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  1. Ok- Dan - I loaded Chrome, logged in thru it, and James first post lacks content just like IE - whatsupwiththat? ;D
  2. I know you are razzing me there Dan - seriously even to reply with a quote is not working (nor is preview, spell check, all addtional options) - only a plain reply or modify post works. It is likely a combination of IE, Windows 2007, my AVG, and some of my updates that are clashing with this site. All other sites I go to seem to work but even there I do not like the way this laptop functions moving in, thru, and out of Google products. I just do not want to mess with dumping IE right now since it means my favorites (jobsite search related) will be a stuggle -- and there are about 50 of those. I am not really saying this website is the problem- it is my set-up.
  3. I think someone told KT that VEETC ended though. Gas went up in my town to 3.439 today and what did KT do? -- They raised E85 to 3.199 > Needless to say- they did not get my biz. They should be able to make better margin than gasoline selling E85 at under $3 AND getting the a whole lot more return business inside the store. They also would have at least 1 cent/gal lower credit card expense. As it is I am just ticked that they are the only E85 seller in town and to object I have to go buy E10 from someone else. : I am working my way to call Mr Zietlow about this > It is one thing if the markets do not allow the retailer to buy right- it is quite a different thing for them to try to make 50 cent margins when on gas they settle for 12-15 cents. > I put in a call to find out the real ethanol/natural gasoline markets- when I get those I will post these up.
  4. Dan- my issue is apparently just IE and maybe my anti-virus software. I should just give up and switch to Chrome or something else. Most functions on this website do not work and a lot of folks first posts appear to lack any content (and I do not mean meaningless )
  5. I plead ignorance- just trying to post a pic from either photobucket or my pc. I am not sure what I am doing wrong and sure do not know about the mona lisa icon. When I paste the photobucket pic address between the it just shows me a red x with the photo not coming in - cant figure out also how to post from my pc/docs-I never thought I could but am experimenting anyway.
  6. Yes Dan- that is about right. I am really frustrated that KT around here (the only one in my area) is 3.15 for E85 and 3.39 for E10. They obviously are not even trying to buy and sell right unless the object is to kill E85 and discourage automakers from making more FFV's-- but then KT never priced right around here.
  7. Dan, I was just south of there (Naples) thru last Sunday- regular gas was $3.539- now GasBuddy shows it at 3.579 to 3.799. Those could be used for posting the spread.
  8. No Jim- drink alcohol and have worms longer. Must be why trips to Mexico sometimes end badly.
  9. Extension cord? ;D Hmm- even a 100 hp 230v input cable can be oo size wire and have an interesting sway on start-up surge. 850 hosses w/o a battery for buffering/storage would take some mighty big wire, 440v or higher and a huge swivel for circle track operation. Might even take 100 or so horses to drag the wire around. ;D Perhaps a flux capacitor machine set up to attract lightning could be more practical provided it is only a summer car. Lightning voltage is high enough that wire size is reduced and is not needed beyond antenna reach
  10. The writer has a balanced head sitting on his shoulders. He should however get a bit more up to date on energy uses. Overall a very good article.
  11. Could be the flame color issue but I suspect it is that they want a fuel closer to what the man on the street can buy AND there might be more possible sponsors from the fuel side for E85 than for E100 since E100 is a pure commodity while E85 can be differentiated. As sad as the Weldon crash was- I am sure this decision was made months before his crash. Color of the flame is not everything - gasoline is very visible and this Indy series of racing left gasoline in favor of the totally invisible methanol for the higher level of safety it afforded after a very tragic crash with Eddie Sachs/Dave McDonald in 1964. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eddie_Sachs http://indymotorspeedway.com/500d-64.htm Put yourself in the seats of the drivers behind Dave McDonald- they never had a chance entering a wall of black smoke or orange fire. How could they have seen to pass the wreckage? Granted- seeing no flame COULD mean they ignited a fuel vent but this would have been extremely unlikely.
  12. I did not get time to review the whole PDF in the depth I would like to (job hunting taking a lot of time ) but a few quick observations; 1) the purpose of the study was likely to see what the average mechanically clueless consumer would experience with his old carb'ed motor since he would not likely adjust the carb's A/F ratios. Not a problem with the fuel but instead shows the difficulty of change for the typical consumer. 2) test also shows serious flaw of using an open loop WOT phase rather than O2 sensor control- especially with marine engines. Marine engines indeed are likely to spend far longer at WOT than autos-- picture boating on Lake Winnebago which is about 40 miles long-- weather coming in and you are 20 miles out!!!!! 3) shame shame shame on these companies for elastomer selection --this is the one thing they could have easily avoided for problems! 4) they do tend to run more hp per displacement than in autos- this means heat, wear, risk of destruction. These engineers are NOT dumb- I know one of them who is from my town and who was part of an E85 race engine design team in their performance division. It is just that from a cost control view- they cannot go too far beyond their competitors or they will not be competitive. So what do they do about open loop in EFI? What about closing/sealing the fuel systems like cars do? When do they go EFI on the smallest engine models? How do they implement these changes in the current economic marketplace? (just one year ago they about closed the whole Fond du Lac operation in favor of moving it to Oklahoma- but then dropped the idea)
  13. BP is NOT an American company even though they do have a lot invested here. BP really stands for British Petroleum and at least for many years after the aquisition of Amoco they did not tolerate American upper management well- in fact they insisted on Brits in key positions per the jobbers I know. Still- good to see them investing in this project though they recently killed their solar (PV) business. HECK OF A LOT MORE THAN EXXON MOBIL HAS DONE. Lets face it- they are mostly all dirty birds in business- google or watch the news and Shell, Chevron, Conoco, and most others in the exploration end of things have big environmental issues.
  14. BP recently posted, then hired engineers for Florida land planning/ road/ drainage. They now have the engineer posting for the following: =================================================== LOCATION NOTE: This is part of the Biofuels PS&O Project Team and will be assigned to the Highlands Ethanol Project which is designing, and building a large-scale ethanol facility and farm infrastructure associated with energy grass supply in Highlands County, Florida. Currently the role is located at the EP Contractor site in Spartanburg, SC, and will transition to Highlands County, FL to support project construction as the project progresses. This position is designated as 100% travel due to the work location(s). Candidates will be required to relocate to Houston, TX. Additional projects in the Southeast US are planned in the future. =================================================== SO -- looks like an energy grass to ethanol project rather than cane as I had suspected.
  15. Plan on $3.75- $4 for E10 87 octane by April 15 and then paying >$4 thru the summer until after Labor Day. Theoretically E85 would be $3 but you can bet your bootie that will not happen- just like right now- why on earth is KT back up to 3.09? That's my 2 :-X
  16. Take a look at this link to wholesale price averages for WI and part of MN and if the link lets you in you will see that octane is costing at least 5 cents per point for premium over base 87 E0. You will see huge spreads in some terminals for 10% ethanol product vs E0 of any grade- particularly premium. Ethanol is the best value any day for octane enhancement- particularly in the upper grades where the high octane sub-components of gasoline gets real expensive. While once again this means 10% ethanol makes the oil industry look better than it should- as a consumer of some gasoline-I would hate to have to pay at least another 20-40 cents for gas like it would be if octane components were more in demand because ethanol did not exist. Of course then I would hope to have a job and could replace the last of my gassers with FFVs. If there is a bright side for me right now it is that my fuel consumption has dropped to less than 1/2 ;D Here is the link: http://www.axxispetro.com/download/wisconsin-cta.txt
  17. Wes Bolsen (chief marketing officer) left Coskata about 2 months ago to head to a drop in fuels maker- Codexis. Codexis has big time investors too -Shell, Merck and Pfizer. Not sure why the move but I hope all is well at Coskata.
  18. Since the problem was that they weren't at a convenience store, is the calling card now they have the cheapest gas prices around? Uh NO- they are the main company that sued Renew out of existence for pricing cheaper :
  19. Cessna- they simply painted them to new colors and use the blend capability to blend premium and 87 together for a midblend.
  20. Of the sites that did have grants- all are over 3 years old and thus expired due to the type they were. Some sites had no grants, some had only $3,000 and only 2 or 3 had $12,500 grants (the first ones) which were issued in 2005.
  21. Not sure when E85 will jump- obviously about 34 cents worth of credit disappeared last week and the recent climb in corn will affect ethanol BUT with CBOT Feb ethanol at 2.265 and NYMEX RBOB at 2.77 ---here in Wisconsin they should not raise at all since they are already 3.019 on E85. What will have to raise is gasoline - by about another dime. Where E85 is below $3 it will likely move soon- especially if they get a new load right away. There has been some rumblings about classifying E85 as an alternative fuel and taxing it like the others in that class (CNG, LNG, propane, etc). This is what should have been done years ago rather than giving the credit to straight ethanol used in E10. Same issue with the states. Had both been taxed that way (which is closer to btu basis) then there never would have been the negative publicity and E85 (and high blends made with it) would be flying out of the pump. :
  22. The only E85 in Wautoma now is Kwik Trip. I suspect this is true at most former Renew stations now. >
  23. Now we are really in a free fall------ Quote: "Ron Paul is 87 years old..and still an idiot" Actually he is 76 and at least remembers which agencies he would like to cut ;D in contrast to 1 govenator from Texas (oh I know- dont mess with Texas ;D )
  24. As far a spreads go- KT in my area just dropped to 3.05 and my old company is still 3.09. What is really sad is they (old co) are dropping E85 because it is not selling- yet given the current ethanol price paid at ethanol plant gate and with 30% natural gasoline included- at 3.059 KT would have 50 cents gross margin AND THAT DOES NOT INCLUDE THE VEETC WHICH IS STILL IN EFFECT FOR A FEW DAYS ! Thus 80 cents gross margin in it right now at retail- I have not bought a single gal of E85 in 2 months. What a bunch of thieves- only Badger in WI is priced right today. You can put some of the blame on ethanol companies for not working harder to establish a wholesale market outside of the oil terminals and equal blame on a large chunk of the retailers.
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