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  1. My father is currently restoring my Great Grandfathers fist tractor. A John Deere GP from the 20's. From what I understand the fuel cell have two compartments. One was for kerosene? and the other gasoline. From what I understand is the tractor was started on gas then switched to Kerosene. I haven't thought of it until now but it sounds like E85 would be a good choice for fuel of this restoration. The motor is currently in Hooper NE, getting rebuilt but if I remember my dad telling me when the fuel switch occurred, there were a few levers for the carburetor to get the mixture correct. Might be able to run the good fuel without modifications. Does anyone have a experience with old green tractors and the fuel?


    1937 John Deere "B" driving around on E85


  2. I have seen a few threads on here about how you want to lower the heat range of the spark plug you are using when you switch over to just burning E85. I am tuning in a 2 stroke jet ski and was just wondering if someone could explain the theory behind this?


    It's a theory that they would prevent preignition of the ethanol.

    Hotter plugs could stay hot enough to ignite the fuel before the spark does.


    Heard iridiums with small electrodes (Like denso .4mm center electrodes) could also

    preignite the fuel.

    Heard about the densos after I switched to E85 and had run 20000 miles on it. :o

    No issues so far. 

    Knock on wood!!!!!!

  3. I was reading that the otherday...the ethanol/E85 is only used to run a generator that essentially provides the electricty to run heating/cooling . Different approach ..makes some sense until battery technology advances .. The Volt actually makes the most sense at this stage though.it is the only "electric" car that can actually go more 100 miles ..because of also having the small engine.



    I need to make a 600 mile trip next month ..an electric car is worthless to me (I would have to stop 6 times for 8 hours to recharge..= 48 Hours !) .. an electric car that also has a combustion  engine like the Volt at least has far more real world "value" for most people.


    Couldn't care less about the car.

    Can't afford another mortgage payment anyway. ;D

    Just thought the fuel cap and fuel door sticker would look good on my 94 corolla.

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