutting too many corners. In spite of mostly rural or small town locations- very best locations averaged 850K-900K gal annual sales (about 300K ethanol) but the 2 losers were 300K annual (too little to cover overhead- ours were stand alone so also had to support landscaping, snow removal, etc) We had 18 total. In summary- putting a 12,000 gal E85 tank in an existing station and tying into existing gasoline line will NOT cost 250K- - likely less than 1/2 that on the high and difficult side. But then- I have not bought one for about 3 years.
  16. Very nice job Aaron! That is not only the way govt is supposed to work with input from concerned, informed citizens without a blind bias to push- I am proud of you for having the nerve and will to participate. Think of all you learned from this experience- you will go far in life. 8) Frankly all of us can learn from this- our voices can carry more weight than those who would be seen with a vested interest.
  17. As is typical in many news clips- much data is missing and so we have to take the writer's conclusion. For example- the 600,000 annual increase to one country is less than 2/3rds day production. I guess I am just curious if it is really causing this effect or if it is typical trader sensationalism. Dan- did you see a total export quantity for the year/quarter and how much imports changed this year vs last and also compared to 2 years ago?
  18. Also quote from previous: "Needless to say the mileage as of late is horrid, especially with E85. We're averaging about 12mpg right now." :D :D Hmmmmmm ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
  19. I agree with pretty much all of what you said Greengenes. ACE has always been the more on track organization and a side bonus for ethanol producers- it was also more affordable to be a member of (at least when I was in the industry). As far as vehicles- I said from the beginning that we needed better FFV's first, then more- not more FFVs then better. The poor ones (especially those early algorithm type sensing) really turned people off with problems and poor mpg spreads to gas.
  20. Oh man-- so true. I even do this nowdays. Only my 91 year old mother in law is not messing with her phone.
  21. "Loved the WKRP bit... wondering why I hadn't seen that before." I grew up about 50 miles from Cincinnati - so I could not miss a show that purported to be from there. 'Twas a long long time ago Gasisoutragious- perhaps your interests at the time were elsewhere. 8) We are glad you are here to
  22. Happy Thanksgiving all! To James- you might have missed the WKRP turkeys in the off-topic section so I re-post it here; Enjoy with your hardhat on.
  23. I hate to admit my age- but my wife and I always watched this series and about died laughing when we saw this in it's first run. A classic of the day.
  24. Up here the maroa mite caused colony collapse disorder in bee colonies starting back in about 1988. A local honey producer/packer I know was very open about it at that time and is still in business to this day in spite of the continued collapse of his colonies during that era. This was of course long before any GMO crops.
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