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  1. Sorry. I read Challenger, not Charger. Oops. Time for bed...
  2. It sure does These are factory flex fuel vehicles and we retained that capability. This same kit for the 3.6L Challenger does 0-60 in 4.9s, BTW. I noticed that in your sig. Is that one an FFV from the factory?
  3. I'll just leave this cornfed v6 supercharged Ram 1500 pic here............
  4. Well...it's not like I've been making a bunch of noise over here or anything . I've been pretty quiet and carrying a big stick. 100k on e85 proved plenty. I'm hoping to have a special surprise for the Pentastar E85 crowd shortly.
  5. Dan M, Thumpin, Cessna, Integra.... You know I've been up to no good working very, very hard on something, right?
  6. Just passing through on April Fools day . How is everybody?
  7. Busy as all heck, man! I mean "WOW!"
  8. Hi, folks. A new OnCue station just opened up around the corner from my shop. They also have CNG for .99. Cost spread is decent and they're cheaper than RS fuels. OnCue Express 13600 N. Western OKC, OK 73114 405-752-4592
  9. That's on 91 pump and 5psi in a Jeep JK. We've been cranking these out for nearly a year now. No fuel voodoo. *whoosh*
  10. I am keeping busy and keeping quiet. It is a lot of work and worth it. BTW, I still drive the subie. 100k as an ffv and counting.
  11. Merry Christmas! I ran on E85 the whole way from OKC to North Alabama/Tennessee for Xmas. Heading back tomorrow.
  12. I filled up here for $2.97/gal on 12/21/12 8801 Maumelle Blvd , Little Rock Ark
  13. GT-Labs

    Mapco E85

    I just filled up here for $2.79/gal MAPCO #3649 8900 Highway 72 West Madison, AL 35758 There is one more a bit further up the street called JetPep. Jet-Pep #72 7850 Hwy 72 West Madison, AL 35758 256-796-2237
  14. Bump! Running E98 now with no ill effects. The stock ECU likes the stock diameter wheels and tires back on the car. The change in load has it pulling more fuel out, which I don't get. You'd think with more load it would pull less fuel. The lower cruise rpm also brought the mileage back. I do not know if I can match the 44mpg I was making having so much fun here at low altitude . No voodoo in the tank yet, but it will come. My last foray to the track yielded a .1 faster time than my best at Bandi--but I was up against the rev limiter in 4th at 1,000ft. The effective gearing change helped up there but killed it down here. I was shifting into 2nd before 60ft. and into 4th gear just past 300ft.
  15. The failures were due to very high static pressures. I had tried 80psi on stock injectors for a while. That with a 255 walbro would still only last so long. I clogged factory filters when running too low on fuel and sucking up debris. It now has an Aeromotive 340 and Mangafuel filter and seems happy. A little bit of heat shielding keeps it tame in 115F heat concerning hot restarts. I was constantly messing with stuff.
  16. Hi, folks. I am 500 miles away from crossing 100k as an ffv on the Drunken Boxer. 8 years, 3 fuel pumps, 2 axles, 2 clutches, 3 fuel filters, 30mpg+, and 1 transmission later...wow...what a ride! It has been a great learning experience, broken parts and all. There is little else to be said other than to keep going.
  17. Update: I think I'm around E90 or so. The o2 sensors just want something to chase. Once I get my Hydra installed, then I can tune the thing how it really should be done. I've had a chance to try Oxytane as well and it's just as much fun down here as it was in Denver. The titration curve is the same and the feel is the same. Tires light up where they didn't before. There's a strong, linear pull to redline. After spending some time with boost the last few years in different vehicles, I have ah hankerin' fer some pressure .
  18. Yep. It's nice here. People just think its sticks n' hicks which is fine with me. Okies are proud of the fact they are NOT Texans. Unforunately for Colorado, they bend and sway according to the whims of California at the expense of their identity. The environment here only tries to kill you occasionally instead of constantly like Colorado . The weathermen announce tornadoes like its the Super Bowl.
  19. Update: I've been having a little fun with E100 and 87 octane. Since I'm still on the stock N/A motor, it doesn't necessarily need E100 or even 93 octane. 12 gallons of E100 and 4 gallons of 87 make it happy. It's had this combo for 4 tankfuls now and runs like a top. Engine management is coming after I finally get moved into my new home.
  20. Hey, Thumpin'. What happened to the TA you were building a few years back?
  21. http://www.napabeltshose.com/images/Barricade_Training_Final.pdf Useful fuel line standards. Handy to know. In-tank line is rated differently.
  22. I have recently upgraded to a Magnafuel 7008 fuel filter with -AN Quick-Connects. The filter is serviceable and will touch on that when the time arises. I have less than 1,000 miles on this filter so far with no issues or leaks.
  23. Bump--I'm using an Aeromotive 340lph pump now. No issues so far, but they do say that alcohol use shortens the life of the pump. Base pressure is 50psi on my 2.5RS with no mechanical adjustments.
  24. E100 is marketed as race fuel, so they can probably charge whatever they want. It's "the big red button" on the pump.
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