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  1. Just as much as farce as blaming "frozen tracks" for holding up ethanol trains for rising gas prices is this final statement: "the prices should drop going into summer unless-----" Bahaahaa!!!!!! By the way- how does one copy and paste on this new website?????
  2. The EPA has finally come out with E10 test fuel. This means for once that mileage and emissions tests will be done with real fuel. I would anticipate this will let automakers dial in tunes/emissions for real fuel vs the old test fuel which did not even represent E0 gas. E85 will also soon have a test version.
  3. Forsooth Dan! I am not old- just expand my profile pic and you will see my pregnant wife to be and myself in a sleeveless tux. We are young and very common folk- yet creative (see our Twinky wedding cake?). Nothing strange here.
  4. whoopy!!!! Here I thought I was persona non grata- locked down with no way to communicate privately. But just like Steve Martin in "The Jerk" -- I went to the mailbox and I have mail!!! I'm somebody- I got a new phone book in the mail and I AM IN IT!!!!!!!
  5. Like Steve-O----kinda miss the ability to "pm". To my knowledge it was never abused an it was a great way to chat with someone about little details the rest had no interest in and yet was safer than outright sharing of email addresses. Is there a way to personal message that we are missing? I like the ability to "like" which is common in all other social media.
  6. Done Steve-0 !!!! signed, sealed, delivered. Oh Danny boy- did you doubt the nun? Or did she doubt herself?
  7. Just in case you are reading KT- I have been back in your stores lately- buying E85, carwashes, coffee, and other items. Keep it up and I'll keep up my end. You could be better than the 18% or so or but at least I can buy from you without costing me so much or have to buy elsewhere. As a consumer I know your approximate costs and I know my breakevens to buy from you. I have been watching you leave E85 at 2.799 while gas has been climbing- do not get temped to move E85 because the spread is still marginally acceptable- I will go elsewhere if you raise it If the wholesale ethanol markets, RIN values, etc do not justify a move.
  8. I would like to see one of these in a sweet corn canning plant- utilizing the cob, silk, and husk.
  9. Take two Styrofoam cups. Do NOT use much gas due to mess. Pour a small amount of gasoline into one cup. Pour denatured ethanol into the other. Last time I tried this the gas cup lost it's bottom before I quit pouring. the ethanol cup was unaffected.
  10. I just don't understand- how could you pass up on such a problem solving solution to "your problem" (your rapidly decaying fuel system with prolly 20 gal of water in your tank) and "her problem" (keeping the boss happy with grossly obscenely profitable sales). It just seems unpatriotic and unsympathetic to her needs to not part with your money.
  11. Rip Van Winkle- IS THAT YOU??????? Still poor spreads over here too- I have only been in KT country- not down in United Coop area for a while. Been sleeping a bit myself with all the cold and snow don't you know. Groundhog agrees---ZZZZZZZZZZ
  12. Maybe 6700 rpm redline is why they require AWD- so harder to break loose all wheels and go past 6700, scattering pistons, rods, etc. My car is a 4 cyl turbo and has a relatively high redline- in 3rd gear (of 6) one can quickly be 65 mph and not even near redline. Kinda makes things fun and makes one wonder what the next 3 gears are for.
  13. Sorry to remain off-topic but: " Morning Ioutlaw.. Just mouseover the cellphone Icon Attached Images" Does nothing on my laptop- cell phone icon does not change/reveal a #. Not a big deal- I was just checking to see if a station had the correct phone #.
  14. That is impressive. Three or more years back there were several drag racers on Long Island using the good stuff- it never hurts to have them because they get the attention of top mechanics and lends a stable buffer to the less educated mechanics. BTW- Dan- this is off topic but how does one open the phone number detail of a station?
  15. Nice look- it's like it comes with attitude, and probably does if equipped with 295 hp if vehicle weight is reasonable.
  16. I tried to post prices from south side of Miami on the way to Key West along highway 1/5 - several UGas locations had E85 at 2.99. The two closest to the intersection with Florida turnpike were also 2.99 and gas was 3.39. The Ocean and Shell E85 stations were as high as 3.29 for E85. Wish I could have posted these accurately but the mobile app would not even populate and I could not get the regular site to work posting via PC.
  17. Same old problem for me too-(blank post when logged in).
  18. Agreed- 100% but do not be surprised how well the entrenched energy and food companies fight. Do not overestimate the open mindedness of the ignorant or those who made their decision what is right long ago. Just saying--or you will be stunned and overwhelmed and want to give up the battle to educate those who might learn
  19. Yes- a lovely place- my son-in-law lived there a while. Great place to visit----in summer. ;D
  20. I wished I felt as positive as you that this will quell the critics din. When they choose to ignore truth or are close minded then such facts simply get in the way. We have had two small waste whey ethanol plants up here for several years now- they are ignored or forgotten by critics though they prevent this waste from being land spread on frozen fields and polluting streams. It will take several "Liberties" to truly impact supply and even then I will wager the anti's will ignore them or have a new angle of how this destroys organic matter levels in soils, or the same old tired total lies of "takes more fuel to make than you get out", "destroys engines", "has less power", "drives up prices---food, fuel, eggs in China, of land values on the moon, etc", "with all the subsidies ethanol gets we could have------", "starves babies (yes-I was accused of being a baby killer more than once)", "causes the dead zone in the Gulf", "causes carbon to be released due to displacing food crops", "takes a gazillion gallons of water to make a drop of fuel even in Illinois on non-irrigated land", and much more. I am sure that this additional non-grain feedstock production will certainly have even more things the such folks will dream up as issues to shout us down with.
  21. 'Cept diesel- that is really difficult at -30. Fuel will be cloudy and will plug the filter without fuel heaters. At -30 even straight #1 oil is iffy and no additive is foolproof for #2 at that temp--especially if the vehicle sits outside and has to cold start with no heaters. Shouldn't be a problem where I'm heading 8)
  22. Yes- both of Dan's posts are blank.
  23. That is truly great news- Sarasota, Tampa, Siesta Key, and Venice area is where my family likes to visit. Every time we would fly into Tampa, rent an FFV, fly down the coast with thousands of other FFVs and NOT ONE E85 station existed. It seemed every car was either 1) an FFV or 2) a BMW- therefore since every car could not be a Beemer- there were a ton of FFVs ;D I have complained about the lack of E85 there for years- even tried to work out a rail direct deal to the company out of Tampa who used to distribute ethanol to the state of FL to no avail.
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