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  1. The 2008 town and country 3.3 van was starting to cause problems (windows, ac, breaks...) so we traded it while it still had a value. Got a 2012 Ford Escape FFV. Basically it is a 4wd mini-SUV version of my Fusion! Love i! Great ride, comfortable, power... Mileage is better than the town and country. We took a trip to the black hills, and had to use gas some there and on the way home through Sandhills. E85 from our test is a 15% or so drop in mileage. About what I've seen in all of our FFVs.
  2. Did a trip to the black hills of SD. Made one errant price report for 7.15 in Mitchell. Please remove the one that has no e0 price... This really nice travel plaza, right on I90 with blenders is pricing e20/30 at a price higher than e0/10.... Why?
  3. After the last fill up (2% spread on e10, 16% spread on e0, and this was at the WELL PRICED stations...), my wife commented... "I hate to say it, but at this price, I wonder if it's worth it?" I had to point out "just remember, this is still the cheapest e85 we've seen for a long time! Disregard the fact that gas prices have dropped! At what price would you consider abandoning the clean, local, domestic fuel, and give your money to the oil industry, and let them finance people that don't like us? The reason we use ethanol is not that it is cheaper. It typically is, and should be, but that is not the reason." I got off my soap box, and she admitted that I was right (I have a pretty good wife!), but hated the fact that all the gas users are getting a cut massive cut in their fuel budget, and we are not...
  4. Casey's is the ubiquitous small town C-store in Iowa and Nebraska... they are the gas station, grocery store, fresh pizza making, coffee shop local hang out in most communities across the region. They are almost exclusively in small towns (<30,000 pop), excepet for a small chain based out of Lincoln Nebraska that they bought that got them into a few urban markets in Lincoln and Omaha the past few years. If Casey's ever "got on board" with e85... that would be a game changer in this neck of the woods, as they are everywhere. No more "gaps in the ethanol map"... Kum and Go, has been selling off many of their smaller market chains across Iowa to fund their expansion, mostly in the south (Arkansas, Oklahoma, Colorado). My local station manager told me that for 2015, they would be doing their expansion of new stations in Nebraska and Iowa.
  5. it has been pretty sad here... gas down, and ethanol up! I had gas prices drop 20 cents in a week, and e85 prices rise 20 cents in 2 days at the same time. A swing like that will totally wreck the spreads in a big hurry. I had a conversation with a guy filling his Yukon SUV at the pump. He was lamenting that "it is almost not worth it"... I responded "well, the way I look at it, when it comes to supporting Nebraska farmers, and American jobs over terrorist funding foreigners and Wall Street investors... I find it hard to justify not using e85!" He stated "well, you make a good point, you're probably right."
  6. Dan, I went to log a price report from my eastern neighbor (Iowa), and the "submission page" was on the far right of the page, BEHIND the charts... so the only bits that you could see were those that were between the charts that were still visible... Making it impossible for me to log my price report. If it makes any difference, I'm using firefox on a PC running Windows 8
  7. awesome news! With their excellent pricing, you should be able to move a pretty good amount of ethanol with those blends! What blend wall? Michigan has quickly become THE leading state for e85 retail and wholesale marketing. I wish other states would emulate this on such a scale. Keep it going boys (and girls)!
  8. oh, man, I was hoping I could rack up a few points! How about posting stations that are already listed! Posting stations that were just recently removed for being closed! Posting lat/long that place the station in a lake!...
  9. I just noticed that under our avatar, where it says "full member" and "###### posts" it also says "warning points"... What does a guy (or gal to be inclusive;) ) have to to to get a warning point? Or did this post just earn me my first!
  10. not only is that a nice spread, but the price is awesome!
  11. Could you imagine a station keeping the same GAS price for that long regardless of prices, markets or demand? Are there some government fleets nearby that keep their pumps from collecting cob-webs? If so, I'd file a complaint with that organization accusing the station of defrauding them of funds, but abusing their mandate to use fuel, by charging outlandishly high prices! Maybe copy their management in on the complaint! Maybe even the local newspaper/TV station... "Name and Shame" the price gougers and con-artists that are giving this fuel a black eye, and being rewarded for it by tax payer dollars!
  12. This is my point... if THIS is the future to a successful "post RFS" ethanol industry... why do we not see a concerted effort within the national ethanol lobby/advocacy groups, state groups, and largest producers to push this agenda? From what I'm seeing, the biggest advocates for this have been very small, often times single plant companies that are pushing the envelope for developing direct product distribution and retail networks for distribution. Where is POET, ADM... on this issue? They are focused on unit train delivery to fuel terminals for blending to e10
  13. Ah... yes... standard "text book" effect of genuine competition directly out of Intro to Economics 101...
  14. http://www.ethanolproducer.com/articles/11497/commodities-ethanol-futures-falling-fast By Rick Kment, DTN | October 01, 2014 September saw a near freefall in ethanol futures as prices declined 62 cents per gallon and additional price pressure is likely still to come. Front month October ethanol futures fell from $2.20 per gallon at the end of August (before Labor Day weekend) to $1.58 in late September. The market is focused on many factors, including falling corn prices before an expected record harvest, growing ethanol inventory levels and eroding demand. Demand softness is not unexpected at this time of year with driving declining seasonally. Lower prices are expected to help export demand long term but exports are a small piece of the ethanol price pie. Corn prices lack support ahead of an expected record crop. Transportation delays and challenges, which have plagued the grain industry all year, are likely to make the situation even worse, possibly limiting the value of Corn Belt crops. Concern about another ethanol glut, with inventories well above movable levels, has pushed prices to lows not seen since June 2010. This could further limit buyer interest as prices may continue to weaken in the near future...
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