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  1. I ran my briggs 625 series engine on straight e85 for almost 2 years with no modifications. It was definately lean as hell and stuttered till it warmed up till I re jetted it a year ago, but the engine has been fine. The carb internals of all the engines I run on E are super clean also. With no modifications, I needed to keep priming the engine to keep it running till it warmed up (chokeless carb) now with larger jets it's completely fine starting up;, even in the cold. Doesn't use much more fuel either, a tank of gasoline would be just about dry after doing my whole yard, and even with the larger jetting a full tank still does the whole lawn.
  2. I know this is an older thread but I'm glad to hear your engine is running so good on E. Installing a momentary push bypass switch for startup sounds like a good idea, that way you can't leave it on and accidentally start your car into something, and you could very well reduce wear on that thrust bearing. Not sure when I last posted here, but I got a "new" car, an 09 Civic Si, been running E85 for near 20k miles (car has 30k) and change my M1 around 7500mi each time. Haven't tested it yet, but glad to know a somewhat similar, but much higher performing engine seems to be keeping the oil in good shape. I picked up a flashpro for this car about 3 months ago and I've been having a blast learning and tuning for full time E85 use. I'm probably getting my 98 Hatch back on the road soon and will probably end up buying Hondata's engine management for that also, having full control of fueling is something I won't be able to do without ever again. Keep it up!
  3. Stopped by and filled up just to check it out the other day, nice station! Only downside was that I was only able to blend 1/2 a tank and fill a few portable containers.... still have to convert my new car Very glad to see E85 spreading in MA!
  4. Just an update. I've run about 4 tanks of straight e85 through the car since I've put the larger injectors in. Here's my experience so far. The car runs great on ethanol. It takes a bit longer to start up, no matter what the temperature, it has to crank over for a bit longer in the morning, before it sputters to life and then runs perfect. When driving it has more power lower in the rev range, I don't have to constantly downshift when I approach a grade, and when revving the engine up high it feels smoother and has more power. I can also run straight gasoline with no issues. I had straight gas in it with no noticeable change in the way it runs vs the smaller injectors. I ran a tank of e85 down to the gas light and added 3 gallons. Drove to work and back and with the gas light on again added 5 more gallons, pretty much a tank of pure gas, and it was fine for another cold start and drive to work. I filled it up with e85 today after running gas, and was surprised how fast the car adjusted to the different fuel. I puled up to the station with the car running, filled the tank, and drove away. I floored it when leaving and the engine felt fine, like the ecu had already made most of it's changes while I was fueling up. I just need to see about richening up during cold starts. I'm fine with a manual setup, so I am going to see if I can add a switch on the dash with some resistors to change the value of the coolant temp sensor. Does that sound l ike it could work? Have any better advice? What are you guys doing for cold starts, just dealing with it?
  5. Well I finally got around to putting my fuel injectors in after having a busy week and taking off on a trip last weekend. Woke up this morning and filled my car with E85 (low fuel light was on, running E10), drove home and tossed the injectors in, the car started right up and I let it idle for a bit while I cleaned up, and then took off for a test drive. After a few miles I got on the gas and it feels great! No more lean loss of power when in open loop. I'm going to have to see how it runs on gas, but for now I'm damn happy!
  6. Thanks for the replies! I did a bit more researching today and it does seem that modifying the CTS isn't a quick fix to trick the ecu into adding more fuel, but as you said rusty I may end up using it as a way to aid in cold starts though. My car has about 180cc injectors in it now, and I just bought a set of 240's for cheap from ebay. I'm going to try those out and see how it goes. All my research so far is telling me exactly what my car is telling me, that it can't adjust the fuel trim's high enough to enable me to run ethanol without running too lean / tossing a CEL. I'm really interested in running pure E85 in this car, with only having to resort to gasoline for short periods of time (road trips where I can't plan a route around any, or for a day or two when I don't feel like driving to my closest e85 pump till one is available closer). I'll be sure to let you know what happens when I install the injectors though! Corey - Thanks for the info. I have heard a lot of good stuff about Hondata, I may go that route eventually, depending upon how happy I am with swapping injectors. This is my 3rd Honda, I love them (well the older ones at least!)
  7. Hello all! A few weeks ago I sold my flex fuel Ford Taurus and picked up a 98 Civic in my search for a small car with a manual transmission. Unfortunately, now I can't just pull up to an ethanol pump and fill er up and be done. I'd like to start running ethanol again and have been doing a ton of searching, but still have some questions about getting the car set up. Can I just swap in larger injectors and be done with it? Still being able to run gasoline when I want? or would it be possible to add a variable resistor to the coolant temp sensor and trick the car into running a lot richer when I turn a knob? (if that's possible). I'm running a full tank of e85 now, but know the car has issues with it so I'm not really driving it much. It's still perfectly driveable, but the check engine light is on (obviously for being too lean) and I can feel when the car goes into open loop when I'm about 75% throttle that it's injecting too little fuel based on it's assumption that I'm still running gasoline. It does seem to do fine when in closed loop though, but I know it's fuel trims must be maxed out. Is there another / better way to convert than using one of those "flex tek" adapters? If all those do is increase the injector duty cycle, then isn't this just a band aid instead of installing the correct injectors? What have others done to convert a gas engine? Thanks in advance!
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