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  1. Well their old formula had nitrogen too. The hype is just hype, period. Understand the additives are just about 1 gal-2 gal per 8500 truckload and mostly just common mandated inhibitors and detergents as required by states. Got swamp land in Florida?
  2. When Cummins gets that ready for market- it might just be time to stroll on over to Columbus IN to pick up one for my Jeep LJ. 450 ft lbs of torque- 65 better than the same displacement block they developed for diesel- and while the HP is not listed for the diesel I am sure with the added torque and RPM the E85 allows- far greater HP. I would be able to put 35" tires on and not change from a 3.75 to 1 gear ratio to 4:28 like they do for gassers. Of course the axles just might break under the strain
  3. That is exactly what I used to observe with the Ford Taurus I drove- and I used to point that out to anyone who would listen. I will say however that with the GM FFVs I owned or drove showed far less difference in tailpipe carbon- not sure why except the Taurus poured out a lot more condensation on cold start- possibly further cleaning the exhaust beyond the already low carbon emissions.
  4. You said a lot there Fleebut- and it is true. The Flex fuel auto was fine to build out the infrastructure but as we all know- the spread is not in favor of E85 often in an FFV (especially in winter and out of the cornbelt). I said from day one that we did not need more FFV's - we needed better ones or dedicated far superior ones. Unfortunately the public just does not "get" the advantage of fuel freedom- and that includes my wife who just does not value freedom as much as getting to fill up only once a week on crapoline vs perhaps one day less on E85. A proper dedicated E85 car that is both more efficient and has the same range as gasoline (perhaps with a slightly larger tank if all cannot be gain with efficiency) would be the "cat's meow". We likely need both dedicated and flex for the interim.
  5. Hmm- perhaps Jay should pamper his fleet a bit more (IF HE REALLY IS SEEING ISSUES-WHICH I DOUBT). Let me just say that I know two old boys with about 100 classic IH tractors who pay someone to drain every fuel tank of EO gas every 6 months and refill because of the water accumulation and fuel quality degradation of the E0 they seem to still put in them.
  6. Be sure to mount it between somewhat close to between 10 and 2 o'clock so it does not sit in condensation.
  7. ISIS for one is taking a hit. Good. One the flip side this may end up impacting ethanol plants- especially if they have a contracted E85 spread to gas for resale.
  8. Not much better here with Kwik Trip- $2.499 E85 vs @ 2.599 for gas. Disgusted!!! To me it is just crooked. I have to go 50 minutes south to get great spreads (from United Coop)
  9. Dan- ACE acquired the old Utica facility which was set up well to blend E85. A plant that is selling a lot of E85, E15 and E30 thru its large number of C-stores is United Coop in the Milton area of Wisconsin. They have blender pumps in their stations so I do not know if they plant blend or in the retail pumps only. BTW- I paid 1.98 for E85 at one of their stations 2 days ago.(E10 was 2.98). I told the Poynette attendant about your website and to share this with her manager in Milton that does the pricing- when I checked a few days later she said she had done so. Valero got the old Renew 100,000 million gal plant- it was set up to receive railed in natural gasoline and even blends E100 with nat gas to make it's E95 as it is loaded into rail cars and trucks (no premixed E95 in advance). What a waste of a great facility with 4 load lanes and two blender load arms. Valero will never load a drop of E85 there unless strong RIN economics come on--but the last time this happened Valero was just one of the complainers rather than use what they had.
  10. Thanks guys. Good point on the engine being different and ability to handle alcohol being different BJ. I will likely never move it in salt season- it will be shedded in winter. I have other transportation I can use on salty roads.
  11. Dan, Still like your Wrangler? I'm looking for a 2004-2006 Jeep LJ Rubicon with no rust and with autotrans. I am basically wanting a great trail Jeep with road manners. Eventually it may get lifted into a mild rock crawler. The LJ is long wheelbase and the Rubicon in that year/series has Dana 44 axles with transfer case lockups. How is it handling E85 now? I would like the ability to use E85, yet use gas on trail where E85 is rare and range is required.
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