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  1. Jonny Energy

    Many years in the business and its time to call it quits

    Dan, Business model changed and I wasn't part of the change.
  2. So after many years I decided to call it quits. Learned many valuable lessons and was glad to have so many happy customers. Unfortunately money talks and the little fish get left behind. I sold a great product and still stand by it. Thanks to Dan and this whole forum for the good chats!
  3. Jonny Energy

    I think my conversion died today....

    TD, Who was the kit purchased from and how long ago? -Jonny
  4. Jonny Energy

    Best settings inside conversion box?

    Every vehicle is a bit different. General rule is that most vehicles work well at the setting the units are delivered.
  5. Jonny Energy

    Platinum 3 Series VS. Platinum 4 Series

    CPLHicks, The units Jonny Energy carries are the most up to date version. My units come straight from the factory so there is no inventory and outdated units sitting on the shelf.
  6. Afghanistan is prime real estate for both Natural Gas and Oil pipelines. We can use our common sense on that one.
  7. Jonny Energy

    Time to convert!

    This will help answer some questions regarding the "Ethanol is very corrosive and destroys parts" argument. http://www.jonnyenergy.com/TheE85Truth.html Other ways to answer is this great site. I have many users here on this site that have been running E85 in their "non-flex" vehicles for many thousands of miles. I remember some poster putting up a link which I kinda remember was Dupont in which different chemicals are compared and their effects on different parts are shown. Gasoline had at least 20 Red Flags and Ethanol had about 3.
  8. Jonny Energy

    Time to convert!

    I love the look of the Sahara 4 Door. Let me know Dan. Thanks for the props Billyk24 Looking forward to your order Steve-O.
  9. Jonny Energy

    Time to convert!

    With spring around the corner and greater spreads now is the time to convert those vehicles. I have new lower pricing and am ready for any conversion questions anyone may have.
  10. Jonny Energy

    Now employed by Carbon Green BioEnergy!

    Congrats. You have the Pure American Adrenaline and passion running through your veins. Now to get all your coworkers on E85 all the time!
  11. Jonny Energy

    Interesting pump labeling - Angeli's in Marinette, WI

    Sticker says 85% ethanol minimum.
  12. Jonny Energy

    Converted Lincoln Mark VIII

    The basic is a second pulse that follows the first. The length of the second pulse depends on the setting in the box. There also is a cold start program and a few other things that are a secret . Side note... David Blume and I carry the same system. In the future Aguila1 please give me a shot. I would like to think I provide great customer service.
  13. Jonny Energy

    Goin' yellow....literally

    She's a beauty. Enjoy
  14. Jonny Energy

    30 Miles IN the City on E85 .. 20K and Under

    Dan, I have had customers that have a range with some saying little to no MPG loss to some as high as 15%. There are just to many variables in MPG with E85 and our kits on every vehicle including Hybrids
  15. Jonny Energy

    Threw a p0206 code in my Caravan today...

    Jeep, Refer to my PM. We will get this figured out