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  1. Thanks for sharing your results, SacramentoE-85.


    I am enrolled in an Automotive Engine Performance course this semester and will have access to a 5-gas analyzer ("sniffer") and load-bearing dyno.  I plan to test my car with 91-octane gasoline, then with E85.  I'll share the results when I get them.

    Until then, your results give me hope that I will see a similar reduction in GHG-emissions by using E85.

    As a general rule, the complete combustion of gasoline (stoichiometric air/fuel ratio) in an internal combustion engine results in higher levels of CO2(versus a rich or lean air/fuel mixture), according to my textbook.  It is interesting that your CO2 numbers matched for gas and E85.  Gotta give credit to those GM engineers, apparently, because your Tahoe is achieving nearly perfect combustion with either fuel.

  2.                 Research Octane Number || Motor Octane Number || Anti-Knock Index (R+M/2)

    ethanol                118                                  96                            107

    regular gas            92                                  82                              87

    E85 (summer)        113                                  94                            104


    (numbers rounded to nearest integer)


    This is assuming that summer blend of E85 is 83% ethanol, by volume.  Regular gas is 87 AKI in California.

    The RON and MON numbers will vary, depending who you ask!  I have spent some time researching the topic on the 'Net, and have bookmarked and saved several documents; if you would like me to share, just let me know. 


    Welcome to the US and to Southern California!  In which racing series will your team be competing?  When and where? 

    I run my 2001 Corvette Z06 on E85, and have also converted my friend's 2003 Z06 to run on 100% E85.  We get our fuel from the only known E85 retailer in San Diego County, Pearson Fuels.


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